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    Hi all .....

    I have both FMS & CFS. Initially within the first year of being diagnosed, I became 100% bedridden and could not even walk or feed myself. Lifting up my arms was something I was not able to even do. I had to be carried to the bathroom & also fed like you would a child.

    For such a long time, I had tried to start up exercise programs and nothing seemed to help, nor could I stick with one.

    Finally, I started about 6 years ago with walking for just a few minutes with a WALKER.

    I was only able to make it to the end of my driveway before I became exhausted & turned back around to come into my house.

    Slowly, I gradually built upon that with going just a little further & increasing it only ONE time per week. Example, I'd just try to add on a few extra minutes or make it past 2 more houses in my development.

    Before I was able to use a WALKER, all I could do was crawl around on the floor to get around in my house & that helped my legs to become a bit stronger where I could stand without having them collapse.

    When my legs became strong enough, I was able to walk without the WALKER now. I continued with very slow walking for about 2 to 3 months before I saw any change.

    Then, the benefit of a little extra energy & not being in so much physical pain were the first 2 things I noticed.

    Again, slowly, I decided to move into different forms of exercising with only being able to do about 5 to 8 minutes a few days a week.

    More improvements I noticed were a continual decrease in my pain level & then having some days where I was practically symptom free.

    My Specialist sent me to a Physical Therapist to check my form on every exercise I do & to make sure I was not putting extra strain on other areas.

    I learned how to “modify” exercises to suit my body because I have to be very careful of my lower back and my right shoulder. That is where I have the most pain, when I do have pain.

    I moved into Yoga, Pilates as well as light weights.

    I have consistently been exercising daily for the past 3 years.

    My Specialist requires some form of exercise for all patients because he sees many who benefit from it.

    Even if I am so exhausted, I still make the time to mildly exercise & STRETCH and go at a very slow pace. The pace of practically a TURTLE!

    STRETCHING is very important as well as a good night's sleep. Your body is able to restore & repair itself when you get into the deeper (Stage 3 & Stage 4) of sleep.

    For me personally, the exercising has decreased my physical pain from my FMS and for my Chronic Fatigue, I do get extra energy.

    I know everybody is different.

    Some may enjoy “Pool Therapy” and do best with that. Some will do best with walking and doing more will cause a “Flare Up”.

    Of course there are those with these illnesses where any kind of exercising is just impossible.

    Before I was able to get out of bed, I would sit on the side of my bed & do exercises just by using my own body weight.

    Only lifting up my arms & then lifting up my legs.

    What I cannot do is anything aerobic. Not for me, as that is too aggressive for my body.

    Just wanted to share for those who might be interested in starting up an exercise program.

    Please start out VERY slow with only 2 to 5 minutes a few times a week. After several weeks, increase slowly from there.

    PROHEALTH offers some very good supplements when exercising. (If you click on the "STORE" tab, you will find what they offer.)

    Both D-Ribose as well a Glucosamine I can recommend.

    Please check with your doctor before you add in supplements & discuss your ideas on exercising to get the direct input from your Specialist.

    == Elaine

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    you know...i am beginning to wonder about exercise too.

    i managed to keep my CFS from becoming too severe, i believe, because i started walking and doing pilates years ago.

    2 years ago, i went through some major stress and started to get sicker. of course, i stopped exercising completely at that point.

    after that, it was a downward spiral and i eventually became almost completely bedridden.

    although i am sure vigorous exercise is a bad idea, i sometimes wonder if i should have stopped exercising completely.

    i haven't exercised at all now for almost 3 years and i have gained a LOT of weight....i used to be 114 lb at 5'1" and now am almost 140 lb. that can't be healthy.

    i am thinking maybe i should do some light yoga at least.

    glad exercise helped you. very impressive.

