anyone here done Mickel Therapy? did it work for you

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  1. fmisreal

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    Hello, I am a new member to this group.

    After finding this prohealth while doing online research on CFS/FMS I ran acorss some videos and info on a Dr David Mickel and his treatment called Mickel Therapy.

    Just wondering if anyone here has actually done this and did it work for you long term in getting the CFS/FMS into remission?

    Thanks in advance for any info and replies I appreciate it.
  2. gapsych

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    I think the only person who has gone into remission is Dr. Mickel. Remission from any debt he may incur. He makes lots of money from those who are sick.

    I don't think there are any studies that show MT to be effective but will have to look that up. If we could think ourselves out of this dang DD, we would have all been cured long ago. :>)

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    BigMama2, I hope you do not mind me posting your previous thread. If you do, let me know and I will delete this.

    It looks like someone on the thread was promoting one of these therapies but those posts were deleted?

  4. bigmama2

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    my opinion-- if your fm/health problems are really fm then mickel therapy will NOT help you. if your health problems are rooted in psychological difficulties, then it may help a tiny bit, but honestly you would be much better off seeing a good, experienced, repuatable therapist to help you.

    mickel therapy for cfs or fibro is about as effective as mikel therapy for aids or MS or autism. zilcho! ie- waste of money, and a scam as well. the good "dr" should be ashamed of himself.

    good luck
  5. gapsych

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    Ever hear the expression "laugh till it hurts"?



    ETA It was worth it. Thanks.
  6. bigmama2

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    yea!!! hahahha! :)

    i just had an idea- maybe i could have some other magical procedure to cure my cfs. best bet would be a lobotomy!!!!!!!!


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  7. yellowbird

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    Mickel therapy worked for me. I made a total recovery from CFS after 14 years, going on three years ago now. This summer, I had three two-hour tennis lessons. I took a train trip to another city, carrying my luggage on the subway before and after. I can never say enough good things about Mickel therapy, it's the best thing that's happened to me, ever.

    I was a member of this board for a long time before recovering, you can take a look at my old posts if they are still there.


  8. glitterpony

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    I had total recovery through Mickel Therapy, too. I thought I'd knock this thread to the top since I don't see much discussion of Mickel Therapy lately. Maybe read through my old posts as well...

  9. LadyCarol

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    I know of a person who for many years was so ill with CFS/ME they were pretty much bed/house bound all the time such was the debilitating nature of the illness. Their family prayed many many prayers, eventually they were led to try Mickel Therapy and slowly the person started to improve, to the point where within a few weeks they were able to go out and attend a wedding and meet the public with the aid of a wheelchair for mobility. They are not yet 100% cured but they have massively improved as a result of the help of Mickel Therapy, and they continue to improve, they have their life back again.