anyone know an Alternative MD in Bergen County,NJ area

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Reddyet, Jan 26, 2006.

  1. Reddyet

    Reddyet New Member

    First time here with you guys. 51 years old. Immune system crashe when I was 19years old because of a doctor having me on antibiotics for a year to treat acne. Was sick for a year. Felt like I was on LSD. Happened to find a doctor who believed in vitamins and he treated me. It was a horrible experience. The only relief I had was when I was sleeping, but as soon as I would awaken, I would be totally paranoid about everything. All of this was from prolonged use of antibiotics depleting everything from my system. It was never diagnosed as Epstein Barr or Chronic Fatigue, no name was given, but the doctor did help me in time. I don't think Epstein Barr had a name back then? Well anyhow, never got sick with it again. Stayed well for years, up until 5 years ago, I had sudden shock. My dog had an anuerysm and rushed her to emergency and she died. I freaked out. She was my baby. Grieved and mourned, but one night while with some friends, I started to feel that same "weird" feeling comming on me, just as I had when I was 19. Well over the next few days, it came on bad again. Went to a doctor, he just wanted to give me sedatives, I refused. I explained to him that I just had a sudden mental trauma and I believe it has effected me physically. He took blood tests and said the only thing he could find was Epstein Barr antibodies. WELL THERE IT WAS!! That was my problem. Story could go on and on,but its too long already, but maybe it will help someone else into figuring out how they got Chronic fatigue. Now its 5 years later and I just came through some prolonged stress. Nothing that happened suddenly, just prolonged stress and I have developed oral thrush, candida, which does appear with Chronic Fatigue at times, as I am told. My big question...does anyone know a licensed mediacl doctor who is alternative medicine in new Jersey? Northern Jersey hopefully. it is very difficult to find one. I would so greatly apprecaite someone letting me know. Sorry for the lengthy story. Wanted to give you my story incase it helps someone else. Thanks. ps my energy level is pretty good. When the oral thrush first appeared it was low, but now it good. Thank God
  2. pinkstar

    pinkstar New Member

    i just started seeing dr. hiie gussak in teaneck, nj on palisades avenue... i am not sure if she is very into homeopathic medicines, but she does communicate openly with my fibromyalgia and fatigue center doctor. she also tried natural cures before any kind of antibiotic treatments. and if she knows when to do research and when to refer out of her care. i think she is a quite good doctor. i know she takes blue cross blue shield as well as aetna... not sure cause i don't have any other kind... she would be listed under dr. thomas salizer or salazar or something like that... with nephrology associates... :]
  3. Reddyet

    Reddyet New Member

    Thanks pinkstar. also just heard of a DR. in Hackensack. Dr. Lederer. thanks again
  4. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    Hi, Welcome to the board!

    I think major, prolonged stress contributed to my getting cfs also. I could feel my body getting depleted, but the terrible stress was daily - caused by many conditions.

    I see an alternative Dr. - actually a specialist who was a pioneer in cfs. His name is Dr. Majid Ali - he wrote'The Canary and Chronic Fatigue'. He's also on the radio for free info.

    He's in Denville (Morris County?) and N.Y.

    I think he is brilliant, and treats the whole body. He would agree with you about the antibiotics, and also the stress.

    The only problem is financial - most things not covered by insurance. He uses a lot of supplements,all kinds of very good therapies.

    Actually, if your energy level is good, this is a great time for you to be getting treatment! You can recover so much faster.

    The first thing he would start you on would probably be probiotics to fight the candida and create a healthy intestinal bacteria.

    Many people here have found improvement from probiotics - you could do a search on top of board here.

    I think you're really smart dealing with this right away!

    Good luck!
  5. JenniferAnn539

    JenniferAnn539 New Member

    A wonderful MD who is an alternative doctor in Cedar Knolls (a couple of miles from Willowbrook mall in Wayne), is Dr. Robert Steinfeld (973) 571-0572.

    He is terrific and will take time to listen to you about your condition, in an attempt to help. He has treated plenty of CFIDS patients.

    Let me know if you decide to see him, I'd like to know if it is a good fit and if he is able to help.

    Best of Luck.
  6. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    Wow - that is right in my area. My crucial question is does he take insurance? Is he a reg. M.D.?