  3. hi all,

    i excercise every day,but if im having a very bad time with the stiff back and head pain,i might not excercise until the pain eases greatly.

    i do know that if i skip my excersises,my back starts to become hunched over,and then i get problems with food wanting to come back up inside of my intestines.i think thats to do with me having a very slow digestive system.

    i get a lot of trapped wind, in between the food that i eat,and this causes me to have a weird sensation in my chest,between my breasts.ive found that if i put my hands on my hips,then i lean back (while standing up),and take my spine as far back as is comfortable to me,then i get large amounts of wind coming up from my stomack,ill then belch it out,and the pain eases.

    my husband currently has this problem too,and his doctor has given him some tablets for acid reflux,and said my hubby has stress.

    i dont want tablets for the wind problems,and so i find streatching backwards a bit will ease my problems.sitting with a straight back helps too.

    i did have a bad flare up of the fibro and chronic fatigue,with trembling and fever,over a week ago. i had to stay home from work for the day,and litrally crawl up stairs to go to bed and lay down.

    im very active and work part time,so this current bout of fatigue and dissability in my legs,was very shocking to me,and it could have put me off even trying to cope anymore,it was that bad.

    but it turns out that id caught a cold virus from my daughter,and it had flared up my fibro and cfs.

    as soon as i felt the fatigue go away,i started my gentle streatching excersices again,and i remain mobile,but in slight know, that always there pain.

    i do strongly believe that we need to remain mobile,and we will have set backs with fatigue and such,if a virus comes will flare up the conditions that we already have.

    i do now know that if i give in, and dont exercize at all,then my spine will hunch over,my ribcage will hurt like the devil,and for some reason i will have problems wiping my bottom,when i open my bowels.

    i feel that we dont get cured of our conditions,but with gentle excercise,we can halt it progression.and do the toilet duties ourselves,instead of asking a family member to help us to clean up after ourselves.

    my family dont offer help to me very often,and so ive always had to look after myself.thats why im determined to excercise whenever i can,and keep some sort of dignity.

    i do worry about being able to keep my job,at times,but my boss has been ok with things so seems that any form of heavy lifting at work,does something weird to my spine and ribcage,but my boss says he will get some help for me,as regards that part of my job.

    take care,love fran
  4. tandy

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    I recall many yrs ago when I did exersize daily it did improve my sleep,depression,etc.

    nowdays tho,... from my shoulders up,... I'm interested in exersizing. Its the bottom 3/4 of me that wants nothing to do with it.
    and majority usually wins.

    I'm glad its improved a few things for you.
    I have no doubt that it does help in many ways~
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    Hi all,

    Yes, I know what you mean when you body just does not want to have ANYTHING to do with exercising!!

    I always have to be very careful to make sure I am not putting any strain on my back muscles, so that is why I really enjoy Pilates & Yoga.

    Many of them are “floor exercises” & my back is stabilized on the floor.

    When I just do not have the energy or am even in a FLARE UP to make my daily stretching / exercising appear to be more APPEALING, I will turn on the stereo very loud & I feel a little like I am at a concert. It at least distracts me for the exercising.

    With my doctor, if I am in a FLARE, exercise is still mandatory.

    Initially I did not believe my doctor and feel it was necessary to exercise daily, so I tested his THEORY.

    My back pain, right arm, and knee pain INCREASED. When I went back to daily exercising, I noticed the decrease in my pain level.

    Also, my doctor is rather clever & will check your posture & have you do certain movements during each office visit. Right from there he can tell if you are stretching & exercising daily.

    Glad to see others benefit from exercising.

    It is very important to start out SUPER SLOW & just a FEW MINUTES only about 2 or 3 days a week ---- when starting up.

    Trying to do more or attempting a very aggressive workout may end up doing more harm than good.

    That is why I said ---- sometimes I even have to go at a “TURTLE'S” Pace.

    As always, exercise can help some, yet it is not for all.

    It is an improvement for me, but it certainly is no cure.

    A very large exercise ball is great. Those stretch bands you can purchase them at a very cheap price at Walmart. I do my exercises at home to make it more convenient.

