Anyone In Canada been through Disability Process

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    I've been in pain for quite awhile, and my docs figure it's FM that I have. Continues to get worse no matter how much rest or activity I get. Very much affecting my joints/muscles. Has anyone been through disabiliy process in Canada. If so where did you start? Also is there any other help availiabe. I have 4 small children, and finding coping with daily life very difficult. Please fill me in!!! Thanks, Laura Forgive me if this comes up teice, I posted awhile ago but cannot see it.
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    I applied for and got CPP Disability last fall. My application went in the middle of November, and three weeks later I was advised that I was successful. If you have paid into CPP you would be eligible if you qualify. Basically, you have to provide them with enough information that allows them to see that you are unable to work, it doesn't matter what your diagnosis is.

    If you don't qualify for CPP disability, then you would, I believe, apply to your provincial gov't for disability benefits, again what they want to know is that you are unable to work. CPP has a website, as will your provincial gov't. I know there are others on this board who are Canadians who are on disability. Perhaps they can help you as well.

    Basically, you need a Dr. who will back you by filling out the necessary forms, and then, what I did was send my personal reasons in the form of a history of my illness to them. It worked. Thank God. I can barely take of myself most days.

    If you need any more help, please write to me on the board. My heart goes out to you with 4 children. Marie
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    Are you a senior, or younger? Would I qualify age wise(31) for something like this? I haven't worked for 5 years but did for about 10 before that, so I know I paid into it at some point.
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    I applied about 4 months ago, they told me that 'sometime in Oct' they would let me know.......

    I had my Dr. fill out some paperwork and the rest I did as well (also along with a letter of my personal story) - it was all from the website.......then I got a contact number and they told me from there that they would send me out the package of paperwork to fill fingers crossed!!

    My Long Term Disability thru work has also been up in the air so I have had nothing in the form of income since I had to take off work in March. Not being able to work and having no support is brutal.....a real eye opener as to the problems with our Govt......people with real health issues have not much to lean on between when EI runs out (3 months max) and CPP kicks in (that's IF you even can get it)
    ood luck to you!!! Get on it now cuz they make you wait around 4 months to process it.... In the meantime they told me that I should go on Financial Asst. .....have yet to because the hoops they wanted me to jump were too exausting at the time and my family has helped me out so far....
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    for 13 yrs of my 14 yrs of illness. I had to use up my year of sick leave first. It took 6 months to be approved so get working on it asap.

    I suggest that you do a search on this board for CPP, LTD and SSDI. You will get lots of information.

    I have helped three people on this board get their CPP. I was led through the process myself by a good friend with severe CFS/FM who used to be a corporate lawyer. I took what I learned and have helped others on the board and elsewhere.

    I was approved on the first attempt.

    You can start the process today by keeping a diary. Keep notes on how you feel every day, rate between one and 10 and note each of your symptoms and what you are able to accomplish in a day. Also the price that you pay for it afterwards.

    When you start filling out forms, keep copies of EVERYTHING. When you talk to CPP or LTD people on the phone, document everything - the name of the person you speak to, their employee number if they'll give it to you, what goes on in the conversation.

    I kept a notebook (bright red so I couldn't lose it) near the phone for that reason only.

    There is lots of help available here on the board and I am certainly willing to help you as much as I can as are many others. Just ask.

    You will be approved if you can get your doctor to say so. You may have to fight for it, but if you get it done right the first time, there is less chance of that.

    You have already been given good info here. Provincial help is available if you are in dire straits.

    Good luck. I sympathize with your dealing with this and 4 small children.


    P.S. My lawyer friend who helped me do my paper work for CPP and LTD was only 28 when she started collecting. She had only been working about 2 yrs when she was hit with these DD's. So it can be done. I was 44.

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    Online, type in "CPP Disability Benefits", then, click on "I want to apply". There, you will find the criteria they need for you to be eligible. It states how much you have to have contributed, (approx. 4 years), and, you have to be under 65 to be eligible. You can also order or download the forms you need online. This website is FULL of information.

