anyone in wisconsin feel like their head is going to explode?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by liveagain, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. liveagain

    liveagain New Member

    I suffer from terrible head pain and have for the past 5-7 years. Someone has suggested tracking the weather as fronts come in some people have terrible headaches. I am not convinced yet but have teh WORST head pain I have had in a long time.
    Just wondering if anyone else suffers from chronic headpain.
  2. Juloo

    Juloo Member

    I'm in Florida, and on some of the most beautiful days -- deep blue skies, cool, dry breezes, I actually feel the worst. If I'm going to get a headache that is not sinus infection related, it will be on a day when a high front comes through.

    But it's not chronic for me. Just a couple of times a month. I'm so sorry that you have had head pain for such a long time. The only part that tracking weather fronts may do is give you some warning, so perhaps you could pre-medicate?
  3. liveagain

    liveagain New Member

    for your reply. No, you don't have to live in wisconsin, the only reason I asked that is because I wanted to compare if someone where I lived was in pain today.
    So, you are affected by fronts. Is there anything to do besides pain meds? what kind of pain do you suffer? Like I said I am just recently tracking this. we had tornadoes type weather last week and the pain was not so bad, but htsi pain started yesterday and was horrible today. we are expecting 6 inch of snow tonight. I am hoping it snows and then tomorrow I can get out of bed. :)
  4. monica33flowers

    monica33flowers New Member

    Hi Liveagain!
    Well, I was tracking the fronts as well for all this head pain I've been having for the past year but I stopped about two weeks ago.

    That would explain the horrible pain today! OMG, All I could do today was just cry. Even when I took a step my head felt like it was going to blow! Absolutely, nothing helped with the pain either.

    Do you take anything or have you seen anyone about this? I've been seeing a very reputable migraine dr. here in Madison and Thank GOD, I see him again on Monday. I'm definitely going to talk to him about this!

    I was thinking I was just going crazy!
  5. liveagain

    liveagain New Member

    I had only been sort of tracking the weather and I found it weird that my head lived through the warm weather front we had recently with the tornadoes and all. Then yesterday WOW could be one of the worst yet. I called my doc and was able to get some vicodin. Took the edge off but still layed on the couch all day with Lifetime and a cold wash cloth. When you get back from the doc on Monday PLEASE let me know what he said. I am curious to know if this is a realy thing and what doctors think about it. I am sure there is no medication for it but it would be good to know to prepare for. I see the psych. on Monday I will mention it but I am pretty sure he won't know anything about it seeing that it is more of a medical condition.
    I thought I was having an anurism. The pain started between my eyes and temples and throughout the day moved up and around my head until it was at the base of my scull and into my neck. Today my head is heavy and tense but not in that kind of pain.
    what does your pain feel like?
    Keep in touch and keep around allot of washcloths :)

    Just wondering, is it Dr. Bain that you see? I was seeing a very reputable Dr. here and then he moved to Madison. Let me know. Maybe I'll take a drive to see him[This Message was Edited on 01/11/2008]
  6. monica33flowers

    monica33flowers New Member

    Today is a better than yesterday but my head still feels horrible. My primary dr. called in a script for some Tordol so hopefully that helps.

    Yes, I do see Dr. Bain! Have you seen him before? What area of WI are you from? I'm definitely going to ask him about the weather patterns and what we can do so we don't suffer so much! I took Vicodin yesterday as well and it just took the edge off otherwise I was pretty much in bed most of the day.

    I'm hoping Dr. Bain will finally put me on something to manage my migraines daily like Topamax or something.
  7. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I'm out here on the "Left Coast" but do feel that pressure

    changes in weather etc. could very well having an affect.

    My previous Doctor was from Wisconsin and he would have me

    sit on the exam table while forcing me to wear that Cheesehead

    Hat and sing the fight song "On Wisconsin, On Wisconsin".

    Thank god he is in Philly now and I can get back to being

    a Stanford and '49'er Fan. Heavy pressure is now relieved!

