Anyone heard of Zeolite?

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    I recently ran across information on Zeolite for detoxing the body. See info below. Has anyone tried this???? I have seen it sold in liquid form and am thinking of trying. (no I don't sell this). Thanks


    A specific member of the zeolite family of minerals, known as "clinoptilolite" has a very unique honeycomb-like cellular strucutre that has the ability to trap and bind various toxins, heavy metals, viral particles and other impurities and remove them safely from your body.

    When this specific form of zeolite is "activated" with a process that removed any naturally occuring toxins from it, the end product is a 100% natural, 100% non-toxic liquid that is completely safe for human consumption.

    In fact, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has given zeolite a G.R.A.S. rating which means Generally Recognized As Safe.

    Top 10 Reasons to Use Activated Zeolite

    Many thousands of people are using a liquid form of activated zeolite every day for various reasons including the following:

    It has been shown to safely and effectively remove toxic heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium, arsenic and lead from the human body.

    Research has shown that zeolites may have an antiviral effect because it tends to trap viral particles within its porous cell structure and remove them from the body before a process known as "viral assembly" can take place.

    Many people take activated zeolite as a safe, natural preventative, to lower their risk of cold and flu infections.

    They have also been shown to help balance pH levels in the body which creates a healthy environment where viruses and bacteria are unlikely to live.

    Activated liquid zeolite has the ability to trap excess protons in the digestive tract, helping to lower the risk of acid reflux.

    Activated zeolites have also been shown to improve nutrient absorbtion in the digestive tract allowing for better results from other supplements you may be taking.

    Many people use activated zeolite because of their effect on the immune system. They tend to support a healthy immune system by removing toxins and chemicals from the body that block it from performing correctly.

    Activated zeolite tends to trap allergens from the blood stream and digestive tract before the body can react to them, thus reducing symptioms from various food and environmental allergies.

    Because of its absorptive effects in the digestive system, activated zeolite has the tendency to stop diarrhea.

    It has been found that activated liquid zeolite provides amazing results in the treatment of many life-threatening and debilitating diseases.

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    who is supposed to be something of an authority on mercury chelation is not in favour of using it for mercury chelation.

    You may want to check the files of the adult heavy metals chelation group. It has been discussed there.

    BTW, my alt doc just started me on somethign called "Metal Magnet" for detoxing heavy metals. Early days, seems effective.

    Is it safe? She says yes. I dunno....

    It's made from Hungarian peat moss. I had my infectious disease doc look at the bottle and he said it's probably safe, but he couldn't be sure. The ingredient list..said some proprietary who knows what that is.

    Hope this makes sense.
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    I hope it does something. I did order it.... I guess more money wasted if it does not help.

    Gosh, what else is new???? I am always trying something. Maybe one day....

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