anyone here had rheumatic fever?

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    how many here have had rheumatic fever? i had it as a amall child and also had st. vitus dance with it . (that is a rare form of rheumatic fever and is also called by KOREA) it makes you twich and squirm amd flail your arms and legs. i was a complete invalid for 1 1/2 years with it. could not even play with other children. missed year of school because of it. the fibro started after that. has anyone had this disease as i have always had a sneaking suspicion that it came from that.
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    I had rhuematic fever when I was 10...I was in the hospital for a month and a half and lost use of my left leg temporarily. I also had mono when I was 14 and had a severe infection, Cellulitis, in my leg the year I got Fibro, 1998. I am convinced these illnesses have something to do with getting Fibro.
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    It was thought I had it at 17 and was treated for it for 9 months. I have had drs. today tell me that I couldnt have had it because I dont have rheumatic heart, so who knows. I just know I was very sick then but who knows what I had. I also had mono at 10.
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    when I was too young to remember. My mother tells me that I had it. Hmmmmm!
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    I too was reported to have it when I was 10, and was sent to Children's Hospital in Denver. They said I had all the symptoms, but the test results were not conclusive.......I was on antibiotics for a year, but continued with the fatigue and pain forever. Then at 56 I was hit very hard with the "flu" that never ended....
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    I had Rheumatic Fever when I was 6 years old. I missed a 1/2 year of school and was in bed all summer. I have often wondered if that is what started my Fibro, although I wasn't diagnosed until I was rear-ended in 1999 at age 48. I have always had headaches and body aches. And I always seemed to get tired easier than other people. Of course everyone always said it was because I was a sickly child. It does make you wonder.
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    YES!!! I also had it at age 10. Was totally bed bound for 6 weeks (had a very mild case and wasn't hospitalized). Had to spend a year not playing or running around. Was on antibiotics for about two years before some doc decided I didn't need to be on them.

    It was right after I recovered that I first started having pain in my extremities. I've been telling docs for years that it (this pain) was somehow brought on by the rheumatic fever. It got worse and worse as the years went by.

    By the way, I've been told my entire life that I didn't have any heart damage from the rheumatic fever. However, a couple of years ago I started having big problems with heart flutters and sputters. An ER doc heard what she thought was mitral valve prolapse. I had my regular doc listen afterwards, and he claimed he couldn't hear a thing. He told me, "you don't have mitral valve prolapse!) I went to the MVP Center in Birmingham and had a sonogram which confirmed MVP with mild regurgitation. So, even if they claim you have no damage...don't be surprised if you really do!!!

    Got cytomegalovirus in 2002 and, again, was out for six weeks (ran a fever for 27 days straight)...took months to recover (felt a LOT like it did when I was recovering from rheumatic fever).

    Never fully recovered from CMV. Lost my stamina...sleeping way too much...lack of energy, etc. Had a HUGE crash last August. That's when they diagnosed me with FM (finally!!!) and also CFS. Been out of work since then. The pain became unbearable...24/7.

    By the way, the labs they ran after my August crash showed a reactivated Epstein Barr virus, and my 16-year-old daughter came down with full blown mono five weeks later! She has not recovered still from the mono...she can barely make it through the school day...has collapsed at school, etc.

    I'm on Lyrica now and it seems to help the pain most of the time, but I keep having to up the I'm gaining weight and feel "drunk" all the time.

    Sorry, I know you didn't want my life's story...just rambling (as usual)!

    It would be interesting to find out just how many people with FM did have rheumatic fever as a child. I've read that RF is now considered to be an "autoimmune disease" and I believe FM is, as well.

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    My father had rheumatic fever as a teen and in his adult years was diagnosed with MS. Today he has MS but also has all the symptoms of FM as well.So I kinda thought the rheumatic fever played a part.He was told he was left with a rheumatic heart,whatever that is.
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    thanks to all of you who responded to my q-about rf. i have wished for my lifetime and that is a long time now lol to be able to talk to others about this and maybe find an answer. i dont have heart damage either and from what i am reading here i think i had it longer than anyone here. i said a year but it was actually a year and a half. i think my story comes closer to terrys than anyones except i can recognize myself in all of them! the only thing is, my pain never stopped. it was real bad at night after i got in bed. that is when dad would have to sit up and massage my legs and i remember crying so hard as he did it.bless his heart, we lived way back in the forest and he had to go to work so early at the sawmill and then on top of that he pastored a country church and we went almost every night of the week.
    but i always wondered if the other kids hurt like i did and was just covering it up also, so i never mentioned sister also had something about the same time but never twiched and flailed her arms and liked her lips furiously like i did. but she could not walk either. we never went to doctors because we had not much money and so my parents being pastors just prayed for us. i was healed of the twiching (i know that it was because i was so embarrassed so bad) and also i could walk! instantly! i was so grateful as i could play with other children again. i really think that this is what brought mine on but this is the first time that it has ever been confirmed by anyone that they had it also. i am so glad for this board that i cannot tell you . it is just the greatest thing to happen for us. like i said we didnt go to dr.s so were never diagnosed but the neighbor girl up the road had the same thing at the same time and so we just figured that was what we had. of course as we grew into adulthood we knew that was right. but my sister never had the st. vitus dance and was left with no pain. thank god! she is fine and 4 years older than i am. just never know ya? gentle
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    I had rheumatic fever at agro 6 in 1960. I believe that my brain never recovered even though I have been told that my heart recovered.
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    I have found the answers we have been looking for related to this thread and this subgroup of FM...
    Rheumatic Fever, Strep throat and folliculitis which is the inflammation of a hair follicle are all cause by streptococcal infection. I feel this is the root cause of my FM. I have a chronic streptococcal infection. "Post streptococcal syndromes"

    Please review these links...

    Rheumatic Fever - Mayo Clinic-

    "Rheumatic fever
    is an inflammatory disease that can develop as a complication of inadequately treated strep throat or scarlet fever. Strep throat ..."

    "Post streptococcal syndromes
    may manifest in multiple organs including the musculoskeletal, central nervous, urinary, integumentary, and circulatory systems. The commonly described post streptococcal syndromes include acute rheumatic fever, post streptococcal glomerulonephritis, post streptococcal arthritis, and pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders. Classically, these complications occur more often in children. While much is written in the pediatric literature regarding these syndromes, a compilation of information is difficult to find. This article summarizes some of the frequently described post streptococcal syndromes and associations." See more here:

    "Post streptococcal related myalgia/myositis
    : Myalgias are reported in association with streptococcal and/or post streptococcal syndromes. Clinical presentations include severe muscle pain and/or tenderness.37,38 Laboratory data may show elevation in sedimentation rates and leukocytosis, but muscle enzymes and muscle biopsies may be normal. Several cases of post streptococcal polymyalgias have responded to penicillin, NSAIDs or steroid therapy.38-40 Orbital myositis has been reported to respond to antibiotic and anti-inflammatory therapies.41-43" See more here:

    Radio: Dysbiosis toxins can be a contributing factor.

    . This ferments to produce large amounts of lactic acid. This may give a tendency to acidosis. Lactic acid is metabolised in the liver by lactate dehydrogenase, so high levels of this may indicate bowel overgrowth with streptococcus. Fermentation produces two isomers of lactic acid, namely L-lactate and D-lactate. It is D-lactate which is the problem, the body cannot metabolise this, it accumulates in mitochondria and inhibits them. One can measure D lactate in the blood stream. " See more here:
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