    Take care,
    == Elaine

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    i wonder if some exercise is OK for FM patients but not CFS patients?

    i do not know much about FM......
  7. S-Elaine

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    In terms of CFS when it comes to exercise, be very cautious of aggressive work-outs and it is recommended to NOT do anything AEROBIC.

    Although, keep in mind everybody is different with exercise so it can take time to find out what is “your personal balance”.

    I know some of my doctor’s patients who have CFS and not FMS.

    They will use a monitor to check their pulse rate. If they go over a certain rate, then you may struggle with what they refer to as the “crash & burn” afterwards.

    I’d say for CFS what is alright to try is slow walking. See how you do with that after 2 months and consult with your doctor if you can move into any other type of exercise.

    I personally enjoy Yoga & Pilates because of all of the “STRETCHING” that is involved. I can add weights because for me that seems to help with my FMS.

    Other patients, absolutely not!

    Since I have both FMS and CFS, I had to really figure out exercising myself and what my body can do versus not do. I also read many books on exercising before I started.

    It is very important to eat something with protein in it 20 minutes before you start exercising & then again within 20 minutes after exercising. The protein will help build muscle. Drink WATER before, during and afterwards to stay hydrated.

    I also watched instructional work out videos to make sure my positioning was correct and I was doing the movement the proper way.

    I can really only work out one side of my body at a time too, especially when working with light weights. If I try to do both, I will put too much of a strain on my back.

    Some good walking videos to start with are by Leslie Sansone.

    Hope that helps.

    == Elaine
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    Thanks for posting this. I have been trying to get back to the warm water exercising. I'm too embarassed to tell you the last time I was there. Maybe your post will help motivate me!!

    Flossy, welcome back. Wondering why we had not heard from you. Hope you feel better.

    Lots of good ideas. I like the one about doing numbers in the air. How clever.

    Take care.


    ETA I would like to get one of the big "exercise" balls. Can you get them at Target, Walmart, stores like that?

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  9. Good post. I hate exercise, it hurts me so much. BUT I was talking to my sister and told her if I don't MOVE I am afraid of being in a wheelchair or bedridden. So I am trying to start slow and exercise. Then I may go to a heated pool where I can do my own thing, I know the pool exercises but couldn't afford to pay where I was going, and I had to go at 7 am ! BUT there is another pool nearby where you can go when you want and do your own thing.

    Do you contribute exercising with your getting out of bed and not using a walker?

    So I guess slowly starting is the key. Glad your better!
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    Gapsych / Purplelady1 / Jam338 / Fibrobutterfly

    Hi all,

    I will do my best in trying to outline how I approached exercising.

    JAM338 ======= Thanks so much for your contribution. I'm so glad you added to this post. Great, with your input. Feel free to add your comments if you feel I have left something out.

    Again, we are all different and you should consult with your doctor on where they think you could start.

    Yes, many patients do very well with Pool Therapy.

    It is best to start with simply walking or using your own body weight, initially.

    The large exercise balls can be purchased for approximately $15 at Walmart, Target, or any chain store.

    The bands come in a package of 3’s and you can find them in the same section of the store. The colors of them will differentiate light, medium & heavy resistance.

    You incorporate the bands once you can do the movements just by using your own body weight.

    When I refer to “using your own body weight”, I mean the types of exercises you use to see many years ago done by Jack-La-Lane.

    Back to the "basics" is where you begin.

    If you start right away with weights or anything too challenging, you could potentially “over-do-it” and set off a FLARE UP or perhaps become discouraged.

    Also, I have worked with 2 Physical Therapists.

    One was right before I became bedridden.

    The 2nd one was when my current Specialist wanted to verify I was exercising by using "proper formation" and not putting any additional strain on my shoulders or back.

    The 2nd Physical Therapist was a bit surprised how I learned how to work the same muscle area / or group by doing it an alternate way.

