anyone heard of Trazadone?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by diva2mi, Nov 14, 2005.

  1. diva2mi

    diva2mi New Member

    Went to the doctor's office today. She pressed all my sore points to make sure they still hurt... could have told her that BEFORE she poked and prodded me. Sorry, had to vent about that... My arms feel like someone is twisting them right off! YEOWCH.... Am sure that I will be in flare for a few days now...

    She also recommended the anti-deprresant Trazadine for sleeping and pain. I have not heard of this anti-de and I have been through alot of them over the past few years. Any information will be helpful!
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  2. pepper

    pepper New Member

    That is probably what the doctor meant. It helps some people with depression and sleep, even pain I am told. It didn't work for me unfortunately - but we are all different.

  3. diva2mi

    diva2mi New Member

    thanks... tried reading the doc's writing on script... haven't filled it yet, wanted to know some more info.

    did you have any ill side-effects?
  4. pepper

    pepper New Member

    which has happened to me with many meds. I took one pill and was bug-eyed all night! I felt like I could have cleaned the house while doing a jig. Then I crashed with extreme exhaustion. Didn't get one minute of sleep all night.

    But, as I said, it works for many people and we are all different.

  5. paintinglady

    paintinglady New Member

    I'm new here but thought I would go ahead and post. I have been taking Trazadone to help me sleep. I've noticed if I don't take it before bed, I toss and turn all night. It doesn't do a thing for the pain during the night but it does help with my restless legs.
  6. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    My doctor gave me Trazadone but I did not take it. I am taking 25 mg of Zoloft for anxiety. For sleep I am using Ambien which works pretty good.

    For pain my doctor has given me Subutex (Buprenorphrine). It blocks pain receptors in the brain. Lately the doctor gave me Ultram for pain not controlled by the Subutex. (It makes me tired).

    Since we all react differently to meds, you might try the Trazadone and see if it helps. You can always stop it.
  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Trazadone about 20 years ago. Worked fine for me.
  8. Vada

    Vada New Member

    I have been on Trazadone 50mg at night since May of this year. I take it alongwith 200mg Lamictal and I am out for the night. Hardly anything wakes me and often I can get at least 8-9 hours of sleep. no side effects for me. Fell little drugged out if woken too early but otherwise ok. LaVada
  9. peachbunnee

    peachbunnee New Member

    helped me for many years with sleep.... at the time I didn't really have pain/fibro issues.

    It's an older tri-cyclic anti-depressant, been around for years.

    I felt pretty dopey and tired on it until my body adjusted, but other wise it was fine.

  10. piebear

    piebear New Member

    I was just diagnosed with Fibro about a month or so ago by my Rheumatologist and he prescribed me Trazodone right off the bat. Mostly because antidepressants are suppose to be helpful to us and also this one is good for sleep problems which I have. He told me to start with 50mg and work up from there if I needed to. I just recently moved up to 75mg. It works good for me although I still have nights that aren't the best. I don't know if that is normal or not. I do sleep much better than I used to so I guess that's the point.

    It makes me good and drowsy so I can fall asleep and also keeps me asleep for a good 6-7 hours. I also don't wake up with a hang over. And my pain has dimished a lot (probably cause I sleep better now). I haven't had any side affects that I know of either. The only thing that concerns me is that I might need to keep upping the dosage. Have to just wait and see on that one.
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  11. jennypee

    jennypee New Member

    Trazadone worked decently for me for several months. The first week or so took some adjustment-- at first I was wired when I took it. After that I slept fairly well with little hangover for a few months. Eventually I had to go off of it. I just couldn't get enough sleep... I was sleeping 12 to 14 hours every night and still tired.

    I've considered trying it again since almost a year has passed.

    I didn't notice any help with pain-- in fact, I've never had a difference in pain from an antidepressant. Has anyone else? I always figured it was just what doctors say.
  12. Vickie79

    Vickie79 New Member

    i too take this for sleep doesnt help pain
  13. diva2mi

    diva2mi New Member

    Thank you for your responses. I know that we all react differently to medicines, but just wanted a little information on this medication before filling it. I have already tried so many anti-depressants with all having horrible side-effects. I think the worst was Cymbalta -- I started hearing voices and seeing things. I am tired and frustrated I guess.

    So, thanks again for all of this advice. Take care everyone.
  14. abbylee

    abbylee New Member

    I took Trazadone for several years and it will help you some, but the higher my dose the worse my stomach, so I had to stop taking it.

    Please have a sleep study. Most of us have a sleep disorder that is treated with specific medication depending on the disorder. The medication will usually help your pain - actually, getting proper sleep helps, I guess.

    Are you depressed? I'm not, so I don't take an antidepressant, I take a medication for sleep. Muscle relaxants can help, too.

    Please ask your doc to let you have a sleep study - just so you'll know if you have a problem that needs a different medication.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    abbylee - PS I won't let my doc touch my tender points anymore. He caught me off-guard 3 visits ago and I still remember the pain when he pushed on them.
  15. Pinky

    Pinky New Member

    Hi! I have been taking trazadone for about 2 months, works great for sleep not sure about the pain, though. My rheumy just put me on Lyrica for the pain. Just started last night and pain is almost non-existant, except for my osteoarthritis pain in my hands, fingers and neck. Side effects are wicked- dizzy, blurry vision,pain on the top of my head, sorta like a drunked feeling. Should go away after awhile, says doc.If not , i will just reduce the dosage.
    Good Luck"HUGS"
    Love, Debbie
  16. lovethesun

    lovethesun New Member

    It's different for everybody
  17. elsa

    elsa New Member

    Please, please, please have a sleep study done. If you have certain sleep disorders, (common for many CFS/FM patients but not all)then taking any anti-depressant not just trazadone will make you feel worse! I am so vocal about this because I wasted alot of time feeling awful taking AD's for sleep .... Doctor should have ordered a sleep study as soon as he diagnosed me.

    There is way more to CFS/FM sleep problems then "just insomnia" ... what kind of insomnia? Which part of sleep structure is dysregulated? Pulling out the AD rx pad isn't going to cut it with everyone.

    I sometimes wonder how much of this is result of managed care trying to keep costs down. There are too many research studies out there that show sleep disorders are a cornerstone of CFS/FM. Wouldn't the next logical step be a sleep study to determine which sleep disorder?

    I know I am pushy about this and I am sorry about that. I cannot stand to see people possibly suffering needlessly when a study could answer some questions and lead to the proper medication in response to those answers.

    I wish you well on this. I am in early -- heading towards full -- remission. Fixing my sleep after my study 6 months ago had a big hand in that remission.

  18. XKathiX

    XKathiX New Member


    I was put on Trazodone about 14 years ago when I was diagnosed with major depression. I take Zoloft for the depression and I take 100 mg of trazodone at night for sleep. I always fell asleep but coulnd't stay asleep and the Trazodone works for that.


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