Anyone in Mobile,Alabama???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by KathyStovall, Jul 22, 2004.

  1. KathyStovall

    KathyStovall New Member

    I have Fibromyalgia.I am hoping to find someone in mobile who can relate.
  2. Britain

    Britain New Member

    Hi Kathy,

    I'm sorry to say I don't live in Mobile, but I do live in Ocean Springs, MS, just 45 minutes away! Not too far. Let's talk.

  3. KathyStovall

    KathyStovall New Member

    Thanks for responding.Sorry it took me a couple of days to respond back but I was away from home.So tell me about yourself.I wish there was a way for us to exchange email address's.Hope to hear from you again Britain.Take care Kathy
  4. KathyStovall

    KathyStovall New Member

    Thanks for your response.I decided to seek out others who have FM like myself because Norm's just cannot relate and don't understand.How long have you had it? Hope to hear back from you. Take care, Kathy
  5. BamaMan

    BamaMan New Member

    I am from Alabama. I am from Tuscaloosa which i am sure you know is about 5 hrs from you. Are there any support groups in the state that you know of? I was just diagnosed this past May but i have suffered for atleast the lst 5 yrs
  6. KathyStovall

    KathyStovall New Member

    I was diagnosed in 1986 but started haing problems in 1984.I had no idea that Tuscaloosa was that far,I thought it was maybe 30 minutes away.I don't know if there are any support groups here but I am going to check into it.Nice to hear from you.
  7. KathyStovall

    KathyStovall New Member

    I like my doctor so far.He is an older doctor.He hasn't been able to help me to much so far, but he is trying.He has me on Neurontin 900 MG at bedtime.I still only get a few hours sleep.I am a hand full.I have OsteoArthritis and Heart Disease also,so if one thing doesn't get me down another will...LOL.I haven't felt to well lately (the past 5-6 months)and on top of that I lost my mom a few months ago and I am having a hard time with it.I started going through alot of depression so I decided that I better find some folks to talk to.So here I am.I don't socialize much anymore because most Norm's just don't get it and I tend to get a little irritated with them.I was hoping to make a Fibro friend or two, but we are not allowed to exchange info.I was wondering if we can do it through chat?I need to go read the rules....I'LL BE BACK!!! LOL

  8. Buddie

    Buddie New Member

    But, it is not very active right now. You just have to live in Alabama to join. It's a Yahoo group so maybe you could find it by searching there since we can't post URL's here.

    The support group in Birmingham stopped after many years of success due to lack of attendance at the Lakeshore facility. They are still going to have a meeting a few times a year.

    It's the same old problem with FMS/CFS, it's very hard to maintain a support group when most people can't make it. There use to be a very active CFS support group here but it got to the point where no one had enough energy to go.

    The FMS support group at Lakeshore was very strong for many years because of the leaders but one passed away and the others had to give it up to concentrate on their life responsibiltiies. A very good person took over and tried her best to keep it going but there was not enough participation.

    But, the e-list is still active. I wish I could have helped them but like so many others, my plate is full and I am doing the best I can to still work part time, live a semi-normal life, and deal with the FMS problems.

    I hope you can find some support in Mobile.... Lots of love to you.... Wish I could help more.... Buddie

  9. KathyStovall

    KathyStovall New Member

    Thanks for the info. I will search yahoo and see what I come up with. Like most, I may not be able to make the meetings,especially if they are in the evenings, which I'm sure they are. but I would like to make some Fibro friends. Once again THANKS.Lots of love back to you.


  10. tylerreedbell

    tylerreedbell Member

    Hello, I am starting a Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue group at the University of South Alabama if you or someone you know is interested. Contact me at
  11. ... and used to attend the Univ. of So. Alabama many, many years ago... But unfortunately, folks with severe ME/CFS, like me, are very disabled and unable to get out of the house much... And some are bed bound, sadly... <BR>
    I also have FM, but wasn't disabled till the ME/CFS hit me 9 years ago...<BR>
    I do think the group is a great idea, though, and hope you have much success with it! <BR>
    Before my ME/CFS got to this level, I was able to function much more than I can now... Still praying I will come across the "thing" or "things" to help turn my condition around...<BR>
    Best wishes on your group... I'm sure it will bless many...<BR>
  12. tylerreedbell

    tylerreedbell Member

    Hey guys just an update! I have began a group here in Mobile, Alabama. It has 14 people in it and we meet up twice a month on Sundays at a local coffee joint. Here is the link to our Facebook group.

    We hope to get more members and spread the word.

    Thanks everyone!

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