Anyone here have burning in back?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by damz68, Apr 22, 2006.

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    Shoulders and arms too.
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    No I did not do a post on only upper class white women having this disease. I did however, make a statement that there would be no way to get an accurate count on who has this disease online. The reason being that there are many less fortunate black and hispanic men and women with fibro/cfs that do not have access to the internet. I also said that white women with german decent would most likely lead in the overall results because they are more fortunate and have more time on there hands to go online and contribute to the poll.

    I did not mean to go there, it was just a common sense statement and it obviously ruffled a few feathers, I guess yours too? Why in the world would you bring this up. The post was deleted an hour after it was made!

    My question is about burning. For quite some time I have had burning in my back, shoulders and arms.
    It is releaved by warmth like getting in bed or being outside. It gets worse after being outside when it is hot then going inside with AC crancked up. The AC makes me feel real cold and the burning escalates. It kinda feels like icyhot or bengay has been rubbed all over my back.

    What is this, what causes it?

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    It can be so severe that I can heat the back of the couch to an amazing degree (pardon the pun). I thought it was part of menopause but I don't think so now.

    I think it's just another manefestation of FM. I have other neuralgia type discomfort and I think it's part of that.

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    I have it at the back of my neck all the time .. use gel ice bags to calm it down so I can get some sleep at night .. pain killers help pain .. but not the burning .. also burning feet issues .. but I read some where it was a symptom .. that B5 "pantethenic acid " ? .. sorry spelling may be wrong ... was supposed to help .. I'm going to try it at least .. but I too heat up my pillow from what happens with my neck .. weird eh ?
    Joy : )
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    am not paying good enough attenyion to me diabetes.I get it mostly from overdoing though Linda
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    yes, I often have a burning & stinging sensation in my back, & have often wondered what is causing it.
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    mainly thighs, legs, abdomen, and shoulders.

    With me, it is apparently peripheral neuropathy of undetermined origin. Spinal tap ruled out a lot of things, including MS. Doc. wants me to go to Med. Univ. for further testing, but it is too far away.

    The doc. I saw was a Neurologist, by the way.
    I have considered chronic Lyme, but the spinal tap showed no pos. bands, or whatever. God, I'm getting so tired of this disease............

    Hey damz68, I used to be into herpetology too!

    P.S. Fight seems a bit passive-aggressive today I think.[This Message was Edited on 04/23/2006]
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    I just got back from our local state park. My daughter and I caught a young green snake, american toad and a slimy salamander. Not bad considering how crowded it was.

    I hate to here that you use to be into it, what made you get out of it? It is to much fun!
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    The AC does it to me too, though the heat makes me extremely sick! I haven't a clue as to how to help this. I took some cool showers yesterday in between some activities I HAD to do. Helped me get stuff done, but by bedtime my back and legs and arms burned like crazy.

    As far as the German white women remark, I think I was the one who posted about it. A doc said it TO ME!! I did NOT say it. Sorry if it upset anyone else, I know I was furious with the doc.