Anyone in need of prayers and thoughts?

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  1. Doznclan3

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    I know I am...still having problems. Please pray that I can get through this flare. I call it a flare. It seems my whole left side is giving me grief.
    I just don't want to have surgery on my him, or shoulder. I fear that it will happen eventually. I keep thinking, get this done first, then that, then maybe I can go in to see a doc and get this settled. Maybe during the winter would be good, not as much to do outdoors. My hubby and son can help with the chickens and dogs. They would do it so willingly. Love them to pieces!
    Blessing to all, take care, love, Cynthia
  2. springwater

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    sorry to hear about your flare.

    I used to get pain down my right side near hip and in knee joint. It went away after
    I had green tea and rubbed lavendar essential oil. Hasnt come back yet, touch wood.

    Praying for your flare to die down and there not be any more health hazards.

    God Bless

  3. Doznclan3

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    for the thoughts and prayers.. you use the essential oils sold by folks that do the sales in their homes? I went to one of those. I have a neighbor that sells some oils.
    So lavender. Will have to ask her. They seem expensive, maybe I can find some at a health food store? Happy that you are better! I do have green tea in the house. How much did you take? Can you tell I'm desperate to try anything so as not to have surgery! Thanks!
  4. windblade

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    Didn't you write somewhere recently that your hand and fingers were numb?

    My husband had the same thing, and a neoroscientist rec. Turmeric and B-12.

    The numbness is gone - and it was in his right hand - and he's an artist - a painter. So, we were so relieved.

    I know the turmeric is an anti-inflammatory.

    I can ask him more if you'd like to know.

    I would deeply appreciate prayers for tomorrow - Tuesday or Wednesday when I have to go for a 3 hour glucose/insulin test. I will be alone and tend to get dizzy with sweet drinks, and have a really hard time staying for that long.

    But I must do it - my sugar #'s have been high.

    Thanks for your loving offer for prayers.

    Praying for your physical needs. Are you taking any inflammatories?

    Love, Judy
  5. Doznclan3

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    Did you go in on Tues or Wed..I'm just seeing this...praying for you anyway. I also have the problem with drinking anything sweet. When I went in for the glucose test, I made it around the corner, found myself holding onto the walls, next thing I know a nurse is running to me, saying, don't you fall, don't you fall! lol....funny now..anyway, she got me to a room and had the dr. come in. Yes, I have a sugar problem.
    I am only taking IB profen, and that's only once in a while. It's hard on my stomach. I do have some turmeric in the house! Rainbow suggested it for my dog that is having problems. It's capsule..wonder which is worse on the tummy.
    Could you ask you husband more about his numbness? I am thinking I have a pinched nerve. I started out just having the tingling sensation like you do when your arm is just waking up. But now, my thumb and forefinger is starting to go numb. It comes and goes when I move my arm or neck in different positions..making me think, pinched nerve. My hip on the same side..left..what's up with that?? also hurting big time. No surgery! I don't want it. That's all there is to it! I keep telling my body these things, but it just won't listen. We'll see what the dr. says this month. Things happen, and to top it off, we are going to put our Old Golden Retriever down this fall before the snow falls, he is just so miserable..can hardly keep his back end up..laying down mostly. It's heartbreaking to even think of it. We've only had to do this once before, so, I do know what kind of feelings I will be having for quite a while. We love that dog!
    Please, let us know how your test went. Hope you did ok with your numbers. I hope they let you lie down somewhere in between while there!
    Love, Cynthia
  6. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Judy - sending prayers your way for a good outcome to the tests

    Cynthia - i just drank two cups of green tea once in morn and once in night

    and for joint pain i think pine oil is better, the lavendar helps with sleep, i buy them at a local
    shop here and yes they are bit expensive

    God Bless
  7. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    Cynthia -thank you for starting this post - a very loving idea. I will ask my husband for more info. about his hand. I have an inflammation supplement that has ginger, turmeric, cat's claw and something else in it. I always go slowly with trying something new - a half a pill with a meal, and see how it affects me. And I research everything for possible problems, so I know as much as possible what I'm taking.

    Well, I almost made it to my glucose test today! It took me two days to get ready, and I set off this morning, after fasting 13 hours. I was all organized and confident. I told my husband to just drop me off, and I had plenty of books and notebooks to write in to pass the time.

    I got up almost to the door to the Lab building, and saw that there was a sign in the window that they had moved! My husband was driving away, and I spun around to call him, and lost my balance, falling off a concrete step onto more concrete.

    Thankfully, no broken bones or fractures - just bruising, swelling, scraping.

    The kindest young woman came over to help me, and I asked her if she could see my husband in the silver car who had just left. She went to the parking lot to look. There were 3 exits he could have used, but luckily he came back the same way. I was so relieved when she called out to him, and he stopped, and came hurrying to help me. She was a true angel - asking if she should call an ambulance - so very kind!

    There I was - I had fallen on my knees hard, and couldn't get up for a bit. I felt so ignominious, all crumpled up in tears. But so relieved when I discovered there was no serious injury.

