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  1. suebrown9

    suebrown9 New Member

    My name is Sue and I live in Inverness in Scotland, from what I have read on this site everyone seems to be from America, is there is anyone who has FMS living in Scotland? I was diagnosed about 12 months ago, but when I look back I have been a sufferer for many years.
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  2. jemmafox

    jemmafox New Member

    Have you tried either of the UK Fibro websites? and
  3. quanked

    quanked Member

    different places here. But, mostly for the U.S.

    Quite a few people from the UK and Canada come here. At least one individual from Mexico. Some people from Europe in general. It gets interesting. I enjoy hearing how medical systems and governments behave in other nations.

    Other nations are represented here at time but darned if I can recall from where : )

    The Phoenix Rising site has people from everywhere.

    I think that you can find lots of support here and at phoenix rising no matter where you are geogrphically speaking as long as you speak and write english.

    The differences do not seem to be about geography--just medical and insurance systems and also how a particular nation views these diseases based on whatever the drs. are believing in any given nation. These are different discussions.

    I have FM but my real issues are with CFIDS.

    I hope this offers you some hope in terms of support. I have not seen any cures for FM or CFIDS on here or anywhere for that matter.
  4. quanked

    quanked Member

    I forgot to say--Welcome to the site!

    I find this site comforting. I am grateful each day to prohealth and those who post here for its existence. It is tough living with these diseases in a world that does not understand and in some cases does not believe that these dd's even exist.

    I hope you find support and comfort here as well.
  5. suebrown9

    suebrown9 New Member

    Thank you so much for the Support group in Inverness. As you know sometimes you feel so alone, and it is difficult speaking to a non sufferer, as I dont want to come across as moaning. I am still at the stage of accepting and dealing with FMS. I am so used to be an independant person and find it hard to hand over things. How long have you been a sufferer?
  6. suebrown9

    suebrown9 New Member

    I used to have really bad problems with sleeping, or rather having very little sleep. I was given Amitriptyline, for the majority it works. Its a bit hard at first getting used to it, it gives you a very dry mouth, so keep a glass of water at the side of my bed, and in the morning takes a little while to come too. I personally think it worth taking as you know the lack of sleep knocks everything out of kilta. I am so glad I found this website, just been reading how some people view FM and have to admit I was in tears, I dont feel so much like an alien anymore, I'm not alone and words cannot say what that means to me.

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