anyone in DC area? Moving to Fairfax, VA-going back to work

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by griswoldgirl, Jun 19, 2003.

  1. griswoldgirl

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    Just wanted to know if anyone lived in the DC area??

    After 1-long months of recovery from knee surgery and two long months of job searching for my husband and myself we finally accepted an offer in Fairfax, VA. We will be moving there in a few weeks====lots to do!!!!

    I am looking forward to getting back to work and am scared at the same time. Been out for a long time and hoping my body will hold up. I got a job doing high risk OB sonography again with great pay and no call and no weekends. My husband also got a CT job at an Outpatient center with no call and no weekends---that is unheard of in the health care profession--we are very excited to reunite our family and have a more normal lifestyle than we have had in the past 5 years.

    Anywho-let me know if you are going to be my neighbor.

  2. epicurean

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    I live in Woodbridge,the county just south of Fairfax.There is also teach6 who lives in Fairfax.
    where are you moving too?Have been here 34 yrs.,and still love it here.If you have any questions just ask!!
  3. teach6

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    Where in the county do you live? I'm out near Dulles Airport. There is a support group meeeting tomorrow 2-4 at Fairfax Hospital. I just looked on your profile. We are almost neighbors, or maybe we are!!

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  4. teach6

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    I'm south of the town of Herndon, near the intersection of Monroe and Fox Mill Rd./Frying Pan Rd. My daughter works at Courts of Chandon pool. Are you that way on the parkway, or towards Four Seasons?

    The support group is for CFS and FM. I have both. My doc is excellent and in Reston. His real specialty is CFS, but he also treats FM. He's on the good docs list, I put him there!

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  5. teach6

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    My daughter is Kathy. She's the manager at Courts of Chandon and this is her sixth year there. She really likes it there. Next time you are at the pool ask her for my phone number or email address. I'll give her a heads up that you might be asking so she'll not freak out!

  6. booklover

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    I think you will like Fairfax County. I live in the city of Vienna, near Tysons Corner. I have lived here 11 years and I really like it. There are Community Centers that offer free and low-price programs of all kinds. I am currently taking Tai Chi at my community center. It eases the Fibro pain and gives me some gentle exercise. Lots of good libraries. I am volunteering 4 hours, one day a week at the local library. In the city of Vienna, at least, there is still a low of small town frienly attitude. Welcome to our area!