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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by drseuss, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. drseuss

    drseuss New Member

    knows about Dr Susan Busse or Dr Michael McNett???
  2. agcgmom

    agcgmom New Member

    I am a patient of Dr. McNett's. What info are you looking for?
  3. drseuss

    drseuss New Member

    Thanks for the reply...Are you seeing him for FM? What do you think of him? I am looking for someone that is taking a different approach to treating FM than conventional medicine. Can you tell me a bit about your treatment???

    Thanks in advance!!
  4. Andrea4

    Andrea4 New Member

    Dachman Center for Pain Therapy in Schaumburg prefers holistic medicine as a first line of treatment for fibro.
  5. agcgmom

    agcgmom New Member

    I do have FM. His clinic has many approaches to FM. I have not tried any of the other services offered at his clinic because they are not in my insurance network but have done a few locally. Check out the website. Fibromyalgia Treatment Ceter Of America. I was already on the usual low dose antidepressant, pain and something to help me sleep. Dr. McNett had me test for candida (which was negative) and then we began trial and error on many meds. Many I could not tolerate. I am only on pain meds which change almost seasonally, ambien and xyrem for sleep. It seems for me that when I sleep, everything else gets better. Dr. McNett is very knowledgeable about the meds and will even explain how they work. He is not pushy, but not afraid to suggest something that he thinks might work. He will give you information on dietary supplements and how they work too. Then he will ask you what you think. Patients fill out a questionaire about pain, depression etc every time they have an appointment and he actually reads it and compares it to the previous visit. My husband has gone with me on many appointments and he is just as attentive to his questions and concerns.
    I have gone to two Rheumetologists before the FMTOA and I cried all the way home from both Dr offices. I go home from FTCOA and feel hopeful after every visit. There are several clinics in the Chicago area now so one may be more convenient than another. Good Luck!

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