Anyone heard o the herb Cumanda for C.Pn infection?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by laf5307, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. laf5307

    laf5307 New Member

    Hi everyone. I have been treating fibro. for approx. 11 mo. now with FFC and they have recently prescribed and antibiotic like herb called Cumanda because the tradtional antibiotics for my C.pneumonae infections did not lower my titer. Anyone else ever take this?
  2. Juloo

    Juloo Member

    I'll probably be starting cumanda next month -- I have both c.pneumonae and most likely Lyme as well. I have lots of difficulties with many different antibiotics, so I'll have to go the supplements route. (I started at the FFC in late fall.)
  3. pumpkinpatch

    pumpkinpatch New Member

    I also have the Cpn infection and lymes. I'm taking cumanda and burbur (dexox) plus the antibiotics and everything else.

    What antibiotics were you on at the FFC?

    Have you visited the website cpnhelp._____. Some really goods posts and info.

  4. laf5307

    laf5307 New Member

    I took Cipro for 3 mo. and Doxy for 3 mo. without a change in my cpn titer. I am glad to here others are on Cumanda from the FFC. (I am more a traditional medicine gal but I am open to new treatments.) I have had a tremendous flare up of my pain and cravings like crazy for sweets? Isn't that odd? I don't like the site. I find it very confusing to use.
  5. pawprints

    pawprints New Member

    I was also given Cumanda and Burbur to start in the near future. The Burbur is for the Herxing.

    I am on Heparin to loosen up the bugs.

    I am hoping it helps as I would like not to have to do as many antibiotics as I probably need.

    I'll be curious how we all do on the Cumanda.

    Were you told to put it in water or just straight into your mouth? It should be taken on an empty stomach.
  6. Jeanette62

    Jeanette62 New Member

    I'm being treated for CPN by a doctor in Sacramento for CPN infection due to the FMS.

    The Protocol he uses for killing the bacteria is by treating it with N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC), Isoniazid (INH) and pulsing it with Flagyl every 3rd week for 5 days along with a lot of other meds and supplements. He bases his Protocol on the research of Dr. Sirium (sp)and Dr. Stratton at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee.

    I'm curious what the treatment protocol is for a CPN infection at the FFC. Have you seen improvement in your fibro after 11 months of treatment and if so what are the improvements?

    I haven't heard of the herb Cumanda being used at all yet. My doctor encourages us to research at the site and a few others if we want more info about this disease.

    Hope you are doing well.


  7. hopeful4

    hopeful4 New Member

    I use Cumanda as part of my lyme disease protocol. I put the drops in lukewarm water to dissipate the alcohol, as I cannot have alcohol.

    I don't have CP but do have mycoplasma pneumoniae (sp?) there a similarity??
  8. pawprints

    pawprints New Member

    Do you heat the water in a microwave or just room temp?

    I can not have any alcohol due to my bladder issues.

    Thanks for the information.
  9. laf5307

    laf5307 New Member

    I can't take it straight under the tongue as I am allergic to the alcohol it comes in. I put it in hot water and then drink it on an empty stomach after it cools.
  10. laf5307

    laf5307 New Member

    I boil water on the stove and put drops in a cup an add boiling water then cool for at least 1/2 hr. for alcohol to dissapate.
  11. laf5307

    laf5307 New Member

    There is a website that is the manufacturer of Cumanda. They say on their site that cumanda is antibacterial and so it should help mycoplasma infections.
  12. hopeful4

    hopeful4 New Member

    I contacted Nutramedix the maker of the Cumanda. They told me to heat the water to no more than 105 degrees. So I heat it (no microwave), and use an oven thermometer to check the temp.

    Then, put in the drops. They told me to let it sit 10 minutes or longer. Then drink. Then wait 30 minutes to eat.

    Take care,
  13. pawprints

    pawprints New Member

    Have you noticed any difference since taking it...bad or good? How long have you been on it?

    Thanks for the help. Mine was recommended by the FFC, but not along with any other drugs for now.
  14. Bunchy

    Bunchy New Member

    Curious to know if Cumanda or Samento is working for anyone
  15. jane32

    jane32 New Member

    Ijust came back from my I think 5t visit at the FFC. I am still gettign my fevers although not as bad. I hav ebeen on Valtrex for two months now. He is going to give me one more month and if the fevers don't stop then he is goign to put me on Cumando & Samento. Even though I did not test positive for anything he figures we might as well give it a shot and I am open to anything!

    I am wondering if it has worked for anybody?
  16. hopeful4

    hopeful4 New Member

    I forgot to say that the reason the temperature of the water shouldn't go higher than 105 is so that the medicinal qualities of the cumanda tincture will remain intact.

    Pawprints, I'm just feeling overall worse since starting the lyme treatment. I can't really separate the effects of the ABX from the Cumanda. I'm also on other meds, too.

    When I was in a strong herx, my Dr. told me to take a break of several days from both of them.

    I've been on the cumanda for about 1 month, and am not yet up to the full dose. I've been on the abx since Dec. I will also be adding Burbur and Samento in the future.

  17. pawprints

    pawprints New Member

    Just a thought...I was told the Burbur will help the Herx reaction. It can be taken many times per day per Cowden's protocal.

    Sorry you are feeling worse.

    I was also told to take it slow on the Cumanda. Perhaps increasing by one drop every 3 days or one drop everyday depending on how I was feeling.

  18. Bunchy

    Bunchy New Member

    especially as I am trying the Samento at present myself (though can only tolerate low doses because of constipation and insomnia side effects) but I am yet to hear of anyone on this board who has improved with use of these herbs.

    I wonder if I am just wasting my money on the Samento and Noni???

    Hugs to all,

    Bunchy x
  19. laf5307

    laf5307 New Member

    I have been on Cumanda only 2 weeks, I am up to about 12 drops per dose, I have noticed in the last 2 days an improvement in my symptoms. The pain is less, maybe I am on a dose I can tolerate, I don't know. There are a lot of variables with an herb like this. We just don't have alot of data to say when it works and who it works for and for what infections. I know that I feel better overall since I started my treatment in April of last year at the FFC. I hope we all continue to post are progress on Cumanda so we can help those who start it later.
  20. hopeful4

    hopeful4 New Member

    Thanks for your comments. I was instructed to wait until I was up to the full dose of Cumanda before starting the Burbur, and I haven't gotten there yet.

    Do you have different instructions? Does Dr. Cowden have a different protocol? I'll have to check for that on a website.

    Thanks and take care.

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