    So I will have to try again, as soon as I can walk comfortably. I think Cynthia that I will tell them that I get dizzy easily - I have hyperglycemia plus the balance problem that so many with CFS/FM have.

    And I could also ask if there's anyplace where I could lie down - since the test will be 3 hours, and the drinks will make me dizzier.

    Thank you everyone for your prayers - I felt your support when I was there. And I'll let you know when I re-schedule.

    Back to my ice-bags,
    Love, Judy

  8. Doznclan3

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    Windblade! Stop that! No falling..I fear falling. I am soo happy that you didn't hurt yourself too bad, but I can imagine the pain seems pain like bruising hurts more days later.
    I agree with Rainbow, call ahead and let them know you will need a place to lay down while waiting. I can't believe they didn't call you to let you know they moved! And, what an angel indeed! Sounds like that lady really went out of her way to help you, she didn't stop at just helping you up, she flagged your hubby down. It's always good to hear stories like that, there are a lot of good people out there.

    Jam, I was thinking the same about the turmeric for me. I know my stomach! I haven't tried the Lavendar yet though..hmmm..?

    And who said they try a half of a new pill at first? Lol..I do the same thing. I have such strong reactions to some meds..over the counter, or prescription, that I'm on the computer first, then taking just half to see how I do. Works for me.

    Rainbow, and all, thank you so much for the thoughts and prayers. It really is true as Windblade mentioned..there are times on here that I've asked for prayers, and when I'm having a tough time of it, I think, I have a few people other than my family even, praying for me. :) Jam, you mentioned how you wished you believed in prayer..well you sweet little person you, I will pray for you just in case...all right? I know, I know, how you feel, but just think of it this way, we are "thinking" of you when we say that we will send a prayer out there for you. :)) And for us, if we are sending prayers out for someone, it means we care about them...lots! I've been talking with quite a few of you on here now, and feel that I've come to know you. Strange thing this computer visiting, but I love meeting new people, even if it is just through writing. Jam, I think you've been on here since I first came on.
    Take care all, love, Cynthia
  9. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    I'm praying for all of your physical troubles, and your heartache over your beloved dog. Praying for God's love to saturate you even more, as he always wants to give us more of himself.

    I love your faith, and your warmth, and mother-hen :) caring of people. It is a real gift to us here!

    I asked my husband about that numbness in his hand. He said he had it for a long time - didn't know what it was. Finally went to a Dr. - who diagnosed carpal tunnel syndrome. Not sure about that - although he does paint every day - acrylics on canvas - and there is a lot of concentration involved. That's his right hand.

    Then he started getting a 'trigger finger'. Very painful. Where he couldn't close his finger, and suddenly it would snap open - very painfully.

    His yoga teacher who is also a neuroscientist rec. the turmeric, and he took a lot of it. He also took Gluchosamine Chondroitin for his joints ( can build up cartilage), and ginger, and Sam-e.

    It all healed, and didn't come back. He really feels that it was the turmeric. But if your stomach can't handle it - there are many other anti-inflamms. She also rec. vitamin B-12, which he didn't take. But it is very important for many of us to have.

    I can so relate to your feeling such a loss of balance that you need to hold on to the walls. I was like that for many years. That's how I navigated mostly around the house.

    When I go for walks in garden-type places or parks, my balance is kind of mildly lurching - probably look a little drunk. Sometimes I take a walking stick - a lovely hard wood just the right size that we found on the ground. It had come from one of my favorite exotic trees at a 1000 acre beautiful park that we visit.

    Digressing here - but I love trees - and this walking stick feels so comforting to me.

    Please keep being careful!!! Perhaps some things that have helped me are identifying mold and food allergies, and treating them. I've been on an almost-diabetes diet lately. I had to give up desserts years ago - because I was so addicted to sugar.

    I only have desserts on holidays or birthdays. I'm sure other things helped too. I can walk around the house without holding on to anything. But as my fall showed - I need to walk slowly and carefully, and NOT be hyperglycemic. That fasting really through me off.

    Will keep praying for you, Cynthia. I am so very glad that you feel well enough to be here with us!

    May God bless and care for you from the depths of his love. We know he is faithful, and pure love to us, intimate love.

  10. Doznclan3

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    Just a quick thank you note here, for saying the wonderful loving things you have said. You brought tears to my eyes. I soo have a lot of love for the folks on here, and I am very much aware that there are prayers and thoughts going out for me. Thank you to all.
    To let you know wind, I do B12 shots for pain. When my dr. first ordered that..I thought it was just for the defenciency we have of it..but he says it helps with nerve endings. Doc appt. on the 7th.
    Trees, are a beautiful part of this earth, and have always been an amazement to me as I watch them, either just through my front window, or while up in a canyon somewhere. When I spend time "just watching" them, I can feel the life that they have within. I've always loved them. Wish I could get my pictures on here..I would post my big apple tree out front. It had not been trimmed before we came to this home, I just left it that way. It is huge, the shape is beautiful. The apples? Small. :) That's ok. I love that tree.
    Love to all, Cynthia