Anyone know a good CFS doc in NW L.A./Ventura Co.?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by CinCA, Dec 8, 2005.

  1. CinCA

    CinCA New Member

    We are moving up that way in a couple of months from a couple hours south, and I was wondering if anyone know of a good doctor (ideally a naturopath) to help me with my CFS. Not sure if this board should be used for such questions, but I have nowhere else to turn. I have had abyssmal results with doctors, esp. MDs over the past several years down here and finally found a good one, but he hasn't been able to do much for the CFS. So I am very, very gun-shy about starting over again, esp. as my body cannot tolerate prescription meds.

    Thanks, and also, if anyone lives up that way, I will need some new friends soon (I also know very little about that part of So. Cal.). I have one "old" friend since my teen years who happens to live in Thousand Oaks, but she and her husband may be moving to Texas in a few months so he can finish his doctorate. Bummer!

    Thank you again.
  2. CinCA

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    I don't want to violate any msg. board rules. If this isn't an appropriate ?, does anyone know of a local So. Cal. organization where I can find out about drs. who specialize in this, etc.? I have pretty much zero information about CFS other than that I have it.

  3. Wasabi

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    I would have to recommend the Fibromyalgia & Fatigue Center (FFC), even though I'm not a patient there. I do know that they have helped a number of people here on this board. My own doctor uses a similar protocol, and I've seen much improvement. (Use the search button at the top of the page for "FFC," and you'll come up with a bunch of threads about it.)

    The FFC has several offices around the country, and the L.A. office is in Torrance, I think.
  4. mbofov

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    You're not violating any message board rules by asking about doctors.

    I used to live near Ventura. There is a very good chiropractor there named Robert Cocain (yes, that's his real name). He does a form of muscle testing called contact reflex analysis and he helped me a lot with different problems that he diagnosed using the muscle testing. It was very good. It didn't solve everything, of course, but he helped me a lot. He's easy to get in to see and his fees are reasonable. I highly recommend him. He uses Standard Process products, which are nutritional supplements, actually foods, not drugs.

    There's a doctor in Thousand Oaks named Phillip Taylor. He is semi-retired and he is difficult to get in to see - it usually takes several months to get an appointment, but he is very thorough. He will do a hair analysis and he works mainly with nutrition and supplements, although will prescribe drugs when necessary. His office is only open Tues., Weds and Thurs.

    I hope this helps and good luck with your move --


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