Anyone know anything about Denver CO?

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  1. Fmandy

    Fmandy New Member

    I have to go there in June. I am kind of worried about the thin atmosphere as my lungs aren't in the greatest shape.

    Could someone comment on this issue? Please? If not Denver, then anywhere the elevation above sea level approaches 5,280'. I have lived in the lowlands all of my life...

    Also do they have a huge aquarium like some big cities do, and a very nice zoo, museum, mustang ranch, etc?

    I am giving a speech at a seminar entitled "How to Decrease The Cost of Vascectomys in The Southeast". When Bubba comes in wanting one, give him a can with 2 cherry bombs in it. Tell him to go home, light the cherry bombs and count to 10. Studies have shown that Bubba will immediately place the can between his legs in order to use his fingers.

    Disclaimer: I am a redneck so I can tell redneck jokes :) (almost as well as anyone)

    Thanks in advance for any info on Denver sure nuff :)

  2. budmickl

    budmickl New Member

    Speech subject is vascectomy and you are looking for a mustang ranch? Hum.... Interesting!

    I don't have real info to offer, sorry.

  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    If you will consult an appropriate chart you will see that vasectomies are given in the south, not the southeast. (Unless the patient is standing at a funny angle.)

    The best way to reduce the cost is to persuade the surgeons to provide two for one sales. (This will not really cost them much as few patients will want a second one.)

    I am sure you will have a very nice trip. Don't worry about a plane crash. Denver is so high it has less gravity than most of the country. This also means people weigh less there which is why so many stout people are motivated to move there.

    You may recall that Nelson Eddy (The baritone who had his name backwards) sang a song about stout-hearted people.

    I am so old I saw Nelson Eddy perform live! Jeanette was already singing w/ the heavenly choir by that time.

    Be sure and get a video of your speech to post on the net.

  4. Fmandy

    Fmandy New Member

    Yeah, Budmickl it doesn't all add up, does it? Somebody lying round here! That "Mustang Ranch" was just part of a wish list that bubbled up from my subconscious...That woefully deficient part of me :)

  5. budmickl

    budmickl New Member

    No one is lying, just dreaming! That's what I do alot but not necessarily about Mustangs though. tee hee!!

    Have a productive day everyone!

  6. Fmandy

    Fmandy New Member

    Good morning children.

    Today we will review our test results on the force of gravity and atmospheric pressure vs altitude.

    I will start with Rocky's paper....(Little Rocky cringes)
    First off Rocky thinks because Denver is closer to the moon, we way less in Denver. Wrong ROCKY! The only place on the planet where we way less is 0 degrees latitude and 0 degrees longitude. 3 kilos less.

    Now Rocky, at what temperature does water boil in New York and Denver? Rocky says 100 degrees Celsius. Rocky that is WRONG, and use the Fahrenheit scale in this room. Rocky says, I don't know Mrs. Faust.

    Well Rocky you were supposed to have studied this. You have failed to do so and will have to write I know nothing about todays lesson, 100 times. (Rocky is thinking, I would like to sue her for defamation of something or tuther. Then like a bolt of lightning it hits him...I will be an attorney so I do not have to study science and can sue Mrs. Faust!)

    Listen Rocky, water boils at ~110.5 degrees F in Denver, and 112 degrees F in New York and Chicago. That is due to the difference in the weight of the atmosphere. Denver is a mile high and it's atmosphere weighs less.

    Why use a pressure cooker Rocky? Because when you increase the pressure you increase the temperature. Same holds true when you decrease the pressure, 110.5 vs 112.

    Also if you bring me equal sizes of a box of air from Denver and one from Gulf Shores, the box from Denver will contain less oxygen per the same amount of volume of air than the box from gulf Shores. As you go up in the atmosphere it weighs less and less and contains less and less O2. That is why jet jockeys wear them funny things on their faces :)

    Oh yes ROCKY, except for the one exception, fat guys weigh the same everywhere until they leave the earth's atmosphere!

    This story ended somewhere above but I really don't know exactly where.

    As for Eddie Nelson did he play Wally Cleaver's buddy on the Beaver show?

