Anyone here have premature aging?

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  1. AC77

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    Wondering how many people here have premature aging and or look yoinger OR older than their age? I noticed many AIDS pts in the early stages of HIV appear younger and eventually that passes and they look horrid, as they waste. Same with some cancer pts.

    I am in my late 20's and look older. Losing hair--i take propecia (finasteride) and Rogaine 5%. Any take on this?
    I am of Irish descent so naturally my skin is thinner. Just curious how many people feel about this subject and if they look younger or older for thier chronological age?

    I also get razor bumps, despite the fact I use the Mach 3 razor (best in my opinion) and Aveeno shaving cream (best also). It seems like my skin is overreactive to the stress of shaving, especially my jaw and neck area. I know this all seems unrealated but wondering if there was some link.
    I use Elocon cream (mometasone furoate), sparingly QOD, and it helps. These steroid creams are NOT good to use on the face because they thin the skin and have bad side-effects and are systematically absorbed but I use it prudently. And its only a moderatly potent steroid, and never use it on my cheek or under eye area ever.
    Any ideas are welcomed?
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  2. Princessraye

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    I don't seem to be aging prematurely but I did have hair loss. My thyroid was borderline and it took a long time to find a Dr. who would give me a low dose of thyroid medicine. My hair loss has stopped.
    If you are borderline thyroid, or haven't had it checked, you may want to look into it.
  3. Flibble

    Flibble New Member

    I started getting grey hair at age 17 and now at age 40 I am almost snow white. But I have very few wrinkles. I am also of 1/2 Irish descent. I get tons of razor bumps from leg shaving but AHA creams help alot for that. Flibble
  4. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I always looked about 10 yrs. younger than my age. When I really got sick 2 1/2 yrs. ago, it aged me tremendously. That's why I decided to go ahead with the facial surgery.

    BTW, I am losing body hair as did my Mom. One daughter never developed hair under her arms. We all have lost the outer half or our eyebrows despite taking thyroid. I imagine our other hormones are messed up.

    Love, Mikie
  5. tansy

    tansy New Member

    Like shazz I always looked young for my age.

    20 year ago when full blown CFS flared up my (now ex) husband said I'd aged ten years in as many days.

    Pacing, therapies, ect helped me in lots of areas and so once again people were surprised at my age.

    Then almost 5 years ago went down rapidly downhill again and looked as though I'd aged at least as much again.

    Tests say my thyroid is ok.

    One CFS expert said some people with CFS can look younger, these are the ones who learn to pace themselves well and keep relapses at bay. Those who don't succeed at pacing and keeping relapsing look old for their age.

    Same theory could be relevant in FM.


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  6. chuggie

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    I have always looked much younger than my age and at 58, I still do. In fact it kinda pi$$** me of that I look so healthy. Many times doctors have commented that I look healthy when I feel like I'm dying from the pain. They figure if I look ok that I must not be "that" sick. Actually,I think that the aging process is connected more to genetics than anything. Look at your parents and relatives, how are they aging? But, even with good genes, if you don't eat properly, get enough sleep, and push yourself too hard, it will affect your appearance also. I also think that being in pain all the time will cause frowning which leads to wrinkles. Look in the mirror when you are in pain and you will see the distress reflected on your face.
  7. skychomper

    skychomper Member

    hey, ace

    Every relapse I have I start losing my hair and the texture gets gross. Im 23, and I've had some white hairs appearing already! but nothing major yet. good news is that during those happy remission times the "old look" goes away and my hair stays where it should. About shaving I would't know, but my acne usually appears in the same neck and jaw area. ugh! have you tried aloe to soothe irritation after shaving?
    there's gotta be some kind of salve out there to help you.

    I just read your profile, and noticed you live in ct/nyc area- I live in westchester, so I wanted to say hi. way to go with med school. This DD has given me an interest in virology/immunology too. interesting mechanics...
  8. Myth

    Myth New Member

    I am 26 and look young for my age, in fact I look like I'mm eighteen still (mind you I feel 80). But I am going prematurely grey. Had my first sparkling white hair when I was a ripe old age of 16, and now I have plenty more. The greying though is not due to FMS, I inherited it from my dad and my brother who is 28 has more grey hair than I do.
  9. Applyn59

    Applyn59 New Member

    I have had grey hair since my teens - just a few strands.
    Now I have fair amount at temples. I am 41, look
    younger, but I feel 141.
  10. AC77

    AC77 New Member

    for the responses....grey hair doesnt bother me--I dont have that. In fact I have very little hair. I went to dermotologist to get hair grafts, with my real hair. and he said it would be 2 session at a total of 6,000.00. Gonna put that off for a while

    I wish I had grey hair as that is easy to remedy with dye. LOL
  11. klutzo

    klutzo New Member

    People always think I am much younger than I am, but I tell them they should have seen the "before" picture! I think they just don't look very closely, and they connect long hair with youth in their minds...another reason to keep my hair long and fool them!
    My hair has gotten thin in the front on top,which is the typical female pattern for genetic baldness. Most of the men on one side of my family are bald, and my female cousin has hair just like mine that is normal everywhere but in a semicircle right in the front on top.

    I remember reading about a study (in FM Network News, I think) using bio-markers to evaluate real age as opposed to chronological age in Fibro patients. The conclusion was that the average Fibro patient has a body that is 33 yrs. older than her/his chronological age.
    For more info on biomarkers, I think realage and a dot com is the website of the doc who came up with this concept and there is a test you can take there to come up with your own personal "real age". I am 52, and when I took the test a couple of years ago (after seeing the doc on Oprah) I came out with a real age of 54 or 55...can't remember for sure.

