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  1. BHopeful

    BHopeful New Member

    I need some support big time....

    would be great to know if there was some people in the same city...

    anyone doing MP - feel that could work.

    please, please, please. don't mean to sound desperate (but I am)

    This board is amazing.

    Thanks in advance,
  2. angellwolffe

    angellwolffe New Member

    i don't know of any of us actually in the city but quite a few of us live in the far suburbs. there is a doctor in the city in maywood who treats only fms patients. I personally can't go to him because he isn't on my insurance.

  3. marw

    marw New Member

    I live in Chicago. In West Lakeview, or what's called Wrigleyville (North side). I met one other girl from the city who had this disease, but am not in contact with her anymore.

    I tried very hard to find live support groups, but so far have not. The ones I have called have been discontinued.

    Anyway, I know what it is like to feel desperate. I do almost everyday.

    I do not know anything about the suburbs here, am strictly a "city" person, although I have friends who live in Skokie and various 'burbs.

    I don't know what MP is? Is this a technique for releasing muscle spasms? Lately I have the most trouble with my stomach (low Abs), which seems to hurt all the time.

    Good luck to you. If you write to me, put "Marw" in the title and I will get back to you.

  4. bandwoman

    bandwoman New Member

    I love your name by the way. I am in a far west suburb of Chicago. Don't know about MP. I have some great bodyworkers here though if that is what that is, not sure. I see a good alt dr also who really understands fibro. Hope you find what you are looking for.

  5. Appraiser

    Appraiser New Member

    Hi Ben,

    I live in Evanston and have been dealing with cfs for a number of years. I considered myself very blessed to be working again nearly full time. and while I certainly feel like I'm teetering on a precipice my life is full of function that wasn't there for years. I'm hopeful things will keep getting better. I'm just plugging into this forum so I'm glad to see other Chicagoans are online here. I'm working with the Clymer Healing Center in Pennsylvania via phone and mail. I like what they've done for me so far - no drugs - all supplements, nutriceutical stuff.

    Best Regards,

  6. Callum

    Callum New Member

    Just north of Wrigley.

    Not sure what MP is, so I don't think I can help you there. But I have found great doctors through the Rush Medical group.

  7. BHopeful

    BHopeful New Member

    Who do you see at Rush?

    I just moved here 2 months ago so I'm trying to navigate this city. I have family here though, which is good.

    I'm well enought to work although I don't really like my new job and that's certainly having an effect on my health.

    Thanks for the responses.

  8. Callum

    Callum New Member

    Dr. Jeremy Pripstein as my primary - CFS isn't his specialty, but I've been so happy with him, as he is willing to research, read my research, recommend the right specialists, and never acted as if, just because he might not understand CFS, that it was "in my head."

    My rheumy is Dr. Katz - GREAT guy, who has many patients with both Fibro and CFS.

    Also, very important in my getting better - my therapist, who specializes in behavior modification for those who suffer from auto-immune disorders. She is affiliated with Rush only in that she works out of my Doc's office every Thursday. The rest of the time, she works out of her office off Michigan Ave. - her name is Dr. Judith Stuhr.

    She's great! She has given me so many coping techniques, including self-hypnosis, where I invision my immune system working with me, rather than against me.

    I've been there with the job thing... It's difficult when you're having to spend what energy you have doing something you hate!

    Best of luck!

  9. BHopeful

    BHopeful New Member

    so much for all the contacts. I saw Katz once - wasn't crazy about thim just becasue his time is so limited and they really push the meds.

    Your PCP sounds good and I agree that you don;t always need a CFS specialist - just someone who is open to your ideas.

    I see a therapist now, but may explore some others.

    Again, THANK YOU!
  10. Callum

    Callum New Member

    I typed so fast, I signed your name instead of mine! LOL.

    Take care,

  11. BHopeful

    BHopeful New Member

    Everyone is aksing me to get on with my life when I'm just trying to get through my life. There's a big difference which only we can relate to I guess.

    I'm not as sick as others, I have a job, I have options, I'm able to save money by living home (but my mother is pushing me to get me own place fast).

    It is just hard to be single no matter what. Trying to navigate doctors appointments, etc. and then dealing with lifes dissapointments (which hit you harder when you're sick).

    Sorry - I'm in a major depression today and just had to post. Hope everyone is doing okay. Feelings of lonileness are sometimes just as bad as this disease.

  12. munch1958

    munch1958 Member

    I'm 75 miles southwest of Midway airport. We moved to central Illinois in 1997. Finding medical care here is tough. I really miss the choices available to me in the city and realize I must drive to see someone.

    In addition to CFIDS/FM, I had a serious bout with sarcoidosis in 2001. I was hospitalized with kidney & liver failure. I'm afraid to try the MP -- Google Marshall Protocol risks. Blocking out all sunlight seems too ridiculous for me to comprehend since we know vitamin D prevents cancer. I'm not willing to wear sunglasses in my home either. It seems to contradictive of life.

    I see a top thyroid doctor in Wisconsin Dells and he refuses to let any of his patients try the MP. I am using Dr. Brown's protocol --Google Road Back Foundation and have been a patient of the Detroit FFC since March. I have had some success with both protocols. There is help and hope.
  13. Callum

    Callum New Member

    A feeling of isolation can sometimes feel like the worst part of this DD. 6 1/2 years ago, I was in the same place you are; although I wasn't living at home, my mom was begging me to move back home, I was temping, but I was calling in so often due to bad flares, it was difficult to get work. And, of course, when you're not feeling well, it is difficult to cultivate friendships, so I felt so alone. I would sit listening to Jane Olivor every night, and just weep.

    And then, it changed. I found health care that was helping me, rather than making me feel like I was just not trying hard enough. I developed a couple close friendships with people who didn't expect me to be anything but what I was. And then I met my partner.

    You're moving in the right direction - trying to find the right healthcare provider. I believe there are CFS support groups in our area - perhaps you could contact one of those?

    I wish you the best, Ben! Keep chugging along as best you can.

  14. jarjar

    jarjar New Member

    The Marshall Protocol has statements on their site about allowing people to try the protocol without so much lite avoidance. It is a newer post.

    There was a MP conference in Chicago over a year ago so their should be M.D's using it or one can talk their M.D to letting them try it.

    There is a Coppertone Spectra 3 with zinc that one can use while outdoors plus if you keep your home dim and computer and t.v. dim you probably could get by without sunglasses indoors. But you would want them outdoors.

    It is worth every bit of inconvience to see your energy slowly return and pain diminish. It just takes time though to kill all the bacteria that has been keeping you ill for so long.


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