Anyone heard of black salt???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by urge2soar, Feb 20, 2003.

  1. urge2soar

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    I'm new to the boards, but have read here for some time. You are all such a wealth of information...THANK YOU.

    Have any of you heard of black salt? It is supposed to be a mild detoxifier that you drink daily.

    Also, do any of you take glucosamine with any success?

    I have FMS/CFS diagnosed three years ago. Realizing that it is not a joint disease, I had questions regarding taking glucosamine for the pain.

    Thank you for your response...

  2. Katlover

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    I just started taking the glucosamine a week or so ago. I've got a cousin that swears it helps her joints. The women in my family have a tendency to have all kinds of joint problems (isn't this going to be fun - with me having FMS and CFS!). My mom started taking it a few weeks ago. She said she can't tell any difference yet, but from what I hear it has to be in your system for a while before it starts to help. I figure it sure can't hurt!
    I'd love to hear if anyone has heard of black salt and what exactly it is supposed to do!
  3. CelticLadee

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    I wonder if black is from a different part of the world or what? I buy Celtic Sea Salt/light grey. It is hand harvested, unprocessed containing more than 80 naturally-balanced minerals. It comes from France's wild pristine marshlands. Maybe you could call some specialty shops in your area and find out. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
  4. urge2soar

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    Thanks to everyone for their responses and the bump. :)

    I was told that black sea salt was a mild detoxifier and was needed to detoxify the blood. (FMS)

    CelticLady - Do you use this in water and drink as a "tonic" or do you use it as your table salt. The Celtic salt is at a local health food store. I didn't know if it was the same as black sea salt...but, it sounds like it.

    A friend was told about the salt and she has been ill with FMS/CFS for 3 years. It started due to exposure to mold.

    I also have FMS/CFS for the same amount of time only I believe mine was activiated to its fullest due to a fall. We did not know each other very well until a common aquaintance passed on the news that we both had this DD.

    It has been such a journey and life altering experience. My friend and I bounce different remedies around, only she is more apt to try and stick to something like a severe diet change. (It didn't help.)

    I have extremely high levels of mycloplasma pnemonia and clamydia in my blood. The computer can't count the is that high. I have tried Valtrex, Famvir and now Kutapressin injections and B-12 to try and get the levels down. I don't have the results from my last test, but I don't feel any better.

    I could not give the Valtrex or Famvir a good try as they upset my stomach. I'm not too keen on the injections, but understand the importance of getting rid of the mycoplasma. The doxy "plan" would make me very ill; I also have high candida....

    Currently, I use the Duragesic patch 50mcg. and Norco for breakthrough pain. Night meds - Neurontin 400 mg. and Klonopin. Occasionally that doesn't even work and I have to take an Ambien. Fortunately, I have a physician that will work with me; I feel for all of you that are searching for relief and can't find it. Word of mouth is how I found my physician, although he is on the Good Doctor List.

    Thanks again...


  5. CelticLadee

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    I use it in & on everything but I haven't actually made a tonic to drink it. I was wondering if you have considered undenatured whey to help kill the mycoplasmas and boost your immune system and help with your glutathione levels. You can buy ImmunePro at the store at this site. I am strongly considering it myself as a next step. I have been on natural anti-virals: l-lysine, elderberry, st. john's wort (yes it is also an anti depressant) and the immune booster IAG = larch tree. Something is still cooking in the hatch so I thought I'd try ImmunePro. I also want to try B-12. I am still getting a lot of toxic reactions and my poor brain has been puffed up a lot this week after weeks of hardly any brain swelling. I'm hoping these will help with it. This DD keeps us dodging. ;)