    My Dr. is clueless. I have been searching for someone.
  7. JenniferAnn539

    JenniferAnn539 New Member

    Dr. Steinfeld is a MD with an alternative practice.

    He does accept insurance, but not all insurance, so you would have to call his office and inquire if he accepts yours. He no longer accepts Medicare.

    Here is a link with a little information on Dr. Steinfeld.

    If you decide to meet with him, I think you will like him, he really takes the time to listen. Keep in mind what works for one person, may not work for another and you may not have the same opinion as I do.

    What is factual is that he is quite knowledgeable about healing and the ins and outs of CFIDS. He has successfully treated many CFIDS and FMS patients.

    If he is covered by your insurance I would recommend an initial consultation, as you have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

    Good luck.
  8. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    Thank you so much for the information!

    I will call and find out about the insurance coverage. I have reg. ins.

    My current M.D. knows zero about cfids. So, it's a good lead to follow. I'll check out the website too - that will give me more info.

    Keeping in mind that there is a lot of subjectivity in liking Dr.'s or not, this could be a big plus for me!

    Thank you so much.
  9. Reddyet

    Reddyet New Member

    Thanks Pinkstar,
    I had a few people reply and will figure out who to go to.You mentioned you have a chronic fatigue doctor. Where is this Doctor located and his/her name? I was looking for nutritionist MD to treat CFS, but I don't know, maybe someone who specializes is better? Don't know. Do they have you on meds and natural supplements for Cfs? I read that the nyastatin makes alot of people worse, I don't know though. I just want to get an idea of the differet ways of treating this. i would imagine for the oral thrush I have at the moment, they might have to use a drug because i am using proibotics and i still have it. Someone on the message board mentioned Lactose free Organic milk, bought it today. Its delicious. Tastes a little sweet too. Very good. Thanks for your help
  10. Reddyet

    Reddyet New Member

    thanks windblade,
    Had a few responses and I will keep all these MD's on file. I will start closest to my area and if not satisfied move on. I have mercury fillings which from what I have read, that will be my next adventure. I have read that it is very important who does the actual removal of the fillings. Only those dentists who are aware of correct procedure. I read that a Vitamin C IV drip is necessary during procedure. I'm sure this will all cost a small fortune, but it has to be done, so I can't grumble and mumble. Thanks again. I wrote down the title of the book your doctor wrote and I will keep my eyes open for it. Bye for now!
  11. Reddyet

    Reddyet New Member

    Thanks for the info. Went to your doctors website. Very impressed! Looks like he really know his stuff. Well now I will start my search. I had a few replys and I am going to start with the doctor closet to my house and if for some reason not satisfied, all you guys have been so helpful. At least I have a few doctors to go to if I don't see results. Thanks again. I need someone who is a cardiologist who belives in alternative also for my mom. Meds for her when necessary, but a cardiologist who actually believes in alternative. Might be hard to find, so she may have to keep her regular cardiologist and go to a nutrtionist and continue with the "conventional heart doc." Thanks alot
  12. JenniferAnn539

    JenniferAnn539 New Member

    Reddyet & Windblade,

    Please let me know if you decide to Dr. Steinfeld. He is a great doctor.

    Whatever your decision on who to see, I hope it goes well.
  13. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    Will definitely let you know when I find out if my insurance will cover him. Have some other medical stuff to do first, but I'm so glad to have someone in the wings!

    Take care.
  14. Reddyet

    Reddyet New Member

    Hi JenniferAnn,
    I made an appointment with DR. Leder in Hackensack and will see how things go there first. She is a medical nutritionist. I will definitely check out you doctor if for some reason things don't work out. I still am not sure what goes on with my body,as the fatigue is not bad, but i am not myself. I know I have Epstein Barr and it gets confusing to me that some call Epstein Barr "chronic fatigue". I still don't understand all that. I think, from what I have read, chronic fatigue can come from a lot of different things, Epstein Barr, being one of them. But does everyone with chronic fatigue usually test positive for Epstein Barr? Very confusing, but in time I guess i will have more answers. Do you ever get candida? My tongue is coated white right now. i had that once before when i got sick with this and it eventually went away. Thanks for any future info and that's for telling me about your doctor.

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