    Each Physical Therapist will give you copies of the exercises with step by step instructions.

    I'll try to list how I started:

    == Before I could walk, I crawled around on the floor so I could get around in my house. Then my legs became strong enough for a WALKER.

    == When I learned how to walk with a WALKER, I started to exercise by only walking a few minutes every few days. I started with walking only about 2 to 3 minutes.

    == Gradually, as each week passed, I would add about 1 extra minute. SLOWLY was the way I needed to go.

    == Finally, I was able to walk by myself and no longer needed my WALKER.

    == I then started to exercise just by using my own body weight.


    == You can do a modified version of a push up directly against a wall. Put your arms straight out at first & get use to that before you try to angle downwards or upwards.

    == By standing on your feet, you can lift up on your toes. Be sure to hold on to something to keep you sturdy. This is a nice exercise for your legs, calfs & butt.

    == For your back, get on the floor in the position you would if you were about to CRAWL. So both hands & both knees are on the floor.

    == Just lift up one arm, extend it forward, hold & feel the stretch of your back. Return the arm back on the floor. Your arm should not go any higher than the height of your shoulders.

    == Repeat with the other arm.

    == Now with keeping both arms on the floor, lift up one leg, extend it, hold and feel the stretch. Again, your leg should not go higher than the rest of your body.

    == Repeat with the other leg.

    == Here is the tricky one when you work up to this level. Extend forward your RIGHT arm & lift up your LEFT leg. Stretch both, hold & then return.

    == I then slowly moved into using light weights. At first even 1/2 a lb. felt so heavy. I started to use light weights about 3 times a week. Again, slowly I started to increase the weight after 4 weeks would pass.

    == I also moved into Pilates & Yoga after all of that.

    Exercise, stretch daily, stick to my routine set by my doctor, eat healthy, eliminated added sugar to my diet, stay away from certain food I know just does not mix well with my system, take my sleep medication at the same time every day & go to bed at the same time every day as well.

    == Figuring out my personal balance of not "over doing it".

    == Finding out what I did to cause a FLARE UP and not repeat the same thing.

    == I need to also eat every hour.

    We all are different and do not seem to respond to the same treatment ...... which makes it our own "personal journey" for improvement.

    Hope I covered all of the questions!

    == Elaine

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  11. smokiebones

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    Hi Elaine,
    I to tried Yoga and loved it. I got a 'Yoga Band', (it is like a long piece of thin rubber for those that don't know what it is). I love the band because I can lay in bed while I strech my legs and arms and back with the band. I get some laughs from my partner when I "shake it out".
    The other thing I like about yoga is how it teaches you to clear your mind and consintrate on your center. I just let it all go....then I feel soooo much better! Just to relax and not think about how and where you hurt or who u have to pick up or what happened at work today is a wonderful feeling. It's like you get your batteries recharged!
  12. zenouchy

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    Hi Elaine and Everyone,

    What a great post about exercise! I hope everyone will read this because I think it can really help. Elaine, I really think you sharing your experience will give people hope and show them what exercise can do for them. I think exercise is sometimes underestimated as a tool for helping with CFS/ME and fibro. I'm so happy you were able to make so much progress. What determination you have also!

    I've had great results with exercise too. Basically, the Guai Protocol and exercise got me out of the 10+ pain scale to the 0 to 2 range on most days. At the beginning of my fibro diagnosis, because I was in so much pain, I was taking hydrocodone, but it was not working. It just masked the pain and made me tired and very nauseous.

    I decided "this stinks"---I might as well get out of bed since this isn't working and see if I can try moving around even if it's just a tiny bit. I used to take tae kwon do in high school and college and loved it. I decided to do some really gentle kicks---key word "very gentle". I think on the first day I did this for two minutes and stopped. But WOW! I was up and moving instead of in bed.

    It was so empowering. And it gave me hope. I did some stretches too. I felt like if I could be in pain in bed, well gee, I could be in pain and move around---what's the difference? And after the 2 minutes, I realized that I was feeling a little better. I couldn't believe it.

