Anyone heard of Menears Disease?

Discussion in 'General Health & Wellness' started by trivas, Jul 12, 2004.

  1. trivas

    trivas New Member

    Hey, I'm a lupus (sle) patient and just last year they diagnosed me with menears disease (probably misspelled).
    I would get a ringing in my ears so loud that i would loose balance, get dizzy, nauseated and then i can't hear for a little while. All of a sudden it would just come and go. I asked my rhumy if it had anything to do with lupus and apparently not. I'm worried. Last time this happened, i was driving to work and all of a sudden i got the ringing in my ears, and soooo dizzy that i got into a minor car accident. Now, how do I explain what happened to me to the insurance? that was hard, i had to get a doctor sign a letter to them stating what I had. it was horrible! has anyone heard of it?
  2. florenceb

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    She is about 45 yrs old and has had it for years. Her brother has it too-maybe it is inheriited???? It is Meniere's Disease: She doesn't get "spells" very often so she still drives. But once her passenger had to take over the steering wheel. Vertigo is just one symptom of Meniere's Disease. I found more info about it on the web. I talked to her becuz she was worried she might have FM but I think she has a great rheumy; very thorough and since she doesn''t have any tender points I doubt it is FM. She has had a cyst problem for many years; I think she has a cyst on her hand that presses on a tendon/nerve and causes pain; ditto with her feet.. Hope this makes sense...I am really spaced out tonight.
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  3. katywampus

    katywampus New Member

    My dad has diabetes, and as a result of it going undetected for so many yrs developed this. He says it's caused by the nerve endings in the ears dieing (from bad circulation with diabetes). He's had weeks so bad he couldn't get out of bed.
    Now he's on a few medicines that help. One is a diaretic, the other is low dose valuim. His instances of virtigo have gone way down, and he's almost back to normal.

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