Anyone here still in there 20's?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Wolverine, Jun 27, 2003.

  1. Wolverine

    Wolverine Member

    I seem to be the youngest here as far as ive read! :) just wondering if theres any other young'ns here too.

  2. Karrot

    Karrot New Member

    Sorry to boot you - but I'm even younger than you! And I'm not even the youngest. I'm 22 and have CFS. I've had it since 1997 (from mono prob).

    Oh, and happy belated birthday! You are quite a fine looking guy and a musician, too! Now if I could hear that accent I'd be done for ;)


  3. rox75

    rox75 New Member

    I am> I am 28, and have had a positive ANA and a lot of pain, but we are still in the DX stage of this thing. Happy Birthday I guess...seems you have an admirer! Roxanne
  4. Wolverine

    Wolverine Member

    Ah thanks karrot, nice to get compliments :) yes a musician indeed. im about to send out my demo CD to record companys. And Rox, i have a few admirers around here too :p just not the 'right' admirer as yet :)

    Any other 20's or so age group keep it coming!

  5. scottabir

    scottabir New Member

    23 in a couple of weeks. I have had this DD since I was 14. I have to say though, I think after the intial five years of this DD it lets up a little bit as long as you take good care of yourself. At least it has for me.

    Chris- I have a friend here in Michigan that is from Australia. I think he was crazy to move to the US though. Anyway good luck on your music! I wish I would have pursued my dream of music instead of allowing my father to talk me out of it. Never give up!!

  6. aduck

    aduck New Member

    I'm not so young but.... I'm so much like you! I read your previous post. I cannot tolerate any medications, not even any over the counter, not even vitamins because of severe upper esophageal and upper digestive pain and severe allergic reactions.

    I get much much stronger when I stay away from all FRAGRANCED products and SYNTHETIC man-made chemicals and pollution, (If that's possible). I've had to change all my personal hygienc products to all natural, fragrance-free, non-petroleum products, no scented clothes detergents, no scented anything, no man-made chemicals, etc. etc. with everything. I became so much stronger, but it's hard because those who live with you have to NOT come around you with fragrances, either, and my family was not so willing. Once I lived alone (and I now have a boyfriend!) I became able to go out shopping!! and to a few parties, a few clubs, withouth too much ill effects. But not too often. I still had to rest, rest, rest, but was able to ENJOY myself for a few hours of the day, even though I still had muscle pains, bad fatigue, it just wasn't as bad. I had something to live for.

    Also, eating foods with no preservatives/chemicals/dyes - it's hard, but it could change your life POSSIBLY. It's expensive to shop at a place like Whole Foods or other health stores, and you still have to read ingredients all the time because even some foods from a health food store may not be right for you. But it could really help if you're not already eating this way. I believe CFS/FM is a "toxic" disease, that toxins have and are in our bodies keeping us so ill and that we cannot detoxify properly, maybe due to neurotoxins or something.

    I cannot eat any thing fatty, either, just like you, or I get severe esophageal pain. I also get severe swelling in arms and hands and face and tongue with most everything new I try to eat. I really only eat a few foods, but I can't go on like this.

    I had a bad relapse recently from pesticides in a motel room recently, and overuse of pesticides in our home is what made me ill years ago I believe. I have CFS/FM/MCS. I'm extremely sensitive to all manmade chemicals. A lot of them are neurotoxins that impair the brain, and when the brain doesn't work well, nothing in the body can function well.

    I had to move to the ocean to breathe the "fresher" air blowing off the water before I became better. I was getting worse and worse after having this illness for ten years, then 3 years ago when I moved, lived alone, and lived at the ocean in an RV park I became SO MUCH BETTER after only three MONTHS!!!!

    However, one exposure to pesticides, even mild, puts me in agony and despair again. I can't get out of bed when this happens.

    However, despite all of this, I'm in my 40s and I have a really cute boyfriend who is MUCH younger, but I've always looked and acted kinda young. He doesn't understand my illness, but he's a good, caring person and I'm so very thankful to have someone in my life. You can have someone, too, if you don't already. Don't ever give up hope. He brings no fragrances around me even though his hobby is repairing machinery and even though he loves tools and grease :)

    Anyway, maybe try some things I suggested, I didn't have money to move but I found a way, my sister financed a tiny trailer for me and I live on the ocean!! I'm on SS Disability just enough money to pay for my rent and food.

    It's so gorgeous here at the water and it was the main thing that got me better along with avoiding fragrances/chemicals/processed foods, etc. I could only afford to live in a nice RV park, I could never afford an apt. or house at the ocean.

    Do you know if you have "MCS"? Have you researched it?

    Sorry this is so long. Hope it helps a tiny bit.

