Anyone Hyperthyroid?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by TaniaF, May 31, 2006.

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    I'm so confused about the thyroid blood tests. It seems that the other parts of my test are in the normal range but my TSH is low at 0.27 which is usually an indicator for hyperthyroid. I get the jitters, shortness of breath and lots of other symptoms.

    Although, I went and had a nuclear test a couple years ago (thyroid scan and uptake) and they were normal.

    The only thing my doctor has given me was a small amount of beta blocker. My mother is hyperthyroid and she is on a PTU hormone. I can't take it because I already have a low immune system (low white blood cells) and one of the side effects of this drug is neutropenia.

    Anyone else hyperthyroid? What do you do that's natural?

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    Hello Tania...

    They have been dragging their feet in my healthcare so much. My TSH was as low as 0.24 and free T4 0.90 5 in April, they did nothing. It's been like that since Jan 06.
    She re-tested me again on 5/11 my TSH went up a little to 0.27 I believe. After 2 weeks of not hearing from her, I went in to see her, she asked if I had received her letter? No, not sure what to think of this one. She is just now sending me for a Thyroid Ultrasound on 6/7 and Thyroid Uptake/Scan on 6/8. I will let you know. I am now weighing about 97lbs. Used to weigh 87lbs. My RBC is all over the place very very low. At the hospital my WBC is low, at their lab my WBC is fine and dandy.

    I am very, very itchy all you have that? Discolarionts? She says sometimes thyroid does that?
    I am so irratable, tired, the pain in my bones, tendons or wherever the heck they are (can't even tell anymore), is excruciating, morphine can't even help. I do have the jitters like you, shakes, tremors, shortness of breath, my legs just want to crumble on me like something toxic running through them, same with the arm and hands.

    I will let you know after the tests I suppose, sorry I can't help you with Natural Meds.

    Can you please tell me if you had any reaction/side effects to the uptake, isn't it radioactive or whatever? Please tell me you have the itches too, because if you don't, that tells me mine is due to somethng ele such as my liver.

    Hope that helps a little.

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    I had no problem with the radioactive pill for the scan--and I'm really sensitive to meds.

    Sorry, but I don't have any itchiness. My TSH was 0.27 this time but last year it went up to 0.44. So, I don't get it--the doctors say the rest of my thyroid is normal.

    I'm going to make an appointment to the integrative medicine DO doctor that I see occasionally. I'm fed up with MDs. The only thing the endocrinologist gave me was a beta blocker (Topral XL) and it did get rid of the jitters, however, it bothers my asthma so I stopped it.

    Good luck on your tests and please report back.