    I gradually built up from there, and like Elaine, it was slow. It's the saying we all know: "slow and steady wins the race". For me, I learned that my body doesn't want to move at first. WHY? Because my muscles are tight. This is true for most people. That's why we need to stretch. However, ten minutes or so into it (after you build up into that gradually), the muscles loosen up and it feels good.

    Not to sound like I'm giving a lecture on exercise, but I'm just such a huge believer in it. For me, exercising makes me feel better---it lubricates my joints and therefore RELIEVES PAIN. If you're rusty from not exercising though (as we all have been), the joints aren't used to it. It's getting past that point as well as learning the kind of exercise your body likes and how much. That takes time. Once you do, it's wonderful; for me it's a natural pain reliever.

    Elaine and others have given awesome suggestions. I can't think of any more to add except some people like to take a warm bath after exercising to sooth muscles. As Elaine and others stated, always remember to stretch.

    If you stop exercising for a day or a week, no worries. Just start doing it again. Pace yourself; listen to your body. If you're too sore afterwards, it's a sign to back off a bit. Try different kinds of exercises until you find what you like. Go gently my friends and have hope.

    Warm hugs,

  13. Lillie17

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    Thanks for cheering us on, Elaine.

    And Jam, thanks for the idea of writing numbers with your legs. I tried from one to three with one leg - waited - then did the same with the other leg.

    Wow! That was fifteen minutes ago and now my throat, head and chest hurt. I suppose one cannot stress starting slow strongly enough. I have ME/CFS, so I know I can't afford to be stupid. In a couple of days maybe I'll try just zero and one. :)

    Some of you spoke of body work people and other specialists.
    Do any of you know of specific DVDs that might be helpful?
    (If we're allowed to post the names of such things.) I remember Dr. Nancy Klimas talking about someone, but I can't remember the name of the DVD.

    Again, thanks so much!
  14. S-Elaine

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    Hi all,

    I should also include my 2 years of REMISSION as part of my background story as well.

    After I learned how to walk again, within that year I went into a FULL REMISSION of all my symptoms.

    Exercising was not the reason.

    My doctors were never able to determine “WHY”.

    I stayed with the exercising, but I was not able to do it every day because I returned to working full time.

    Then, my symptoms slowly started to resurface one by one.

    The second time around, I was much better prepared.

    My Specialist feels the best decision I ever made was to continue with the exercising because at least physically my body was strong.

    When I was bedridden, my muscles atrophied, and I believe because I was unable to move, that was creating more physical pain for me & stiffness.

    The reason why it is “mandatory” for me to stretch and exercise daily is because I break my routine into:

    == Upper body and Abs on ONE day
    == Lower body and Back on the SECOND day.

    My motivation and drive comes from I never wanted to go back to those horrible days I use to have years ago. I had already been there and wanted to move forward,

    Also, my inner strength and will power was given to me by my Father.

    He was in a wheel chair himself at the time when he helped me learn how to walk again.

    It was my Father who convinced me I could probably walk again. He did not believe what my doctors were saying, and he also wanted more for me in terms of having some type of “quality of life”.

    Without my Father and the coping skills he taught me, I do not know if I would have been able to come this far.

    When all of my symptoms returned, my Father had already passed away so I no longer had him to go to ask ---- “What should I do now???”

    I then tapped into all of my memories of the previous conversations I had with my Father and stuck to the “guidelines” and “coping skills” he taught me many years ago.

    Again, while stretching and exercising will help for some of us, there are those who are not able to because they may have additional conditions on top of FMS, CFS, & ME.

    That is why I included to discuss an exercise program with your doctor BEFORE you start one. They should be able to guide you by knowing your medical background.

    My Specialist does not require all of his patients to exercise daily, as some just cannot. He helps you figure out what you are able to do, versus, what would be too much and set off a FLARE UP.

