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    My Dr. at the LA FFC is putting my on this to treat cronic lyme. I have never heard of it and can not find anything on it on the web.

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    My Dr. here in the Atlanta FFC gave me Cumanda also. I haven't started it yet since I'm trying to get use to the antibiotic, Heparin shots, Samento and lastly, the Cumanda.

    My Dr. said if I start it all at once, I would have a big-time herx.

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    using Cumanda is in the Samento library; if you do a google search you can access all the articles there. My LLMD/CFS specialist mentioned cumanda today. I know some PWLD who are using it but none who have been on it long enough for me to be able to report how well it works.

    Lee Cowden found that whilst some did well on samento and noni others did not so he looked into other possibilities.

    So far the two nutramedix products I have used proved to be very potent, many of us have learned to go a lot more slowly than is usally recommended.

    love, Tansy


    From Wm. Lee Cowden, MD

    Dr. Cowden starts his patients at 1 drop of Nutramedix Cumanda per day in ½ cup (120ml) of water or sublingual 30 minutes before mealtime (whether the patient eats or not), increasing to 1 drop twice a day after 1 to 3 days.

    Dr. Cowden also has his patients swallow proteolytic enzymes with water twice daily 30 minutes before mealtime. The most common proteolytic enzyme Dr. Cowden uses is Bromelain -5 or 6 tablets or capsules twice a day (400-600 mg. per tablet or capsule). Cumanda and the proteolytic enzymes can be taken at the same time.

    Dr. Cowden uses Nutramedix Burbur as a detox remedy at least 30 minutes before or after the Cumanda. The adult dosage for Burbur is 8 drops in ½ cup (120ml) of water immediately before or after each mealtime and at bedtime, but if the patient is feeling toxic, the Burbur dose increases to 8 drops 14 to 16 times daily for a day or two before returning to maintenance dose. Dr. Cowden starts Burbur 1 to 2 days before the Cumanda whenever possible.

    The Cumanda dosage is increased every 1 to 3 days by one drop per dose until the full dose is reached. Full dose for a 150 pound adult is 20 drops twice daily if there is central nervous system involvement and sometimes less if no CNS involvement. CNS involvement is typical in 3rd stage Lyme disease, including neurosis, psychoses, forgetfulness, etc.

    Once the patient has been up to the full dose of 20 drops of Cumanda 2 times per day for at least one month, Dr. Cowden’s patients begin rotating between Cumanda and Samento, taking Samento for 12 ½ days, a break for 36 hours then Cumanda for 12 ½ days, off for 36 hours again, and so on. After 3-6 months they reduce the dosage to once per day 30 minutes before mealtime, cycling 12 days on, 2 days off, for 2-3 months.

    If during that time of taking Samento and/or Cumanda once daily, there are no symptoms, the patient comes off Samento and Cumanda to see if they feel well. If not, they restart full dose twice daily, cycling 12 ½ days on and 36 hours off for 2-3 more months.

    The cycle "off time" is as important as the cycle "on time". During the cycle "off time" the various forms of Borrelia transform back into the spirochetal form which is the form most vulnerable to Cumanda and Samento. The patient that has been chronically ill for many years often needs to cycle on and cycle off twice daily either Cumanda and/or Samento for 5-8 months before changing to 1 dose per day.

    Dr. Cowden finds that people with Borrelia have a lot of other toxins in their bodies, especially heavy metals and pesticides. The Lyme organisms take up these toxins into their bodies, and when killed, dump toxins back into the patient's body. Therefore it is important to take other detox substances when microbes are being killed.

    Dr. Cowden finds that chlorella, spirulina and other algae are beneficial in binding toxins in addition to the Burbur. Dr. Cowden also asks his adult Lyme patients to drink at least 3 quarts or 3 liters of pure spring water daily and to do dry skin brushing every morning to stimulate their lymphatic, neuro-endocrine and immune systems.

    Dr. Cowden finds most people who are chronically ill are deficient in magnesium unless they have kidney failure. Nutramedix Magnesium Malate is the best form that Dr. Cowden has found to correct this deficiency. Dr. Cowden has found in his patients that it is very important to release toxic emotions (especially anger, fear, worry, guilt, grief and inadequacy) as well as to adhere to the blood type diet without processed foods in order to rapidly resolve Lyme disease (refer to Blood Types, Body Types and You by Joseph Christiano).

    Dr. Cowden has had many patients with severe symptomatic Lyme disease that became asymptomatic by taking Samento and/or Cumanda for a few months and now have been off Samento and Cumanda for many months without any recurrence of disease symptoms.

    Best sources for products used in the protocol:

    Nutramedix for
    Magnesium Malate

    Source Naturals for

    Nature’s Balance for
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    I wasn't spelling it right. I had never heard of it.

    This is the first thing he is using to treat lyme. He feels because I have had it for so long this is the best way to go. He did tell me I may have some herxing at first but doesn't expect it to be to bad. We will see.

    Thanks for the artical.


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    I can understand why your doctor is starting you on the Cumanda first; many of us have had real problems with die off and detoxing. Very often it's not just pathogens that are making us ill but toxins as well, both have to be taken inot account.

    Most of the protocols for these infections evolve over time as more is learned about what works and what might be most suitable for individual patients.

    Love, Tansy
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    Hmmmmmmmm...................its interesting that the centers aren't doing the same protocol.

    I will ask Dr. B. about it next appointment.

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    Thanks so much for your input. I am on this computer at least 1-2 hours a day doing reserch and I think I know most of the posible treatments for lyme and then he hits me with this that I have never heard of.

    there is just so much information at there it can become over whelming.

    He doesn't think I will herx very bad, is that what you would think from your reserch?

    Sandy what protocal is your Dr. using to treat your lyme? How long have you had it and what center are you going to?