Anyone know anything about TB vaccine?

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  1. pixipip

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    My mum and I have decided that unless it's just purley genetic my fms must have been caused by the the TB jab I was given at birth but I can't find much info on that vaccine, any ideas where I could look?
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  2. Kay2

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    I have an excellant sight on vacines, but I dont remember if tb was on it??? Excellant info, and scary!!!
  3. pinkquartz

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    why were you given a TB injection at birth ?

    surely that not usual ?

    in the UK TB is usually given to 14 year olds , as far as i remember.

  4. pixipip

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    I was given a TB jab cos there was lots of TB in my family history + my older brother was suffering from infantile TB at the time and the Doc's wouldn't allow Mum to take me home unless she agreed to it, I have never been able to find out if they did the heaf tast first.
    Suppose I'll just have to go on wondering! LOL
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  5. pinkquartz

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    my grandfather died of TB when i was 17.

    when my daughter was young i had her treated by a homeopath as a precaution as she showed a tendancy for TB in homeopathic terms.

    homeopathy can be helpful at reversing negative effects of immunizations even years later.
    if you can find a good homeopath in your area you might be able to have some treatment to undo the damage, from then. its worth asking.

    L&L, pinkquartz