Anyone in Las Vegas, NV area? Need a Doctor!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by BeansMom, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. BeansMom

    BeansMom New Member

    I'm relocating to Las Vegas in one week. I need to find a pain managment doctor or a "fibro/chronic pain friendly" rheumatologist or physician.

    Any help?
  2. star273

    star273 New Member

    I have heard there is a great Fibro clinic there and I have thought about going there my self. Just search it online and you should be able to find it. I have heard its really good.
    Good Luck.
  3. nixon

    nixon New Member

    I have been to the Fibro & Fatigue Clinic, wouldn't advise it, unless you have an unlimited supply of $$$ to spend. I've been to various Rheumys, a pain clinic....wouldn't recommend those either! I ended up setteling for a doc in my small town, after seeing many here! It can be hard to find a GOOD Fibro specialist. Good Luck on the search....I was googling LV Fibro drs. just a few days ago, and saw one listed that might be worth checking into, (Can't seem to find it at the moment!!) I see one called New Hope Medical Center...( to me it looks kinda like the FFC) that's a new one! I found the one I was looking for his name is Russell J. Shah reads like he takes MOST Insurances, I've been having debilitating headaches for weeks now, that's why I was searching more Drs. The Pain Clinic that I ABSOLUTELY wouldn't recommend is called Las Vegas Pain Institute Dr.Maduka & Crew. The Rheumy who doesn't believe in Fibro is a Dr. Kelly can't think of his 1st name. Anyhow, Good Luck, let me know if I can be of anyother assistance. I usually check the board every couple days.
  4. DemonFairy

    DemonFairy New Member

    And I go to Rehabilitation Associates of Nevada, located in the medical offices by Summerlin Hospital. I see a pain management specialist (I have FMS and had herniated disk surgery) there that I would recommend. It might take a couple of months to get an appointment, but I would recommend Dr. Joseph Gnoyski. I've seen three different doctors at that office - I loved Dr. Mondell, but he left the practice, and I won't say who I didn't like, but I do like Dr. Gnoyski and would recommend seeing him. I have insurance, so for January & February of each year, I pay my co-pay (whoohoo, generous insurance, two whole co-pay visits) and I pay cash the rest of the year, which is $95 a visit. Dr. Gnoyski has done everything that he can (save letting me try Xyrem, which okay, it's a bit out of the ordinary, but my partner & I are still interested in trying it...but it's not going to happen with this doctor and I can accept that) to treat my FMS. I haven't been limited to just Tramadol or the crud that is Lyrica. Blech. Anyway, I've been able to try just about everything, although he starts off a bit conservatively in the beginning. I did start going there after I was already on pain meds from my back surgeon, so I wasn't as limited as some patients might initially be.

    He doesn't push you into any specific treatment. They don't sell anything there, so you don't have to worry about being sold this or that. They do pain management, period.
  5. nixon

    nixon New Member

    Hi, I remember a few years back someone had reccomended Dr. Mondell, when I called for him, he was either already gone, or not taking new patients. Do you happen to know anything about that Dr. Shah that I mentioned? I see a pretty good GP out here in Pahrump. I currently am on Morphine SR, was on Oxycodone, but she wanted me to switch to the morph. It just seems like the morphine isn't helping much anymore. I'm even going to an eye doc. regarding my headaches....I doubt it's my eyes, but I'm at a loss right now, have been miserable for at least 3 weeks now. I think it's just the fibro crap! I'm also on Lyrica, it helps me sleep, (like I'm DEAD,sometimes..LOL) I just quit the Cymbalta have been on it before, and it just seems to make some issues alot WORSE! My TMJ is flairing, my OCD is outta control, Cymbalta just sucks for me! I might try the doc you mentioned, if my GP won't switch up my pain meds for me. Thanks for the info!!
  6. DemonFairy

    DemonFairy New Member

    Yeah, probably a few years ago, Dr. Mondell wasn't taking new patients. He was booked solid. The only reason we got in to see him was because my partner and I were starting to ask for more cutting edge kinds of treatments (like the Xyrem) that Dr. Gnoyski didn't feel comfortable with. Dr. Mondell was more willing to try different things. Also, I can't be positive, but we might've also been given the opportunity to switch because of the gay thing - we're gay, Dr. Mondell is gay...I think it helped get us the choice to switch doctors. Sadly, we were only able to see him last January & February, I believe it was, before he suddenly decided to take a sabbatical for a unknown length of time, which turned into quitting the practice altogether. Even though we like Dr. Joe (in their office they call the doctors, Dr. "their first name" as none of them have easy last names like, oh, "Smith"), we felt a kind of connection with Dr. Mondell. But alas, it wasn't meant to be. I believe he quit medicine for some reason, but I don't know for sure what he's doing, all I know is that he was bought out of the practice by the other three docs.

