Anyone In Iowa have their SSD Hearing I have some questions??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sfrazier, Jan 22, 2006.

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    I had my SSD hearing a couple of weeks ago now and have some questions. I have read other peoples post about who was at the hearing and what questions were asked. At my hearing there were only 5 people. The judge, the court reporter my attorney, me and the lady that decides if there are comprobale jobs out there for us. There was no SS doctor or anything like that. My attorney asked most of the questions and the judge might have asked me a couple but I don't even remember what they were. I guess I'm wondering if this is a normal hearing in Iowa or are there normally other doctors there too. Please help put my mind at ease. lol. Thanks........Sue
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  3. sfrazier

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    before my hearing a couple of years ago my attorney prepped me about the possible way the hearing would be conducted....he said it depended on the judge. some judges like to conduct the hearing by asking the questions directly to the person and witnesses and other judges asked the representing attorney to do the questioning, or possibly a combination of both.

    In my hearing the judge did most of the questioning but it was a very short hearing. I had an SSA Dr in the hearing but there wasn't a person there who decides what jobs I was capable of doing.

    I think each judge handles things a little differently and no two hearings are the same anywhere! Put your mind at ease and don't stress yourself out thinking about it, I know easier said than done LOL!

    I had a fully favorable bench decision and I was still stressed something would go wrong between that moment and the receipt of the letter from SSA.

    Hang in there!!! And try not to drive yourself crazy waiting for the decision.

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    Had my hearing recently. Just as clueless now as before. i really don't know what way it will go. I have said a prayer and calmed myself down.

    the only thing you can do is wait and see. My hearing was similar to yours. the attorney asked most of the questions.the judge only asked me one.

  6. sfrazier

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    Thanks Paige51 and justlooking. I know I shouldn't stress over it but as a single parent right now we are just living on child support. Gets a little tough sometimes not to stress. I wish mine had been a bench decision too but I guess a little more wait won't kill me. I'm just a little bad about looking back and trying to second guess everything. Your words of encourgment have helped a lot though. Once again thanks. I really appreciate it.


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