anyone in CT??? need a dr...

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    i know i previously saw a few here who are in CT....but like i can remember! LOL also many are not filling out profiles so i have no way of knowing where some are from....i live east of the river (south windsor) and really need a good doc....there are none listed in CT on the doc referral here....i am about to lose my insurance if they ever actually pass a budget as i have it through the state for now....hubby is self employed and would cost more to buy insurance that would consider my fms preexisting than it would to pay bills out of pocket....i have been to 4-5 in the area over the years and am now back at the doc i started with!! his expartner dx me with fms 4 yrs ago but shortly thereafter left his practice and i do not know where she went...cannot even remember her name any here have a good docs name i really appreciate it....Lori
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    I live in in central Connecticut. I go to a fabulous doctor in Southington. I don't know if that is too far for you. He is great as far as being kind and understanding. He tries to find the root of the problem and then work to solve it. He is not big on pain meds which is fine with me. I want to treat the problem not cover it with pain killers. He is a rheumatologist and I just adore him. His name is Dr. Christopher Manning.

    Good luck,
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    i would go almost anywhere if it meant respectable health care! i will certainly check him out....i know there is a fibro clinic at uconn in farmington but am still waiting for info on that ...also i would rather spend $$ on someone i know ahead of time wont be a jerk if ya know what i you. Lori
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    I also see Dr. Manning in Southington. He's the best as far as I'm concerned. He is also listed on the Good Doctor List.

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    Robban Sica in Orange has been recommended
    to me. I have not followed through on it yet.
    She is supposed to test for mycoplasmas, hypercoagulation, etc, I believe. SHe is very
    pricey and I don't think she takes medicare or medicaid. She has a website if you search the
    web. There is lots of info there about what they

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    Do you know of any good infectious disease
    or lyme disease drs. in CT, preferable in NW?

    RE: your comment about Yale drs, do you mean
    in general or for FMS? My father died
    after surgery at Yale. I have heard other's
    comment poorly about Yale and was
    so surprised. At the time, 10 years ago,
    the dr, a cardiac surgeon, was only one
    of five drs in the country doing the surgery.
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    My best friend is an attending M.D. and teaches at Yale Medical School. I am there often shooting the breeze. I work at St. Raphaels. I found doctors at Yale very discomapassionate with FMS. When I brought it up, he said he wont even listen to people who have the label, and he is considered one of the Leading M.D.s in Internal and Emergency Medicine in the State! Yikes. I wont bad mouth my friend, but I know Yales mentality. It's a superb hospitol for MANY MANY diseases but with FMS they could give a sh*t about it! Funny thing is I am the one teaching him how to treat it. So I think I have a large influence at this large hospitol, knowing the 'in' people. I hope to Dear God, I can make an impact for once!

    I myself know very few docs willing to treat FMS here and it seems to be getting harder with the new lawsuits going on. In particular, against the Bridgeport dr for Rxing Pain Meds. Even though he may have done so judasiously. So we are all a little afraid here of the State Boards and the Establishment. CT in general is lax compared
    to say TX, SC and NYC when it comes to RXing certain meds--which it all boils down to; who is willing! But there is a lot of hype here about FMS and drug abusers and its getting me angry as hell!!! Makes me NOT want to be a doctor.

    I am tired of managed care already. Sorry to drag on. Just remind me to find that docs name and number for you. I will call him when I have time, as I want to see him myself. His wife is also a dr. and supposedly better than him.

    Jennifer Brett in Stratford, is a world renowned N.D. (Naturopath) and has been helpful from the holistic stand point. I went to her colleague and wasn't thrilled, but she is good from everyone I hear.

