Anyone in Cecil County, Maryland??

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    Hi, I am 44 yo female just dx with least I am not losing my mind!! I hav had a lot of symptoms over the years, but each one was handled separately. But, about eight months ago, I woke up in constant I dx'd myself...all the info I had on fibro kept saying the pain was like getting ran over by a truck...and that's exactly how I felt!! And the other new component was the pure exhaustion...I was sleeping 18 hours a day and still felt horrible. So, I was tested for Lyme's and others...fame up positive for an arthritis enzyme, sent to a rheumatologist.. and BINGO!! It was strange, because I had the info from the internet with me...and I thought he was going to overlook fibro. But he came in and said blah, blah..and I think you have someting called fibromyalgia. I was relieved to know it was not a severe depression. I am looking for a support group, etc, in Northern Maryland/ Southern Delaware. If anyone knows anything...please let me know. Thanks!!!