Anyone Heard of Dr. Leonard Horowitz?

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    I wondered if anyone has heard of the work that Dr. Leonard Horowitz has done regarding vaccines and auto-immune diseases. I heard him on the radio last night and was amazed at what he said concering the introduction of DNA, RNA and foreign proteins into our bodies through vaccines.

    He indicated that a whole host of auto immune disease's have cropped up since the vaccines have been introduced into the population during the fifties. Included in the list of immune diseases was CFS - FM - Lupus - Chrons Disease and all the other auto immune diseases.

    Anyone know of other studies that indicate that all these "disease's from hell" are as a result from all the so called friendly vaccines we received from birth on??

    Dr. Horowitz said that the DNA, RNA and proteins combine with our own bodies defense system and then the body recognizes these strange things as foreign.... then our bodies start the rejection process.... the body fights its' self... and zap!!!! A whole host of autoimmune diseases.

    There seems to be an epidemic of FM and CFS as well as a whole host of other diseases.... there has to be a common link... could it be our vaccines?? Let me know what you think. Thanks.. CarolK
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    I love listening to him & have been wanting to read some of his books. To me he knows what hes talking about - he speaks intelligently - I don't believe him to be a quack. Its hard not to think about vaccines especially since GWI, which they know is from vaccines. He has a really good website too if you haven't already checked it out. Not that it would matter but I have never once heard him speak religiously. Also, he does a lot of work with Dr Nicholson who is well trusted by many on this board.
    Also, he is a public health expert - he was a dentist early on but is not practicing now
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