anyone heard of edgar cayce?

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    hey everyone,

    Im sort of confused right now. I was going to go to an immunologist, maybe I still will...but I was also going to try this edgar cayce approach. While under hypnosis, cayce would answer on a number of different subjects- the things Im most interested in is what he had to say about health, disease and other issues. while he was alive there was no "cfs" or "fm" at that time today's cfs could have been neurasthenia and fm might have been called muscular rheumatism (according to similarity of symptoms) anyway- his approach is to keep the body in an "alkaline environment" and that fatigue and mental disturbances are due to the body becoming very toxic, because the system that eliminate toxins has become disrupted-in some cases to viral influence or glandular disturbance. I know I've got some glandular anomolies due to my own symptoms. anyway, not trying to tout the cayce approach, I am just beginning it- of course my parents are just rolling their eyes at what he recommends doing and Im second guessing myself. has anyone out there heard of or tried remedies from the edgar cayce readings? Im going to do this protocol, but maybe I should still see an immunologist? I believe I can heal- just haven't done it yet! I guess Im just freaked out by mainstream medecine- they never seem to help- although I know some things do. My problem is that I don't know who/what to believe in. I guess I'll just keep believing in myself

    it seems like healing is a whole ball of wax in itself.
    it would be easier if people around me understood how unsure I am of everything. thanks for listening and Im wishing for some clarity of mind and purpose for me and for everyone

    peace to all
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    Long time since I've heard his name mentioned. I was really interested in dream analysis at one point in my life (back in the 70's) and I read some of his books.

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    Yes I have heard of Edgar Cayce. He gave a lot of health readings as well as other predictions for the future. He believed in keeping the body "toxic free". I would have to go back and read-up again on some of the material on health. As long as what you are doing is not harmful and your also still taking notice of your doctor's advice - Go for it! Keep us posted. I would be interested to know how you get on with this approach. Good-luck Mellow
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    Dear Skychomper,

    I would see the immunologist. He's at least doing science. Cayce is an interesting story, to be sure - and some of his ideas may be valid. But, you need a good doctor who knows about FMS and CFS, and is willing to help you with it. There are many good doctors who ARE ALIVE. Cayce has been dead a very long time (nearly a century, if I remember correctly!) and didn't have a medical education. He certainly is not here to guide you through this DD!

    I would get Dr. Devin Starlanyl's two wonderful books on fibromyalgia and others that have been recommended here. She has FMS and myofascial pain syndrome, treats it, and researches it. Dr. Starlanyl also believes in ridding the body of toxins, which you can go with guiafenesin treatment. Her book, "The Fibromyalgia Advocate," tells how to assemble your medical team, how to talk to your doctors, how to deal with your family. But even Dr. Starlanyl's books are not enough. You certainly can opt to live a healthy life. But, you must find a good doctor.

    The best of luck to you.


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    I don't think it could hurt. I once visited the Edgar Cayce library & visitor's center in Virginia Beach when on a trip (long ago), one of the most relaxing & interesting places I had been to in awhile : )
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    dear skychopper: Cayce was from hopkinsville KY about 45 miles from where i live. My mom read book on him yrs. ago. I would buy and read the protocol but l. i'm broke now, and 2. i can't read over l5 minutes due to my severe cfids . I would support your plight and ask U if you would e mail me, i"M like you willing to try anyting,

    Drs. have their place dr. cheney is mine of 5 yrs. but i've gotten more debilitated, i don't blame just fact.

    So i say go ahead , LIKE you i know inside our bodies can heal , but how? thats the big ????? Modern tech. i'm convinced has a lot to do with us getting these diseases, i was a city manager and saw lst hand what we had to put in the water to make it pass epa regs. The food well we all now about what they've done to our food

    we are breaking down at cell level, but the NOW we are very ill and we don't know what to do,

    I SAY try it , i'd like to know more too ifyou have time will
    you e mail me, CAyce was wellknown in these parts of west. KY as he was from here God bles Paul mark
  7. herekitty

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    I read a couple of things years ago when I was looking for something to try and help my dad. What protocol are you going to try? Other than some of the stuff with electricity, I never saw anything of his that I would be scared to do.
    Kitty =^..^=
  8. skychomper

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    thanks so much for your support- I really need it right now- it made me feel soooo much better! . I decided to follow the protocol- from the A.R.E. in virginia. and I think I will see a doctor in addition to that. even if I wimp out on "medicines" I will probably have some tests done. thanks to people sharing their information here, I will know what tests to ask for specifically. (you guys rule!!!) it may be interesting to see where my numbers were before and after this protocol. and I will keep y'all posted on how this protocol affects me. all the crazy details!! and paulmark-I will email you soon!
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    and am also trying some of his therapies. I have read many of his books and have gone over hundreds of his readings which are available online for members of A.R.E. I studied many of the readings he did for neurasthenia. Basically his diet for the majority was 80% alkaline. His favorite vegetables that he recommended was celery, carrots and green leaf lettuce. Atomidine was recommended for the entire glandular system and the Radiac Device was also recommended for balancing the system. Of courese there were many other things and every individual was studied separately. His recommendations were so basic......he really didn't believe in taking a bunch of stuff. His therapies always involved circulation, assimilation, elimination and relaxation.

  10. Annette2

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    Hello to a fellow New Yorker!!!! I grew up in the Bronx! do you ever go up there? And my cousin went to the Pratt Institute - she is a fabulous artist! I used to live in Virginia and have been to Edgar Cayce's Institute a few times. It's a beautiful building right near the ocean. There is a library upstairs and you can read all of the readings he's done. I don't know if I believe in all of that, but it's an interesting place and you see interesting people there. They have lectures and guest speakers and also have a "gift shop" where you can buy books and other things. I don't know much about his protocol, but I've been doing a prototcol of ridding my body of yeast toxins. By doing this, most of my fatigue is gone. I noticed today my hair looks healthier and I'm in less pain (I have FMS). I'm trying to eat as little wheat products as possible. I also think you should visit a doctor. It's worth it just to hear what he/she has to say.
    By the way, you are exactly one year younger than my son (he was born 8/11/78)! Hope to hear from you!

  11. Madelyn

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    I would advise you to stay away from edgar cayce. You're opening a pandora's box there. I can't answer to the specifics of treatment he suggested, but spiritually, he's dressed-up Satan worship. If the information came to him under hypnosis, you have to ask: where was it coming from? I'd want to know before I used it.
    Medically, try ( I know this is hard ) to find a Dr. who isn't too lazy to really find out what's wrong and what to do about it. They do exist! Good luck.
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