  12. AutumnGirl

    AutumnGirl New Member

    I think I went to that site once, too, but can't remember what my results were. Until my hair fell out in huge gobs (about a year ago) I looked a lot younger. I don't think I have FM though, so I doubt my post is of much help. But over the last year it's all gone downhill pretty fast. I have roughly about 40% of the hair I had a year ago, and now a thinning spot around the crown area that's shown up in just the last few weeks! Geez.. you think I was living under one of those towers at 3-mile Island or something. :O(

    Does your treatment help you in any way?

  13. AnnetClo

    AnnetClo New Member

    and I agree that it has a lot to do with genetics. My mom is 79 and doesn't look a day over 60. But since being dx'd with FM I feel a lot older than 54. Sure wish my body would cooperate.

  14. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    Actually I look way younger than my age, like Klutzo,I have very longhair, but its not falling out anywhere 'yet', and its not grey either.
    I do not look sick, and that does get me in trouble with some people, and I will not go into the 'doctor' bit.

    I have been thin all my life, and probably that may have something to do with it.

    My Mom died at 59, she looked like she was in her late thirties, she also was thin with much more beautiful hair than mine is! Her's was wavy long, and dark brown, mine is sort of a chestnut faded redhead.

    My daughter is in her thirties, and they are still 'carding' her in lounges or if she tries to buy liquor or cigarettes.

    The men in my Mother's family all lost their hair/turned grey in their early thirties, the women did not turn grey or lose their hair. Strange huh?? My Father's family they just turned grey, no loss of hair.

    I think its something to do with the genes.

    I did not take prescription drugs for long, found out they didn't agree with me.
    So have been battling this FM for over twenty years without anything but OTC stuff, and supplements, etc. mostly. All I take is Xanax.

    Wish I had some answers for you, you are such a sweety around here helping others!

    Shalom, Shirl

    PS. Have almost no 'body' hair left, just whats on my head!

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  15. RedB

    RedB New Member

    My body screams out "yes" to this question, but my head, (which is much smarter) insists that "no", I guess I haven't prematurely aged. I kind of thought I had until I ran into an old schoolmate who was several years younger than me -- for a minute I thought her mother had come back to life. LOL Not nice of me, I know, but she had REALLY aged. Much more than the rest of us.

    As far as my hair is concerned, it is thinner than the beautiful fiery auburn mane that I always had and never appreciated. But, I'm also 53 years old with hypothyroidism, so who knows if it's not just an aging thing?

    And the gray hairs? Nope. Mine are all bottle fed with hair dyes for the past 10 or so years, so I have no idea how many of the little nasties are actually in there. I'd just as soon not know. :eek:)

    My hubby has sensitive skin and has always gotten razor bumps, AC. Lots of them on his neck and jaw. He finally switched to a good electric razor a few years ago, and it solved the problem.

    And, finally, I dated a guy 3 years older than me when I was only 17. He had a major problem with receeding hairline, but it didn't stop him from being sexy. I still talk to him occasionally by e-mail, and I suspect he is almost totally bald, but I figure it still doesn't stop him from being sexy. Like someone above stated, "There's nothing wrong with bald guys."


  16. IntuneJune

    IntuneJune New Member

    I had gray hair in the seventh grade!!!! Well not all gray but it was the start, by the ninth, I had a good streak going as all the white hair was in the same spot. At that time, streaking was IN, so kids asked me where I had it done and I replied,I did it myself. Of course streaking went out of fashion but mine hung on, then by the time I was 30, it was so gray I started coloring. June
  17. KayL

    KayL New Member

    than I am; in my 30's I was getting carded to go into bars. I danced in a an adult dance class competition group and no one believed me when I told my age. However, in the last 2-3 years or so, I have aged a LOT. My skin is very dry, my hair is thinning, my eyelids look droopy and I have a lot of wrinkles on my face, I ache all the time and I always look like I haven't slept. I've had extensive hormone tests done by the endocrinologist and the only thing that wasn't normal was my IGF-1.

    I've had symptoms of FM/CF since at least 1996, but the last 2-3 years have been the worst for me and it shows.


  18. tandy

    tandy New Member

    Gray hair strands!!!eeeeel! theres a few of them suckers well hidden!!LOL but I see em! I guess thats not too bad??but the aging in the face??? I feel like I look older or maybe just more pain on my facial expressions!! Other people say I look younger than my age(all the time)but I don't think they're being honest with themselves or me!!9just being nice).I've noticed more wrinkles within the lsat 2 years or so.But is'nt that when we all start to get wrinkles?? Good question here......I beleive pain speeds up the aging process somewhat~
    Hoping we all get some well rest tonight!My body says "I need it tonight".
    Warm hugs,
  19. horsegal

    horsegal New Member

    I, like shazz, have always looked younger than I am. The last two years tho, have added their marks. I think pain ages a person. It tells on your face. One thing I have noticed more is my eye area...used to always be light around my eyes, now I have dark circles underneath and my eyelids are sagging. Such is life.........

  20. Achy-shaky

    Achy-shaky New Member

    Just turned 55, have FM/CFS/CMP - I've been told I look young as far as my face & hair go...few wrinkles and few gray hairs. However, I've also been told I walk and move about like a 70+ yr. old. My siblings kidd me because I'm the only one able to walk slow with my Dad who was 87 - his pace was just right for me. My husband is 70 and his pace has slowed down in the past few years but I tell him it's ok, I'm right there with him.

    I also tend to lose a lot of hair off/on but then mine is rather thick so it's not noticeable yet. My thyroid tests are always normal so it must just be a FM/CFS thing. Not sure about the razor bumps - my husband gets those too but he doesn't have our DDs so not sure that's related but I guess anything that makes you more sensitive anywhere can be. Hope someone else has some answers for you.