    I'm currently on Oxycodone and Soma. I was in a Reboxetine study, but Pfizer just dumped those in the whole extended study without any warning to the patients on Monday. We found out yesterday. Our meds were taken away, and the extended study (after we already put in 16 weeks of taking who knows what dose in the double-blind study), which was supposed to last 68 or 69 weeks, was cancelled w/o ANY notice by Pfizer. Mmmm, cold turkey for all of us.

    Reboxetine worked - it helped with the pain and the fatigue. What they said was that they're no longer going to try to market it in the US because they said it wasn't working, and that they have their big moneymaker, Lyrica. Lyrica has been useless at minimum and harmful (horrid side effects) at maximum. Reboxetine is SO much better. I don't know WHAT Pfizer is thinking, but I'm totally pissed off. My partner and I had only been in the extended study for two weeks at 4mg, and I was looking forward to getting 8mg yesterday, but instead, all meds were just taken away and we were whisked out of the study, as if our time in the original double-blind trial to get to the damned extended study, was meaningless. Everyone in the first study had to wean off their anti-depressants and pain meds to be in the study, so some people who weaned ended up with a placebo...and now they have no chance to continue into the extended study. They've suffered for 16 weeks without their meds, and now they don't even get a chance to TRY the med. I think it's irresponsible and frankly, cruel.

    Anyway, I can't take any morphine-related drug. MS Contin, Dilaudid, etc., they're like taking water for me. What works best is Fentanyl patches w/ a breakthrough med and Provigil for alertness. Provigil is an awesome med, but unfortunately we can't afford it or the higher doses of the patches that we need, so it's Oxycodone and Soma for me. Lyrica made my ankles swell like balloons and made me exhausted. So exhausted that several times I fell asleep in the bathroom...for hours. Totally embarrassing, and frankly, kind of painful on the legs to tell the truth. ;)

    Both Cymbalta & Effexor have helped my partner, but she takes meds for depression and I don't. I tried Cymbalta for help with pain, but after a couple of months, I found it useless.

    I have no idea who Dr. Shah is at all. I live in Centennial Hills, so Pahrump is way too far for me to drive. Driving really tires me out, so Summerlin for my regular doctor's appts is my limit and East Flamingo for the clinical study was a bit further than I wanted to go, but I wanted to try Reboxetine. I'm beyond pissed off about Pfizer cutting people off who were seeing fairly miraculous results for Reboxetine. Lots of people were able to work again, and now they're going to have to file for disability. I just cannot believe that a drug company would pull people off the drug cold turkey in Phase 3 of the trial. I'm not sure I believe their reasoning, as I know that Reboxetine is a restructing of Strattera, so I'd heard there were patent issues. There's no way that they could talk to the clinical study doctors, whose patients were raving about Reboxetine, and think that it couldn't be a huge moneymaker to replace the crap (for the majority of us) that is Lyrica. The patients in the study are very very angry, as is the doctor, so we're still fighting to get our meds for at least some period of time. I think Pfizer owes it to us. It's not like we were in a Phase 1 trial, we were in a Phase 3 trial, plus it's already approved in just about every other country in the world.

    Please forgive any errors I missed on my proofread - my meds have kicked in and I'm on my way to bed. I'm sure you guys know how it is. My brain is a little woozy and I've been up all night. It's almost 7am...and bedtime. We mostly feel like crap during the day and our hours that we feel fairly decent are usually after 10p. Naturally, our families don't understand. Maybe if we got some fresh air...or had a better attitude or....insert silly reasons that don't fix FMS here. Trying to be cheerful doesn't make the pain or fatigue go away. If only. It's not a mind over matter thing. I didn't even have FMS like my partner did for years, until after I had my back surgery. I figure the long-term pain and stress brought it on...or something. Who knows. Maybe Martians decided to descend upon our house and inflict me. It makes as much sense as anything else.
  7. nixon

    nixon New Member

    and I had just read about them discontinuing that study........WOW, that really sucks!! I was up most of last night, I've been having a bad Fibro flair, Sinus Infection, which has caused a darn yeast infection(the Levaquin I'm on) and to top it off......a strange reoccuring rash on my face, upper chest, & upper back for 3 weeks now!!! AARRGGHH!!! I've been on prednisone,also got a Kenalog shot,and eating Benadryl like candy..LOL! I was up all night itching like crazy, did manage to get to bed at 4am, then my cat woke me at 6am, could not go back to sleep to save my life!! Went and saw my Fibro/Regular dr. as a walk-in, and it was like she didn't even know me!! ( I've been seeing her for the past year), I was floored!!!! She did switch my pain pills, ( I think the rash was caused by those, it was a different manufacturer than I'd been taking)Not even SURE though!!?? After alot of CHAOS, finally got home late this afternoon just totally spent!! I'm in ALOT of pain, and loved reading your reply, but barely can sit here at the computer any longer this evening. I must go try to relax on the couch.......I've enjoyed the info you've given me & I will reply later this weekend! Oh, I can totally relate to "not being up for LONG drives!! Some days it's hard for me to drive to the grocery store and back.....20 miles round trip! I always make my hubby drive when we go to Vegas. ( Just riding in the car that far puts a strain on the body.....ya know, it's about 80 miles from my house to Vegas) He works in Vegas, I could NEVER make that drive twice a day! Heck I haven't even been able to work since 2006, and I had to quit, it was killing me! I'll chat with you later on my Vegas friend!! Andrea the night owl........funny how that happens with Fibro??? Then again....everything about Fibro is quite peculair.......
  8. ladybugmandy

    ladybugmandy Member

    dr. daniel peterson?
  9. nixon

    nixon New Member

    Which is at Lake Tahoe.......Northern Nevada.....I hear there are a few GOOD fibro docs up there! No good for us Vegas people, unfortunately.
  10. BeansMom