    Best of luck, and please remember to start of SLOWLY!
    == Elaine
  15. S-Elaine

    S-Elaine Member


    Good for you in trying to see what you can do exercise wise.

    You take your first try and then “modify it”, reduce the amount of repetitions, and set a time limit as your initial guideline.

    Then, listen to what your body is telling you.

    Did you over do it?? If so, cut back a little.

    The books I read regarding exercise & what it does for your body was used to just give me ideas of the various exercises you can choose from.

    Also, the books talk about nutrition and many other important subjects.

    I enjoyed the following books:

    == Weight Training Made Easy by Joyce L. Vedral, Ph. D.
    == Smart Girls Do Dumbells by Judith Sherman-Wolin
    == Kathy Smith’s Lift Weights to Lose Weight (NOTE, these exercises are all MORE challenging)

    The videos I watched and can recommend are the following:

    START with those by Leslie Sansone, as she is more gentle & you do not have to keep up with her pace.

    Also, do not do a whole video the first time around.

    Never, not when you are just starting up an exersise program.

    == Leslie Sansone / Short Cuts / Lower Body Workout
    == Leslie Sansone / Short Cuts / Upper Body Workout
    == Leslie Sansone / Walk Away the Pounds. It is a 3 MILE video, so only start out by doing just 4 to 5 minutes MAXIMUM. Eventually, you may work up to the whole 3 MILE walk like I did. It took me months, though.
    == Leslie Sansone / Walk Away the Pounds EXPRESS / Walk Strong.

    Also, with the Leslie Sansone walking videos ---- the weather outside does not matter because you are doing it in front of the TV. Make sure you have room, though.

    When you are ready to upgrade to something more challenging, I can recommend Denise Austin.

    However, with Denise Austin ---- I DO NOT even attempt to keep up with her pace because she is incredibly energetic!!

    Her videos will show you 3 levels of the exercise. When starting, you do the “intermediate” level or the lowest level. She will explain the positioning & posture you are to use.

    While they on the video are doing 4 repetitions of a movement, you just do 1 or 2.

    Again, also make sure you set a time limit for yourself, so you certainly will not be finishing the whole video.

    == Denise Austin / Get Fit Fast / Abs (includes your lower back and exercises for your waistline)
    == Denise Austin / Yoga Buns
    == Denise Austin / Pilates for Every Body

    From reading all of the books and watching each exercise video, I then came up with my own routine of exercises.

    I took a few from some videos by Leslie Sansone and then some from Denise Austin.

    I even took some of the exercises in the books I read because they show you diagrams.

    You then go at the exercises at YOUR own pace and PLEASE start out very SLOW.

    When I mentioned my Specialist, I was referring to my FMS/CFS doctor or my Physical Therapist who checked all of my exercises to ensure I was not over-doing it and not putting additional strain on my back.

    Hope that helps,

    == Elaine
  16. Lillie17

    Lillie17 New Member

    Wow, Elaine, thanks for all that good resource

    Yesterday, after doing only those few exercises of "writing" zero to two with my legs, plus having a rather heavy day for me(showering and cooking a meal), I have post exertional malaise today.

    Boy, they aren't kidding about pacing. Next time I'll wait till sponge bath day and do my "writing" then.

    My hat's off to all of you who've very slowly worked up to whatever exercise you can do - whether it's five minutes of
    easy or thirty minutes of regular.
  17. zenouchy

    zenouchy Member

    How are you? Hope all is well. I was wondering if you might be able to help me out with something in relation to exercise...

    Ever since I started exercising for longer periods of time, I have noticed that my metabolism is much higher. What kinds of foods do you eat to stay full?

    Thank you for your help,

  18. S-Elaine

    S-Elaine Member


    Exercising does increase your metabolism and maintaining my weight for me was such a struggle.

    Also, keep in mind the more “muscles” you have & with your metabolism being increased --- even when you are sleeping, you are burning more calories.