    As Pepper said, keep a diary of how you feel, what you can and can't do, how long you have to rest, etc. Just a few words in the diary every day is all you need to jog your memory. Then, when you send in your application, you have something to refer to. ALWAYS KEEP COPIES OF EVERYTHING YOU SEND TO THEM. Also, send in all of your own documents, don't let the Dr.'s office do it for you. Collect the Dr.'s part and take it home and send everything in together yourself. VERY IMPORTANT. Good luck!!! Marie
    P.S. Buy a file folder and keep everything together.[This Message was Edited on 10/15/2006]
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    I'll be checking it shortly, thank you alll for your kindness! Laura
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    HI Abcanada

    I am currently on CPP disability. I was also accepted first application.

    I had help from a cousin of mine who has FM and used a lawyer to get her benefits. I also had help from a gentleman who lives near Ottawa. He used to work for Canada Pension Disability and now that he is retired he has set up his own business helping people get through the application process.

    He was a big help to me when I was filling out the application form. He told me that a lot of problem people have is that doctors are not trained in how they fill out these forms. He also recommended the rheumatologist that I see in Kingston who was good at filling out the medical reports properly.

    If I can be of any help please let me know.

    After I was accepted for CPP disability I also applied for the Disability tax credit which was also a good tax write off.

    hugs Redwillow

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    abcanada ... the replies here give good advice but I'm not sure if they told you that you might be eligable for the back dating of your claim while it is under consideration.
    My case was complicated because the first review didn't take into account that I worked for the Dutch government while I was living in Holland .. Canada and the Netherlands have a joint social agreement .. so I went through a really long drawn out process .. it nearly drove me crazy.
    I prevailed in the end .. phew !
    So .. be prepared that it might take a while, but ... it is supposed to be back dated to the time they recieved your claim .. I hope you are succesful !
    Good luck !
    Joy : )
    I have to look into that disability tax credit Redwillow .. thanks for mentioning that !
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    I got CPP after and it took two years. I was denied for FM the first time but after other ilness it was approved.
  11. springrose22

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    Yes, they will usually backdate your claim. Mine was backdated 5 months from the date I applied. I had to quit work in Feb.05, used up my sick time and EI sick time which ran to July 05. They paid me back to July 05 in a lump sum, and now pay me monthly. Marie
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    Thanks so much again. Does anyone know if they will consider a back payment of say the last year when I've been sooo sick, but didn't know what was going on? laura
  13. abcanada

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    I just read through it all, and I'm sure my doc will vouch for me. It has taken awhile, but she ompletely understands my mess! I'm gonna get on it right away.
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    My doc put the word "Guarded" on my CPP application. It was mailed in & I got a call from CPP saying it was a 4 month wait. I'm interested in seeking advice. I worked full time after college from the age of 20-38. I've tried 2 return to works part-time in 6 years. After being sick 2 1/2 years I worked pt for 20 months and missed about 30 days work due to illness plus turned down extra shifts due to illness. They finally laid me off. Then this year I tried to start a home based business & realized very painfully so that I am unable to work. I have been in huge denial for 6 years & I've now applied for CPP. I went to the US for treatment in 2001 and my doc mentioned that in the application.I will keep a diary starting tomorrow. I have CFS, adrenal gland exhaustion(on cortef),chronic sinusitis and anemia. I went to see an Endocrinologist (adrenal gland specialist but she laughed me out of the office) I would like to see another one and will tell my doc that. It should say I have Addison's disease on the application but it does not. My doc does mention I am on cortef. I go into convulsions when I get infections.
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    I am currently living in Switzerland but will be returning to Canada soon. I have thought about applying for disability but have wondered if I can get it when my husband works and we own a townhome. Anyone know??

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    CPP Disability is based on whether you are unable to work, not income or assets