Anyone here tried NAET? Help

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by wishfulThinker22, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. wishfulThinker22

    wishfulThinker22 New Member

    I dont have FM But i do have Vulvodynia and i'm in the middle of doing NAET for all of my food allergies because it got to the point where i wasnt eating, everything almost made my condition flare up.
    But i can't tell if the NAET is working or not because it's made my symtoms from my Vulvodynia worse than ever! My Acupucturist tells me its the healing process and that it will pass, but it hasnt and i'm almost done with my basic 15 and im so scared that it's made my condition permanently worse. I'm hoping it will calm down soon. Please help!
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  2. owowow

    owowow New Member

    Five or six years ago I did NAET for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity & food allergies. At the same time I was doing Thought Field Therapy (for 2 1/2 years) for the same reasons. I really hate pharmaceuticals & wanted to work with energy medicine instead, but I'm sorry to say that neither worked for me. Can't say if my symptoms got any worse because I was so sick then it was hard to tell. Since then I've been mostly working with diet & chemical avoidance (I know-VERY difficult to avoid, but doing my best), hoping to give my body the nutrition it needs to heal itself. Also started meditating (TM) again-that DOES help. Wish I could be more help. Hope it is working for you on some level--sometimes these things take awhile.
  3. wishfulThinker22

    wishfulThinker22 New Member

    thank you for your reply and for sharing your story with me, at this point i'd like to hear the good and bad.
  4. pam_d

    pam_d New Member

    ...was probably the single most effective treatment for my FM and general health that I've ever done. I had food allergies that I never knew I had because I didn't have "stomach" symptoms like IBS...little did I know that food allergies can cause a lot more than just stomach symptoms. I was treated for several months, all the basics, and was just starting fine-tuning things after the basics. It was expensive and not covered by insurance (some insurance plans do cover it, I believe). My doctor's prices were pretty reasonable, though, even without insurance, but the cost after several months added up. But very worth what I got out of it! (I had to stop after getting Leukemia, but I don't connect that to NAET, or any traditional treatments I was having; it just happens).

    NAET actually was what allowed me to return to work, so I'm very pleased with my treatment. I'm sorry it's at least temporarily making you worse; I didn't experience that happening, so I'm not sure what to do in that case.

    During my Leukemia treatment, I did NOT have FM flares or worsening of FM symptoms, which I had feared I would. I like to think NAET may have made my resistence a little stronger, but I can't say if that's accurate. But I do know that did better with the chemo effects than many people my age do.

    Good luck with it; I do hope you start to feel better. There is a NAET website where practitioners register; it tells what kind of training they have, how long, what level. You might check just to make sure your doctor is well-trained in the practice of NAET.

  5. wishfulThinker22

    wishfulThinker22 New Member

    Thanks pam for that info, i'm gonna ask if maybe i should go down to once a week instead of twice. maybe thats why i'm getting so sick, because i'm having to consider the possibility of quitting my job at this point :(

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