    I eat EVERY hour, mini meals & my Specialist agrees that is the best way for ME to go.

    I eat any and all of the following:

    == Oatmeal in the morning.

    == For lunch I will have a healthy sandwich on whole wheat bread & low fat meats or cheese.

    == Almonds are good to have as a snack. They will help you feel a little more full.

    I like to eat nuts in general, but some are not so healthy for you, so I read the back of every item I buy checking the ingredients.

    == I always include veggies. I love them all, so I buy the MIXED bags that have about 4 to 5 different kinds of vegetables.

    == I eat a SOY protein bar before I start exercising.

    == Another SOY protein bar within 20 minutes after exercising.

    == Eggs have a lot of protein in them, yet eat them in moderation.

    == I like healthy / flavored ground beef you buy in the store & enjoy TACO Salads too.

    == Low fat or fat free Refried beans.

    == For fruit, it has to be in the morning, because I am very sensitive to sugar, even if it is natural.

    == Peanut Butter (but the LOW FAT kind) has a lot of protein in it too.

    == Yogurt, low fat cottage cheese is delicious when you mix fruit into it.

    == I'll make grilled chicken & add some sauce for a little flavoring.

    == Baked Potatoes are great too!

    == Sometimes I’ll drink those “Nutritional Drinks” that have so many vitamins & good ingredients in them. I'll drink those when I am trying to GAIN weight.

    == In the evening I’ll have a very light snack, like whole wheat pretzels, Healthy popcorn.

    Let me know if you needed anything else.

    Take care,
    == Elaine

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  19. zenouchy

    zenouchy Member

    Hi Elaine,

    Thank you for all of the great info. What healthy foods you are eating. I have a lot of food allergies and sensitivities, so variety is an issue for me sometimes.

    Your ideas are great. It's amazing how a steady work out program builds muscles, when "we aren't looking". :)

    I LOVE almonds, I'll have to start eating those more often. I like oatmeal, and I like peanut butter. I've even been known to mix the two together sometimes!

    Also, I'm not sure I'm not sure if I've seen whole wheat pretzels before. Those sound really good. I'll have to check that out.

    If you don't mind me asking, what kind of soy protein bars do you eat? Also, what nutritional drinks do you like?

    Thanks again for all of your help. I hope you are doing well.

    Take care,


  20. S-Elaine

    S-Elaine Member


    Think of food as your “fuel” & try to get as much nutritional ingredients in as possible.

    I’d suggest staying away from anything with sugar in it ..... if you can.

    Other food options which are very good especially when you are exercising

    == Pasta & I prefer the whole wheat brand.

    == Veggie burgers are great.

    == Veggie meatballs are very tasty!

    == Low fat cheese and crackers is a nice little snack.

    == Spinach, I could eat a whole bowl of that and I love it.

    == Eggplant casserole, but I do not fry it in oil before placing it in the oven.

    == Vegetable, bean, & pasta home made soup, that can be made in less than 30 minutes.

    == Nutritional drinks like BOOST, yet I buy what ever happens to be on sale. They make 2 versions. One has 250 calories and the “PLUS” version has 350 calories in them. You can drink half 20 minutes BEFORE exercising & then the other half within 20 minutes AFTER exercising.

    Getting that protein in 20 minutes before and 20 minutes after exercise is key when trying to tone up your body or to build muscles.

    == SOY JOY Nutritional bars I purchase in Walmart, CVS & those types of stores. They have a nice mixture of protein in them and they taste good too. They are only 100 calories for those who are looking to lose weight.

    Many items you would normally buy, do have a “Whole Wheat” version available too. At first I was worried I might not like the taste, but they are very good.

    Just be sure to look at the breakdown of ingredients on the package to make sure it is a “healthy” alternative.

    Remember, you do want to try to include ALL OF YOUR MAIN FOOD GROUPS, yet try to keep them HEALTHY.

    Hope that helps.

    == Elaine

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