Anyone here from New Zealand?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by leobear, Oct 28, 2006.

  1. leobear

    leobear New Member

    Wonder if there are many kiwis here, love to say "Hi" to you. And if you know of any good docs or treatments?
  2. pkbjfln

    pkbjfln New Member

    Hi there I am from Papamoa My name is Pippa.I have was diagnoised about four years ago.Six months after my husband died but looking back I am sure I had signs way before that.If you would like to contact me my email address is
  3. maedaze

    maedaze New Member

    Hiya, I am here in NZ too... where abouts in the country are you? I am just south of hamilton in Ohaupo.
    Theres probably a few of us kiwis floating around on this site!

    I too have been sick for a long time, nearly 20yrs but really bad the last 12.

    Am so sorry to read that you have just lost your husband. And in such a sudden way. Thats the hardest to come to grips with.. My son's father who was my ex husband but still my best friend got taken from us in that way too. A car accident just down the road from us just over 8 yrs ago. Died at the scene, so there was no time for goodbyes.

    The enormous shock and greif is enough on its own without dealing with the health issues on top. It just makes life sooooo much harder.

    You have found a great site here. Let me know what area you are in for docs etc.

    You have my heartfelt sympathy for your loss, hope you wake up to an 'easier' day. Look forward to hearing from you.
    Maedaze :eek:)
  4. evol_or_revert

    evol_or_revert New Member

    I'm from NZ. I live half the year in rotorua and half the year in hamilton :D. I'm studying psychology at waikato uni.

    Anyone had a chance to visit queen elizabeth hositapal(sp) in rotorua? I had a few months treatment there and it was lovely.
  5. leobear

    leobear New Member

    Great to hear from you all....nice to know there are kiwi's here. Im from Auckland...(yeah Im not a rich snobby yuppie aucklander, which is what it seems many past the Bombays think, Im just an ordinary kiwi,) Live out west on the fringe of the city...hopefully abit more non polluted out here as well, lots of westerly winds off the ocean.
    Is really hard losing my husband, his crash story was on "SCU" on tues night tv, if any of you saw it. They did it quite well but WE know something happened to Peter out of his control, he would never have overtaken there. A miracle my son and his wife survived.
    Im still figuring out a life....and having ME makes it so much harder.
    Thanks to you all for replying!!!
  6. maedaze

    maedaze New Member

    Hi Evol, yeah I did the 3 week fibromyalgia living well coarse down there.. Really enjoyed it too. Did find they don't believe in ME though which I thought was a bit weird.

    But took the good stuff from there, loved most of the treatments, the aix massage was too severe for me, but the steam etc was LOVELY. They didn't know much about dealing with headaches either which is one of my major complaints. But it was still well worth going.

    Am entitled to go back for a one week refresher coarse now, which I would love to do, but my health is just all over the place and my migraines are worse. but as soon as i can get some consistency back I will be back down there.

    Do you use any of there treatments or facilities while you are living down there? The mineral water is soooooo good..
  7. evol_or_revert

    evol_or_revert New Member

    I had twelves weeks of out patiton(sp) treatment there :D mostly massages under the warm water which I really enjoyed. and some phsyio thearpy. the mineral water is nice.

    I dont go there any more my health has improved and we have a spa at home which helps saves money. me being a poor student.

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