  8. liveagain

    liveagain New Member

    It is good to hear the responses from all of you. Of course i wish no one was in pain but it does help that we can all share experiences and help each other. My stepmother has this problem too and when she knows there is a front coming in she takes nasal spray. If that does not help she takes her imatrax and it takes the edge off but is still in pain.
    I will be curious to know what happens at the dr. on Monday with Dr. Bain. If he believes in this and treats you for it and it works I will drive to Madison to see him.
    I look forward to your post on Monday.
    Have a good weekend,
  9. kellyann

    kellyann New Member

    Unfortunately, yes, I have chronic migraine headaches. I don't live in Wisconsin, I live in Georgia. I take percocet, and topamax for pain. And it doesn't help much. I have been adding asprin too. Do you have fevers with yours? I usually do. Mine is in the front on my head, the temole area and behind my eyes. I get a bad twitch in my right eye that drives me insane. It feels like a giant pair of plairs is sqeezing my head to nearly bursting. I have got to go to the doctor next week, I can't stand this any longer. I can't live like this. I think mine is lyme headache. It is no fun let me tell you!

  10. Suzan

    Suzan New Member

    I lived in WI most of my life, just had a 1 1/2 year stint in KY where the flaring was actually lesened..but now I am in WI again, and the fronts moving thru...well they are causing my pain to my body, and in the back of my head...It is SO tender, in the back of my head that resting my head on the back of the recliner is difficult!

    One of the things that helps a bit, is to put my memory foam pillow ( it is a soft flatter one) in back of me. It just makes my head a bit more comfortable.
    FM has me living on narcotics, which help minimize the pain, but it is never eliminated.

    I hope your doctor can help alleviate some of your pain.
    I am in Milwaukee, btw.

  11. alanan

    alanan New Member

    I'm new here but i feel your pain!!! I have chronic headaches every day. Some are worse than others, but always alot of pressure in my forehead and arounfd my eyes. It always seems to end up with my neck hurting too. Anyway, I have sinus stuff too and saw my ent. He said sinus surgery could help my headaches but i was leary about it until I found some really interesting articles on the web. Here's the link. check it out, it gave me hope., let me know what ya think?
    Thanks, Nancy
    (weather definately affects my headaches!!!!)
  12. monica33flowers

    monica33flowers New Member

    Hi Live & everyone Else!

    Well, I saw Dr. Bain yesterday and I feel things went pretty good.

    Dr. Bain believes my headaches and neck pain is all muscular. With that being said he is sending me in to have PT for myofascial release and a Tens Unit. The thing I like the most is his treat the headaches with as little pain medication as possible. The one thing I didn't like is how he made me feel, rushed. It felt like he just wanted to come in and hand me the scripts and the PT papers and get out of the room before I could ask anymore questions.

    I will say this man knows a lot about Fibro. He gave me lots of input of how he thinks the fibro should be treated. So, when I see my primary dr. I have questions for him as well.

    I will try and post more later but I have another bad headache (not a migraine) this morning and I'm having problems just thinking straight.
  13. liveagain

    liveagain New Member

    Glad to hear about the dr. visit. I had tens unit years ago but didn't use it properly so can't really say if it worked or not. My doc doesn't want to treat my headaches until my depression is taken care of so it might be awhile for me. He thinks the headaches are related to the depression. My head has been in pain the last few days I guess it could be from the cold...? who knows
    Let me know how the myofacial stuff works. I just started prozac yesterday and I am hoping to get some relief from this depression, it is hard to function and teh headaches don't help much.
    Keep me posted and good luck,
  14. monica33flowers

    monica33flowers New Member

    Are you having the bad headaches today as well? I sure am, nothing will kick it, either. I did watch the news and we have another L front moving in again so that must be it.

    I did ask Dr. Bain about the different weather patterns and he said, "Absolutely, can cause headaches." But I forgot to ask him how to deal with the weather related headaches.

    Dr. Bain is going to look into my insurance covering an occipital nerve root ablation. Basically they fry the nerves in the back of your head that are causing the problems.

    I took Prozac for many years and it helped so much! My dr. just switched me again and put me on Zoloft and it doesn't do a thing for me. Back to the old drawing board I guess. But Dr. Bain did give me some suggestions that might help and that is Cymbalta and Amitriptyline.

    BTW, the Prozac usually takes about a month to kick in but when it does it will feel like the fog has lifted and you hear the choirs of the angels. LOL. Well, maybe not that drmatic but you know what I mean. LOL.
  15. liveagain

    liveagain New Member

    yes, i have been experiencing pressure in my head the last few days. We are expecting 2-4 inches tonight/tomorrow...yeah, can't wait lol
    Today my head feels like I am on an airplane, my ears are plugged and I am dizzy.
    No signs of the prozac working but then again i didn't expect anything this soon I only hope it works. i took off of work until March 3rd so I feel like I am on a timeline to get better.
    i would be interested to hear more about that procedure you spoke of. how much do you know aobut it?
    Hope you make it through the rest of the day and tomorrow. My step mother takes nasal spray when hse knows the front is coming as well as some type of sinus med. (over counter) if that doesn't help she will take her imitrex and then a pain pill. i tried nasal spray and so far i am still on the plane. Could the prozac make me dizzy??