    BeansMom New Member

    Sorry I was MIA there - forgot I even posted this. Fibro Fog or whatever..think it has more to do with trying to move across the country in 4 days :)
    I'm moving from Atlanta to Summerlin. I have a rheumatologist now, who is "okay" - not so great with pain control. I used to see a Pain Mgmt doctor b/c I was having horrible back pain (MRI only showed bulged disc, DDD, and stenosis - but I think it may have herniated later). Anyway, had all kinds of injections, nerve blocks, RF nerve ablation, and still having bad pain. I also kept having "whole body" pain and lots of fatigue. I knew something was wrong with my body, I felt a lot different. I had also just had surgery for endometriosis and fibroids. I feel like after the endo was found, I just went into a spiral of pain all over.
    Found my Rheum - he diagnosed my FMS - I felt "validated" I think, but my low back pain and SI joint pain has continued and gotten worse. I've been on Tramadol for nearly 4 yrs now - taking up to 8 tablets daily (max dose) it is like taking Tylenol - I also take lexapro (I was on Cymbalta but my insurance wouldn't take it). I've tried Lyrica and I blew up with a weight gain!! the lexapro has helped keep the flares down and I do feel more energy. I just want to feel 100% normal again, but I know that won't happen.
    He recently prescribed me Voltaren (anti inflammatory) and it has done nothing b/c I don't think I'm inflammed- it's just pain. Voltaren has scary side effects, but he'd rather me risk heart problems (w/ high blood pressure and family history of heart disease) than prescribe an effective pain medication. Its like people who abuse those things can find ways to get them all the time, but people who are in legitimate DAILY/Chronic pain get nothing b/c of those "bad" people. It's sad and it makes me feel hopeless. I don't get "high" from pain medication, I feel BETTER b/c I can work and live my life. It seems like this Dr. Joe (?) might be okay with more pain control? I know they have to be careful b/c of DEA and drug abusers, but why punish those who really need help?
    Also, I am under 30 so I guess I am not taken as seriously. They think someone my age cannot be in so much pain or have back problems and FMS. I wish they could live a day in my shoes and let me know how painful it really is!

    Thanks for your warnings/recommendations on places in LV. I have seen the Rehabilitation place and jotted their # down. I was NOT going to Fibro & Fatigue Center - we have one here and it is a load of Crock and they charge an arm and a leg.
    Has anyone noticed flare ups around the time of your cycle? I can know my period is coming w/o even checking the calendar b/c about 1 1/2 weeks before day one of my cycle, my legs get achey, my whole body goes into a flare and I feel like I have the flu. I've noticed I get a flare before my period almost every single month. What's up with that??
  11. nixon

    nixon New Member

    Regarding monthly cycle....I was miserable 3 wks. of EVERY month! It goes along w/ FMS I think!! This past Oct. I had a hysterectomy due to Fibroids, and just feeling MISERABLE all the time.

    It has help me GREATLY, don't miss the monthly visitor, & don't miss feeling even MORE miserable due to it!!

    I agree that we get bad treatment due to so many whackos abusing prescription meds! It really sucks! I hope you find a good doc out here! I'm not sure that we will ever feel 100% again, heck I go for 60% better at this point in time!!! Andrea
  12. BeansMom

    BeansMom New Member

    60% would be pretty good.
    I'm feeling more energy with the Lexapro (will be going to Celexa in a few weeks as I won't have my inusrance and can get Celexa cheap). But mostly I just wish I could get the pain under control when I do have the flares.
    I'm sure you know how it feels..when you know one is about to hit you and you feel so helpless. I just wish I could take something to take the edge of off it so I didn't feel so disabled by it. I will start feeling it come on - starts in my thighs (I get lumps even on my outer thighs that feel like bruises), then achiness in my inner thighs, my lower back starts burning with pain and my hips/SI joint area is just on fire and hurting so bad. And since my doctor will not prescribe pain medicine, I just wait it out and it feels so horrible - like I have no control over it.
    There was a time when I did have Vicodin & something else - don't remember the name, nothing extremely strong- but I would save them up for when I had flares. Then I ran out, could not get refills and was ashamed to ask for heavier meds - so I just deal with it and feel helpless.

    That's why I hope I can find a good pain management specialist in LV and really open up as to how I feel regarding the pain/flares.

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