Anyone know anything about this company?

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    ****I found this ad on our state employment job board and I think it is something I can do; but I don't want to get tied up in some scam or a BIG headache. Any comments appreciated.****

    Convergys is hiring Work at Home Customer Service and Sales Agents in the US. Will be working for one of their larger customers.

    Differentiate yourself in your career with a company that is outthinking and outdoing the competition everyday. Apply now to join Convergys, the global leader in providing customer care, human resources and billing services.

    The home based Customer Service and Sales Agents work out of their own home. They receive inbound calls from customers interested in ordering products. The Home Agent takes customer orders, provides additional product information and is responsible for sales. (NO COLD CALLING to solicit business).

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    Never heard of this company. It has lots of websites. If you go to Wikipedia you
    can read about it, however, it appears to me the article was written by
    someone who works for the company.

    There is a site called Convergys, but it wouldn't open for me.

    I think you are smart to want to get some info. If they ask for money up front
    for training or supplies, etc., that's a pretty good clue that it's a scam.

    Good luck


  3. ckball

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    RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN as fast as you can away from them. I was scammed by a home busniess in 1999, I lost $5000 and found a wonderful message board called Freinds In Business.

    They are a group of people who work from home at REAL jobs and they research and share info about all the scams. THe lady that owns the site is called Mamaw and is a sweetie.

    You can go there and ask about a business or seach for what you want to. THey are a great group of people and very knowledgable about all the scams out there.

    You can go there and see my post and the reply, they went to and googled Convergys compliants, as I did too. They are a new co too, that is always a red flag. They have ways to find out who owns the website and co. I know how to do this now too.

    I know how you feel and there are things you can do from home but are hard to do, if it sounds too good to be true it ususally is. Good luck and go to the freinds in business site, you don't have to register to read the post and don't think you have to to post either. I have been there 10 years but don't go alot, just when I see people looking for work at home jobs-Carla

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