Anyone here suffer from depression and have school age kids

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    My kids are 6 & 8. I have been sufferomg for a while now an feel so guilty. Need help to start coping.
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    I see you are a new member and welcome to ProHealth. There are many boards here for you to select from. I see that you have also put this message on the Depression Board. ProHealth does not provide any doctors on these boards, so the answers you receive are from regular people like you.

    I will tell you that as someone who suffers from depression and anxiety, that I found professional treatment with diagnosis by a psychiatrist and then a treatment plan (and there are many plans depending on the individual and their ailments, including therapy alone, medication alone, therapy and medication, cognitive behavioral therapy, animal therapy, etc.).

    After seeing various TV shows by Dr. Phil and others, I saw it is possible to model your mental health ailments for your children and your children may adopt your anxiety and reactions to situations that occur as their own way of handling the situations in the world. So that your anxiety becomes their anxiety. Also, when someone in your family has genetic depression, it may predispose your children to potential depression, They're all very motivating factors for seeking help as soon as possible.

    A trusted doctor is a good place to start and you probably want to get a full physical and blood work checking all hormones and Vitamin B-12 and B-1 to find out if you are physically well or if your physical health could be a cause. If your physical turns out well, then find a good psychiatrist that would do the initial diagnosis. Know that you can take steps to start to help yourself and, in turn, help your kids. Good luck and best wishes.