    Are you in Litchfield County btw? I will keep you posted

    BTW APPLY59: I think I know the cardiac surgeon you are talking about. If he is who I think he is there is a funny/not funny story about him. Here it goes: a Psychiatrist at Yale had a patient who had Torsades (a dangerous/deadly heart beat irregularity, often caused by certain meds) and he called the cardiac unit to call for a code and get the cardiologist down there. The cardiologist told the P-Doc, I will come there to the P-Ward to get your patient and treat him, BUT, only after you admit to me that your Not a Real doctor!!!! He said tell me your not a real doctor or I am not coming there. The psychiatrist I guess, said, "you are right, I am not a real doctor"! That man should have gone to jail for negligence and a*sHolism! I cant believe that story to this day. I dont even know what disiplinary action, if any, he got!
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    The d\r in madison is most likely Dr. Lang an endo. I have seen him twice and he is definately holistic. He believes the most important part of healing is spiritual and no amount of drugs or treatments will fix that. You must take responsibility for that yourself. He has given me thyroid and cortisol in spite of ok testing. I have started to see a therapist on his advice and am trying to be open to this view but I had to tell him what meds I was on at my last visit and I found that a little troubeling. He takes mega time with you and accepts insurance and his bills seem in line with other dr. so he isnt a gouger.
    Yale is a big hospital and I dont think you will find a dr at any big hospital who can treat us cuz they are tightly bound by rules a regulation to protect them from law suits. If they dont have a lab sheet that will back up a treatment they arent going to touch you.
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    Forgot to say: When I made my first appt with dr. lang when i got there I saw the screener dr. She didnt think there was much wrong with me either and I had to push to see dr. lang and that was quite a wait.[This Message was Edited on 06/10/2003]
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    im not sure how we got on the topic of a bit far for going daughter had to go to the childrens hosp. there once for kidney tests when she was a baby but that was all...i live east of hartford and just south of bradley int. south windsor...i dont mind traveling for a really really good doc...and i am about to be without any ins. so it doesnt really matter if they take it or not...i am not on any meds right now but will be starting coq10 and fm relief from the store here soon....i do not want to take meds that do not work; however there are definately days especially lately that a pain pill or two would be a godsend! current doc is not that helpful with my fms but is also my kids doc and is wonderful for them so i do not want to upset that relationship by getting p o'd at him again by pushing the issue...already left him to search out better help a few years ago and found none out there so i am back with him again...right back where is

    AC77--i would love any info you could give you know any of the docs or anything about the fibro clinic at uconn in farmington? i am good friends with an administrator there but she is very slow on the info and has mostly just tried to sell me vitamins that i dont need and fax me info i already have....
    thank you so much for the warning about yale try not to get sick if im that
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    I live in Litchfield County. The dr. that operated on my father seemed very nice to us. My father need rare
    surgery and it was a difficult procedure so I don't
    really blame the dr.

    I was just so surprised when I talked to someone
    else via email who said Yale's operating rooms
    were antiquated. It made my draw drop and I felt
    so badly. I was shocked to say the least and didn't
    tell my mother this bit of info.

    My FMS dr. in Litchfield Country will basically give me
    any med I ask for. He trusts me and knows that I
    don't abuse them. However, I find myself thinking
    I am the one calling the shots. At least he
    is giving! He doesn't even make me go every three
    months like he did in the beginning. He could have
    made me go just for money. Of course, medicare
    and medicaid certainly doesn't give lots of money!

    Any other info on Dr's, preferably in Litchfield
    County would be great. You can email privately
    if you prefer.

    Sorry to see you leave the boards. You have been
    a great source of information and will be missed.

  11. lea

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    Hi Sofy:
    Were you put on the natural thyroid (Armour)? Also, what was your cortisol reading?
    thank you in advance
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    I have never been diagnosed with FM or CFS in Connecticut despite seeing over a dozen different doctors plus two rheumatologist. The rheumatologist I saw at UCONN Health Center said he doesn't believe in fibromyalgia at all.

    I have heard good things about Dr. Robban Sica of Orange. Personally I travel over 300 miles each way to Pennsylvania to see my doctor, Dr. Poesnecker who is a CFS specialist and has been treating CFS as an adrenal problem for 40 years.

    I went to Yale once to see a gastroenterologist and he was the biggest j*rk I have ever met in my life. Plus I have seen several doctors at UCONN Health Center and was completely unimpressed by them. I go to specialists in Manchester and South Windsor for general problems but get drive to Pennsylvania for CFS/FM.

    Love, Jasmine