anyone in nc filed for disability

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    Hi all, I am 33 today and filed for disability in 2003. I live in NC and am awaiting a hearing date. Is anyone else in this situation? I filed for fibro and hip dysplasia. I have since been diagnosed with RA and faxed those papers in last week. I would like to hear from anyone else who is/was waiting
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    Hi mythree, I am in NC too. I am 40 minutes from Winston, in Wilkes. Where in NC are you? I filed for disability in 2002. I went through several denials and appeals and finally had a hearing in July 2004. I was denied by the judge from heck. I appealed her decision with the Falls Church Appeals council in VA. and they denied me too. My next option was to go to supreme court, but I chickened out. I had a nervous breakdown of sorts after my hearing and gave up. I started all over again a couple of months ago. I will probably be denied again. I found a lawyer in a county next to mine and he turned my case over to a colawyer of his who had only been practicing a few months. She told me the day before my hearing that my judge was very hateful and would be tough. She told me she was afraid to cross the judge too much because at another hearing with this judge she had questioned/cross examined the voc expert and doctor and the judge jumped all over her and embarrassed her. She told me it was probably best not to make the judge mad. I knew right then I was in trouble. After I lost the lawyer dropped my case and I found the other few lawyers I called to be very reluctant to take my case. They probably assumed it was a terrible case since the lawyer dropped it.

    I have a really good case I think and so did the lawyer until she found out which judge I was getting. If you want to read my experience with my hearing just go up to the upper left corner of this page and type My Hearing Horror in the search option box. Click title and then click go. It is very long but it tells the whole story. I also have another post called My hearing horror conclusion. You can find it the same way. If you have trouble finding it let me know. My story was very unusual. I have only heard of a couple of others who had this bad of an experience. Hopefully yours will not go the same way. Keep in touch and let me know when your hearing is if you ever have to have one and if you have the same judge I will give you tips on how to handle it. I wish I had known the same things.

    Please be prepared that you will probably be denied at least the first couple of times. Most people do win at their hearing. Best of luck to you and please let me know if you need any help. If you read my post about my hearing let me know. I am sorry it was so long.
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    I live in NC and filed for disability in 2003 also. I am waiting on a hearing date with the ALJ. There isn't much I can tell you at this point except I have been waiting for a long time.

    Sorry I could not be of more help.

    I did contact my Congressperson. He or his associate did respond back.

    Good Luck,

    The wait is just too long.

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    Thanks to everyone who responded, I felt like I had slipped through the cracks since they told me 18 months and it has been 20 months. To petsRme, I live in MAxton, its ablout 30 minutes from Lumberton and I will read your disability horror.I do ask for your prayers, all of you. And thanks for the happy birthday.
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    Jackie, I will be praying for you. I hope you don't have to wait much longer. I think I waited over a year and half. You will be in my thoughts.
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    I'm glad to see so many from NC here!! I filed in '02, well the denials continue! The judge that heard my case, can we say names??? It starts with a B! Seriously he was unbelievable. Looked extremely bored the entire time. My "representative", I later learned, wasn't an actual lawyer! She told me "you have more than enough medical evidence, he won't listen to witnesses that aren't medical professionals". Well , I learned too late that they HAVE to consider the testimony of others. I am trying to appeal for my case to re-open. I've been out of work so long, I nolonger qualify for disability!. The judge also made statements in his decision that were NOT TRUE and I can prove it in my paperwork from my case. Wish me luck, it's going to honestly take a miracle from God for this to work. It is my ONLY hope. Work your butt off to prove your case. Medical records, witnesses, notarized statements, anything else you can think of. Don't completely trust it all to anyone!! Good luck dear!

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    Granny, my judge was from Greensboro. Female. She made so many mistakes in her denial. I had medical evidence and records that clearly showed she was wrong or flat out lied. The appeals council either didn't look at my appeal or ignored the proof.

    What can you do since you aren't insured anymore? I am almost not. When I started my application in 2002 I put 2000 as my onset date. At that time i qualified for several hundred a month. In 2003 I was fired and lost almost all of my credits by now. I would only get 100 a month if approved now. What can we do about that? I have started all over and claiming 2000 as my onset date again. If i win will they pay me backpay based on what I was insured for with work credits back in 2000 or will they go by the measley credits I have now since I lost my first case. If you have any answers to this please let me know. I hope you win your case. I will keep you in my thoughts.
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    Thank you. I think you can work as long as you only make less than 800 a month. I was only making about 100 a month, but it still kept me getting work credits as long as I worked. I could only go in one day a month and it was very easy work. They fired me though because I was out and couldn't go in that one day for three months.

    I am glad to hear they go by the original date even if you refile.