    Hang tough,
  16. monica33flowers

    monica33flowers New Member

    Hi Live,
    Yes, that storm is coming our way and they are saying 4-8" of snow. Yippee!!! NOT! I'm having a helluva time here with these headaches.

    I did call Dr. Bain's office today to ask about the weather related headaches but his staff is not in today.

    Today I also had my epidural nerve root block injection into my neck and that could be causing a flare, I guess.

    I'm going to look for that sheet that Dr. Bain sent home with me on the occipital nerve ablation procedure. I know that would help me immensely but I have to start physical therapy and see if that helps first.

    OK, I'm really cranky with this headache and body aches today....everyone in the house is avoiding me like the plague. LOL. Maybe, I should have these little temper tantrums more often. ROFL!
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    HI Liveagain and all,

    Sorry I have been so late in responding to this post because I have lots of head pain. I cannot really say it is even like a real "headache". It is more like a vise in the back of my head, lots of pressure! I have had it most of the time since I started this DD aboaut 20 -25 years ago. I am guessing that it is in conjunction with the Chronic Myofascial Pain that I have been diagnosed with besided the FM. My whole face feels tender shall we say .

    I probably also have some sinue pressure but I have not been dxed with it, since my dad had lots of it.. I probably should go to an allergist but I am so busy and also so tired of going to docs. I also have bad post nasal drips too which is probably caused by allergies but that is another story..

    I haven't even been to my PCP except for me to get my flu shot. afirst I went to an endo and then a Rheumy.tired of going to doctors. I'm sure you know about that.

    I think I used to have more regular and possibly migraines but now it is seems like lots of pressure. It just drives me crazy.

    Yes, I have a friend who has just gone to an allergist and they figured out that all the pain and problems (light headedness, feeling dizzy etc. ws due to the weather changes and allergies). She feels much worse when those fronts come in and the rain and all is here. That is great that she at least has some answers. She is on all kinds of meds but seems to be being helped.

    Have you ever been to an allergist? Maybe that would be of help. I am not sure there is much help for me but those terrible sinus headaches, etc. might be helped some. Talked to my friend the other day and she was feeling MUCH better between the meds and the better weather. She had been to dlfferent specialist too, a neurologist was one I remember and a few others I think.

    Sorry to hear that all of you have been having some kind of head pain. Believe me, I do sympathize and hope for some kind of help soon for everyone.. Somehow, with me I think I may be stuck with my pain - really weird pressure feeling besides the pain almost everywhere else.

    Again I am sorry not to have written soon. Hi also to Monica, Suzan, Alanan, and Kellyann.

    BTW, I live in TX and was originally born in NY (Long Island). Been here more than 30 years.

    So sorry so long !

    Hugs and blessings,


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  18. bohemia

    bohemia New Member

    it may be you have high blood pressure. try to cut the salty foods. eat more fruits & veggies.

    also, most people have food alegies. cut the wheat & corn.

    try it. hope it helps
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I do have controlled hi b/p and I do eat lots of veggie, not that great on the fruit though. We both try to cut the salt, don't use the shaker anyway.

    Even when my b/p is controlled and looking fine I have the same symptoms.

    Thanks for the info anyway.

    Nite nite !


  20. liveagain

    liveagain New Member

    I started with this pain/pressure about 7 years ago. It finally was bad enough I went to the doctor. He thought it might be a bad migraine so he shot me in the leg with imatrex which got me a trip to the emergency room due to a bad reaction. There they proceded to give me a MRI, CT and spinal tap. From there we tried, massage, chiropractor, tens unit, biofeedback, pain management, etc......
    My blood pressure is fine, cholestoral fine, pulse fine, everything else they could check,,,,fine. Pain? still there.
    I think I suffer from tension pain/pressure. Feels like a tight band or like I have a swim cap made for an infant stretched over my head. Temple pain, face pain, and constant static in my ears. Along with the tension stuff I am going to track the weather more closely to see if there is a correlation. If Monica..finds help from Dr. Bain I will drive to Madison (1 hour) to see him. It would be worth the trip. It is comforting and sad to know that there are more of you headpain sufferers out there.
    keep us posted