  7. tandy

    tandy New Member

    I'm young at heart...and THATS what matters most!!lol
    I thought it was bad enough for me to get ill with this crap at 30!! I really feel for the younger ones~When you should be in your prime time, partying and dating and yessssss.....rock&roll!instead your fighting a monster living inside of you!My first 2-3 yrs wer'nt too bad compared to recently.But I do find trying to be a lil active each day a help.And some supplements have helped a little. I just turned 40 a few months boyfriend is 33 and he is also a musician.He plays lead guitar,and can play bass too.....backup sings and he owns his own equipment for recording music.(quite the talented one!!)He writes his own music~ Nice reading a little about you.....take care:)
  8. Wolverine

    Wolverine Member

    Aduck - Yes i have severe MCS ive posted here about it before. I get terribly sick if i breathe in any perfume, spray, powders etc etc its awful. My mum gets frustrated and says wants to be 'normal' so uses stuff anyway. Flyspray makes my lungs feel heavy painful and toxic for 24hours or more its awful. our house isnt so friendly for it. i probably need a beach unit too with NO carpets, dust, pets, sprays powders ETC ETC! oh the heaven it would be! if i ever have to stay in hospital, i wake up feeling so different because its so clean and theres no dust or spray or anything floatin around. i wake up feelin pretty sluggish an brain fogged due to our very un MCS friendly house! oh well, some time.

    And thanks all for the encouragement in music, i dont intend to give it up till im at least partially recognised :D Ill have some tracks available for download soon u can get to hear.

    Chris. =)
  9. cindye

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    My daughter is the one with fibro - she will be 20 in Sept. Was diagnosed when she was 15 - had a horrible high school experience but guai changed her life around and she just came back from college orientation. There won't be any wild parties and all-night study sessions as she needs her rest in order to keep it under control. She knows she has to eat properly, exercise and get her rest or she will be in big trouble - fatigue and pain. Good luck!
  10. aduck

    aduck New Member

    Thanks for responding to my message to you. I'm sorry I didn't read your previous posts to find out about your MCS history, but I'm new here and quite brain fogged and so dizzy/weak that I didn't feel up to the reading at this time. I apologize for my not knowing anything about anyone yet.

    ANyway, your mom sounds just like my mom used to. I couldn't ever get my sister and mother to stop using scented products.

    However, I don't know if you've tried this, but I strongly recommend that you get your doctor to either talk to your family or write a letter stating it's imperative that you at least NOT BE EXPOSED TO FLY SPRAY and any pesticides.

    This is the one thing that is keeping you weak and so ill, in my opinion. Those things are so awfully toxic for folks like us.

    Good luck, I know EXACTLY how frustrated you feel. I felt all that for 11 years before I finally decided enough was enough and moved out on my own even if it caused me to live on the streets (which it didn't, fortunately). It's very hard when you don't feel well enough to go out on your own even if finances weren't a problem, I know. HOpe things get better soon. I play piano and write music also when I'm not in "crash" mode :). It helps a LOT!
  11. LeLeHpr

    LeLeHpr New Member

    But, you are younger..So, that would be Mrs. LeLe to you..LOL

    What kind of music do you play?
  12. Myth

    Myth New Member

    Just turned 26 myself. I was diagnosed with FMS in my early twenties- If I recall correctly. I had symptoms long before that and was diagnosed with hypermobility syndrome when I was 16. Statistically us young uns' are in the minority- men even more so. Sucks to be us, I guess. But hey, I was not planning on running a marathon any time soon anyway. If I remember correctly there was a 16 year old on this board with FMS or CFS or both- but it may have been a different forum.
    Myth :)
  13. Wolverine

    Wolverine Member

    for the replys :)

    Yeah aduck playing music definatly is a release when weve got the energy for it :)

    'Mrs' Lele :p - i play a variety of music styles but i mainly compose dance / trance, ambient with influences such as BT, crystal method, paul van dyk, chicane, massive attack & lots of other stuff. i think theres more in my profile - click on my name to see :)

    Myth ah ok thats a long time to have had this prob since 16! i suppose you've learnt a bit more now what agrees with u, or helps or not :)

    Hugz all, Chris.
  14. shell

    shell New Member

    Thought I would post while I still can to the 20's category before I get to the 30's this October!!! Then I guess I will switch from oldest to youngest !!
  15. kmelodyg

    kmelodyg New Member

    Hi there! I just turned 25 years old. I have had chronic pain and depression since I was 18. My FMS kicked in full gear right after the tragedy of 9/11. I actually just figured that out the other day. I was finally diagnosed about a month ago, and my doctor dosen't even believe in FMS OR me. But I am doing everything I an do to fight it. It has definatly disabled me. I cannot work or barely ever sociallize. Major bummer!! But I do the best I can to stay strong and positive. That's great that you're a musician. My father is one, and I have been around music and musicians (even famous ones!) all my life. My ex-boyfriend is also a musician and a recording engineer who worked for a pretty big studio in "the states". Good luck with everything and keep in touch!!!

    Big Hugs,
  16. me-n-fred

    me-n-fred New Member

    Well, I'm 24, though most days I feel older than my grandparents! I was diagnosed when I was 21; my symptoms started a couple weeks after my 20th birthday. The rheumy that dx'd me said I was the youngest person with fm he'd ever seen. That's not really an accomplishment as far as I'm concerned! :)
  17. Wolverine

    Wolverine Member

    Ah I just turned 25 as well on the 24th June :) Theres something about turning 25 - just realised im not in the early 20's anymore! :S Oh well eh. Same for me about not being able to socialise much; i have the odd day where i get a bit more energy for NOTHING and can go out for a while. but mostly i dont last long at all going out! Yeh luv doing music its great.

    Melissa, what does your DX stand for?

    Me n fred - yeh i agree, its not much of an accompishment for me either to be like this at my age and so many people saying, ah gee ive never heard of anything like that. great! (not) lol

    Chris. :)