    The only choir I have ever heard was the Norman Taberhackle choir from Tulsa.
    Rocco you got all of my scorn heaped upon you because you did the word "crash". I am deathly afraid of flying. I have non-refundable tickets....May the fleas of 1000 camels infest your armpits :)

    Ha ha ha :)


  7. TwinMa

    TwinMa New Member

    I've lived in the Denver area for 30 years (moved from Wisconsin), so my lungs are pretty well acclimated. I don't have any trouble breathing.

    When my Dad came here many years ago (from Wis), he did have trouble breathing. He had emphysema, though. When my friends visited from Wisconsin, some of them would get more easily winded, but not really have trouble breathing. They were all in good health, however.

    The key is to really pace yourself, listen to your body and to keep hydrated. It is a very DRY climate, so it is easy to get dehydrated.

    Denver has recently become smoke-free, so there is no cigarette smoking in any bar or restaurant.

    There are a ton of things to do. There is an aquarium. It used to be called Ocean Journey, but they went belly-up (so to speak). They were bought out and I think it is now called the Downtown Aquarium. I haven't been there since they changed hands. Ocean Journey was very nice, but kind of expensive.

    Here are a few other things that come to mind:

    Denver Mint
    Denver Art Museum
    Denver Museum of Nature & Science (including IMAX)
    Denver Zoo
    Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum
    Botanic Gardens
    Butterfly Pavillion

    Rockies Game at Coors Field
    Six Flags Elitch Garden’s (~May to Oct)

    Cave of the Winds (Manitou Springs)
    Royal Gorge (outside Colorado Springs)
    Tinytown off Hwy 285 (small scale railroad town that you can walk through - Memorial Day to Labor Day)

    If you just do a google search, I'm sure you could find even more stuff to do.

    June in Denver is beautiful. Lots of green and blooming things. The temps are in the 70-80's and there is usually a quick afternoon rain shower. Nights can be a bit chilly, though, so bring layers.

    The pollution can be bad at times, but the rainstorms help. It varies depending on the day. June is usually pretty good (Dec is the worst). The pollution (called the brown cloud) can make breathing a bit more difficult for those already challenged. For me, it just affects my eyes (they get scratchy), and it sometimes gives me a headache.

    Well, that's probably more than you wanted to know, but I just got on a roll. How long will you be in the area?

    Hope you enjoy your stay!

    BTW, loved your cherry bomb joke!

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  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I grew up in Boulder but spent the last 15 years of my life in Denver before moving to FL 10 years ago, so I'm not very up to date. Denver is a beautiful city and very clean. Pollution is usually worst in the fall and winter. I think June should be beautiful there, if it doesn't snow :) It actually did snow there in June one year but that's abnormal.

    One thing lots of people enjoy is touring Coors brewery in Golden just outside of Denver. You can drink it fresh out of the tap. It's delicious. To be good, Coors needs to be kept refrigerated. Unfortunately, now with greater distribution territory, lots of it sits at room temperature. I won't drink it here in FL but when I go back, I love to suck down a cold one--Coors Light! Mmmmmm.

    Love, Mikie
  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    American's greatest humorist, Dave Barry, everyday the Earth gets heavier because meteorites land on it. Therefore it has more gravity.

    Therefore, everyday, we all weigh more.

    According to the third law of thermodynamics, you can't push something that is going faster than you are.

    According to Newton's third law, for every action, there is a reaction. Therefore, when Andy says something silly, somebody else says something silly back.

    This concludes our physics lesson for today. There will be an open-book quiz tomorrow.

  10. Fmandy

    Fmandy New Member

    thanks so much Mam :) Yes I could have googled this, but then I would not have had a topic to post, lol. No, I couldn't have got all the good info from you and Mikie, all the physics lessons from Rock, and the warm company of Budmickl from an ole google!

    Really, I do appreciate the info. I will be there 10 days and if I feel like it, will make a lot of those scenes you pointed out. Especially the Downtown Aquarium, Zoo and the Museum!! I would have to be keeled over not to see those.

    Boy, I need a job at that there mint...I would be so heavy when I left the whatever every day to go home, I would have to crawl, lol. That might be a tad suspicious :)

    Glad you enjoyed the can joke...or can't joke, lol.

