Anyone heard from davebhoy? RE Lightning Process

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lfrost, May 27, 2006.

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    Seriously thinking about doing the lightning process-know personally people who have done it and are on the way to being cured-only thing stopping them being entirely normal is that of muscle weakness from not being used. I do not understand it but it does seem to work. I think people are concerned about saying what happens because they think it will be confusing and you need to know about the whole process in sequence, which takes 2 hours. It does involve hypnotherapy in some form, but it also appears to work. Has anyone heard from Davebhoy who I know tried it a while ago-would love to know if he is better now too. I will keep you informed of my progress, after I have had the training programme, probably at end of month. If anyone has any more details or experience of this, please let me know. LF
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    Sorry, not sure what you mean by "bump". Lucy
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    'Bumping' keeps your post at the top of the page so more people see it and can respond.

    I don't know about davebhoy but a couple of people on the Brainfog website were cured using it. Unfortunately that site is down.

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    Thanks for that explanation-new to this site. Yes, have recently registered with that site too but as you said, it is down at the moment. Lucy
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    Sorry I don't have any info. about Davebhoy, but wanted to tell you I am very interested in the Lightning Process, so please do come back and let us know how you do with it, if you wind up going ahead with it.

    Thanks and good luck!
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    Thanks for the reply and taking an interest. I do hope that you live in the UK, as only available there. I am fairly sure I will do it, just not quite sure of the date yet as have to fit round several things and a friend is going with me too to be treated-she has severe ME, so will let you know how we both get on. Take care and talk again soon. Lucy
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    I'm interested to see how Davebhoy gets on with this as well.

    Muscle-wasting doesn't seem to be a factor in my CFS. On a bad day, I have trouble making it to the bathroom, but when I'm having a "good" day I can walk for miles. If my muscles were wasted, I'd have trouble all the time.

    Always keen to hear of new approaches, though.
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    Lucy, no I live in the U.S., so unfortunately as I have found, the Lightning Process isn't available here so far. Which is why I was interested in Jasmine's post on that other Lightning Process thread, regarding the possibility that if a group of interested people could be found here, they might send someone over. (Thanks for bumping that thread, by the way! Noticed you did, maybe yesterday?)

    Take care and do let us know how you get on.
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