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    endometriosis? Just wondering, I've had some problems and wonder if that's what my problem is. I've scheduled an appt with a gyno for this friday because my general doctor always tells me "that's normal" and "don't worry about it". But I do! I don't think it's normal. I may be wrong, but I'd rather find out from a specialist than keep going like I am. It's really weird, and my husband thinks so too, and wonders if everything is ok. So, anyone have irregular bleeding, dull pain in lower abdomen, and sometimes stabbing pains in lower abdomen???? If so, what do you think it's caused from???
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    I had endo but had a hysterectomy over 20yrs ago because of it.

    I had irregular bleeding,heavy painful periods,pain with sex,and abdomal pain.

    Good idea to see gyn because it could be other things and they can ck for it. Your symptoms are not normal(grrrrrrdocs).

    let us know what doc says
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    I didn't think it was normal, and then saturday when I was having those stupid stabbing pains in my lower abdomen it popped in my head that i should find a gyno. I'm such a foggy head, it never crossed my mind to see a gyno. That's what FM has done to my mind!!! Thankfully, my friend at work told me to see hers, she said he's very thorough and does a lot of research and keeps up to date on everything.
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    I think it's a good thing you're going to a gynocologist! And if this one tells you it's "normal" go to another. What you are describing does not sound normal to me. Good Luck
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    Yes, I did and i had endo ablation done, which is where they clean out your uterus. It is not a hysterectomy but it is wonderful. I have hardly any bleeding not and especially no clotting, my monthly pains are much less now too.

    I totally recommend it to anyone having this problem, it was a lifesaver for me. I would have to call in sick at least once a month because of the horrible time i was having.

    GGood Luck
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    It could be MANY things, I hope you can get into the GYNO fairly soon!! These pains ARE NOT normal!!

    I had Fibroids, and they caused the same pains that you are mentioning, along with painful sex, BAD lower back pain....... I had a Hysterectomy this past Oct. It was the BEST thing I could've done. ALL of those pains are GONE, and sex is so much better now!!

    Good Luck, I hope that you get to the bottom of this!! Andrea