Anyone here of the Fatigue and Fibro Centers?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by damz68, Dec 13, 2005.

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    Just curious if anyone goes to one of the many centers across the US. If so, do they accept poor people(medicaid) I guess what I should say, does medicaid accept them? If anyone here answers yes, be prepared to answer some questions.
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    I attend the FFC in Atlanta. None of the Centers accept Insurance. I have to pay upfront, then file my claims with my respective Insurance Company. The Centers do give me a detailed copy of the bill with all insurance codes, etc. in order that I can file my claim accordingly.

    As far as Medicaid paying for the doctor's cnsulationa, visits and i.v. treatments, I do not have an answer. You might consult with Medicaid and ask them if they would reimburse you for the treatments and doctors visits.

    In essence, FFC's do not accept any type insurance........
    Too bad, it does make it difficult for the patients.

    Sorry I can be of further help. Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  4. hopeful4

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    FFC does not accept any insurance, you must pay upfront and bill insurance yourself. I have Medicare through SSD, not Medicaid, so I don't know how the Medicaid works.

    However, if you can get Medicare, it will cover the labs at FFC. So far, since March of this year, they have paid for all my labs, and I have paid zero. This is excellent, since the first set of labs alone were over $2000. Medicare pays the "allowable" rate, but as I patient, I do not have to make up the difference.

    An idea would be to contact Medicaid and find out if they cover "medically necessary" lab work. Or, keep trying to get SSD.

    Best wishes,

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