    Hope your Satidy night is alllright!

  11. Fmandy

    Fmandy New Member

    Somehow, before now I just could not see you swigging down a Coor's light, ha ha ha :) I sure wish I could bring you back a case iced down of course, but them dang airplane folks....

    You have lived in a couple of the most interesting places in the US, to me. Really kind of opposite in humidity and temperature I guess. Plus the tropics of southern Florida compared to the Rockies...Really cool extremes to me.

    I shore hope it don't snow. I wasn't planning on packing my flannel drawers...or long johns, but now I might!

    I have heard of some older people like I consider myself (with dds factored in), having a tad of trouble breathing, but TwinMa has made me feel better about that.

    Thanks for the reply and information. I hope that you are well tonight and having a great weekend :)

    Love, Andy :)
  12. Fmandy

    Fmandy New Member

    like a Rockstar :) Keep that science a coming. I once met a feller that had a degree in engineering and law...A one man company he was. Consulted all over the world.

    I heared him make a speech on that there Chernobyl nuclear meltdown. You can't sue a communist though.

    Well I am so hongry that I could eat the tail end out of a bloody rag doll.

    Hope you are just right tonight. I still have not ordered that new book yet, but I am. Will have to get new specs before I read it I reckon...

    Be well Rock,

  13. katvwolf

    katvwolf New Member

    Hi Andy!

    I have asthma and am originally from NJ. I moved to Colorado Springs, CO two years ago and now live at 6700 ft.

    My breathing is actually better here! I did have an adjustment period for a couple of weeks after arriving-got out of breath climbing stairs and such/felt a little light-headed, but now I don't notice the difference at all. In fact, I rarely use my inhaler anymore!

    My advice to you is to bring your inhaler or nebulizer as a precaution (if you use one) and to drink LOTS and LOTS of water. If you're really concerned, you can get a med from your doc to help you with the altitude, but I don't believe that this treats breathing issues, only the nausea/light-headedness some people experience.

    Be careful if you drink while in Denver. The first time I ever traveled to Denver, I had half a glass of wine and giggled my head off. ;) Granted, I'm not a big drinker to begin with, but the altitude will change the way alcohol affects you, so don't say I didn't warn you.

    Rialtos is one of the best restaurants in Denver (I think I'm spelling that correctly). Best food ever, great atmosphere.

    Have a great trip!

  14. Fmandy

    Fmandy New Member

    Hi Kat and how are you? Fine I sure do hope...Thanks for all the information :) I need as much for planning as I can get, nowadays, lol.

    Glad also to hear that you can breath better in CO as compared to NY...Could it be the difference in the air quality? I was stationed at Ft. Monmouth (Asbury Park) many, many years ago and for about a year.

    I will drink lots of water instead of Coors, lol. Mikie had tempted me with the fresh "Coors" for sure. I gotta try a couple. I'll sit somewhere and get strapped in first, lol.

    You reminded me of flying again...Heavens termergatroid! I just came back from Cleveland. I could not get a non-stop flight to, nor from Cleveland. Had to stop at Chicago....Smelly feet, holly molley. We had to take our shoes off.

    I drew the line there. I said if they want more off of me, I am going to turn around and just go back home, lol.

    I'll try that Rialto restaurant for sure. May can just afford a beer, but I'll try it...

    That shore is a pretty pic in your bio. Is it really you Kat? Ha ha ha. Hope you had a great day. Thanks again for the help :)

  15. katvwolf

    katvwolf New Member

    So you're one of those people who clears out planes with their stinky feet, huh? Don't come to Colorado...I'd like to preserve our wonderful air quality. LOLLLLL.

    I do think the air quality here is partly responsible for the improvement in my breathing. Also, the pollen count is lower here. My son has asthma, and has made significant improvement since our move as well.

    You should do just fine here, provided you don't asphyxiate yourself with your nasty foot stench prior to your trip.

    Yes, that is my ugly mug on my profile, thank you.

    Found a site for Rialto Cafe. If you sign up for their e-mail club and allow them to spam the hell out of you, then you might get a free appetizer, provided you don't make a drunken fool of yourself first.