Anyone Know a Good Baltimore/Washington Dr. (CFS)?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by TerriM, Feb 14, 2003.

  1. TerriM

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    I have been to quite a number of specialists ruling things out, but would like to have a dr. - someone/anyone :) -- who could be my "base of operations" so to speak. You always need referrals from a good primary care dr. (or someone who does deal with CFS patients) . . . so far I've been using my endocrinologist but he doesn't take insurance at all. I actually live in the Annapolis, MD area so anywhere in the Baltimore/Annapolis/Washington area would work for me. Any suggestions would be great . . . Dr. Teitlebaum is on the good dr. list in Annapolis, but he is WAY TOO EXPENSIVE. Thanks for any suggestions! Terri
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    there must be someone in that area!!!
  3. TerriM

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    That's what I thought . . . there must be someone in a metropolitan area this big! Just hoping to get a good recommendation . . . I appreciate the bump! Terri
  4. TerriM

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    thought I'd try one more time . . .
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    I keep posting my docs here. They are really, really wonderful and treat a lot of CFS/FMS patients. They specialize in chronic pain as well as family practice. Their practice provides all kinds of support, including traditional medicine, homeopathics, herbals, acupuncture, physical therapy, psychology, yoga, tai chi, and referrals to incredibly good specialists.

    Kaplan Clinic
    Arlington, VA