anyone know home remedy for pink eye??

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  1. BrainFogBaby

    BrainFogBaby New Member

    I'm working on a case of pink eye -- can feel the preliminary symptoms, plus my little sister has it and we had to share a bed this weekend do the math.

    Anyone know any home remedies? I can't see the Dr. until Wednesday!
  2. woofmom

    woofmom New Member

    When I have any eye problems the first thing I do is use a steril sodium bicarbonte and water solution as an eyewash. Sodium bicarbonate is a component of the human tear. It is also in some store bought eye drops.
  3. WhoSaid

    WhoSaid New Member

    What I do is steep a tea bag like I am making a cup of tea. I then take the tea bag out of the water and squeeze it then let it cool down a bit. Put the tea bag on your eye and keep it there while you drink the tea. Do this a few times a day.
  4. jaded_lady

    jaded_lady New Member

    Health food stores have it. I don't think you would need to see a Dr. for the pink eye if you use Colliodial Silver.
  5. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    You can't see the dr. until Wed??? Usually if you tell them you think you have pink eye, they'll get you right in - even an eye dr. (opthamologist) will see you if your regular dr. won't.
    Unfortunately there are two kinds, viral or bacterial. That's why they have to see you and won't just call something in for you.
    Sterlize (boil) some water - use cotton balls dipped in the water to wash the goop out of your eyes if you have that in the morning. Sometimes a warm compress on your eyes will relieve the pain.
    My poor son gets pink eye it seems at least once a year.
    Is your sister on medication for it?
    Just be super careful not to transfer it from one eye to the other - if you haven't already.
    Wash your towels (her towels!) pillow cases etc.

    Google home remedies - maybe there are some?
  6. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    I wouldn't "put" anything in your eye unless you're sure about it -
    You don't want to make it worse. Don't mess with your eyes.
    You do need to see a dr. if it is bacterial, which you cannot tell - only a dr. can. Most pink eye does require antibotic ointment.
  7. LaQuiet

    LaQuiet New Member

    ...sound strange, but, it has always worked for me. My grandmother (bless her departed soul) had tons of old time folk remedies and one of them had to do with pinkeye. She told me to rub the outside of the eyelid where the pinkeye was most noticeable with a pure gold ring. It might have been the rubbing or some chemical put off by the gold but the pinkeye always went away within 2 days. You can take this with a grain of salt if you like but some of those old folk remedies really work..

    ps: laugh if you like, it sounded funny to me too when she first said it. I'm laughing again right now myself..
  8. woofmom

    woofmom New Member

    A lot of these old folk remedies work.
  9. hi all,

    anything to do with the eyes,id see my doctor for this.some things only a doctor can fix.

    take care

    love fran
  10. charlenef

    charlenef New Member

    my daughter use to get pink eye continually the dr told me to use warm water on a wash cloth changing each time flushing out the eye and ill be darned it worked evertime when i was a teenager i put regular neosporin in my eye even though it said not to the drs drops were the same thing
  11. BrainFogBaby

    BrainFogBaby New Member

    actually found homeopathic drops at a local CVS and they seemed to have cleared it right up. No dr., no expensive perscriptions. whoo hoo!
  12. woofmom

    woofmom New Member

    If you don't mind, I'd love to know the ingredients.
  13. campbeck97

    campbeck97 New Member

    That is miserable stuff! My family had it and went to the Dr. and she said use diluted baby shampoo no tear kind of course. She said She could prescribe some expensive eye drops but this would do just as well. We used it 2-3 times a day for several days and it was actually soothing and the kids didnt mind using it either!Just kinda irigate the eyes with it is what my Dr. said to do. Hope this helps.It does work and generic brand is fine so its not an expensive treatment.
  14. TeaBisqit

    TeaBisqit Member

    I have been doing this for half my life and it works, and works safely. Get a bottle of plain old Dickinson's Witch Hazel. That's all you need with a clean cotton ball. Soak the cotton ball, squeeze a little of it in your eye and wipe the cotton all around your eyelid. But make sure you got some of it in the eye. It doesn't really sting that much. It has a very low alcohol content. If you do this several times a day, it will clear right up. You might need to do it for two days depending on how bad the infection is. And you can do it a few times an hour at first, then every few hours. It works great. If you do it at the first sign of infection, it clears it up even faster. Seriously, I've been doing this since the 80's, when I was a teenager, it works every time.
  15. pumpkinpatch

    pumpkinpatch New Member

    My hubbie's has had pink eye twice in the last year. You need medicated eyedrops from the doctor. Clears up fast with these drops.
  16. RatsWife

    RatsWife New Member

    try using warm compresses. Get several clean wash clothes. Use a new one each time. Mix some hydrogen peroxide and warm water (half and half) in a container you can use to pour onto one of the clean clothes, and then lay down with it over the affected eye or eyes for 10 or 15 minutes several times a day. Clears mine up usually in a 24 hour period. Have to use a new cloth every time and make sure it's firm against your closed eye(s). I've also used cotton swabs soaked with hydrogen peroxide and rubbed the swab along my upper and lower eyelash line, on the outside line, not the inside of the line.

    I'm a fanatic about towels and wash clothes. I buy them by the pound on ebay from a guy in Georgia. They have to be changed after one use and then sanitized. Paper towels and tissues have fiber residues that irritate my skin, so having plenty of terry cloth towels at hand is a must.

    It's a miserable infection, sorry you're being plaqued.

    Peace and Gentle Hugs,
  17. charming

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    If you have a home remedy for the pink eye then you have one for gonorrhea the same germ that you get gonorrhea also is the pink eye without antbiotics the pink eye wont go away it might feel better but it wont go away and it is very maybe you got allergy eyes instead.
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  18. jasminetee

    jasminetee Member

    I have a stye on my eye right now and I know that's not pink eye but after reading this thread I tried rubbing my gold wedding ring on it and it has calmed down and shrunk to almost nothing after only a few hours and it had been getting worse every day the last couple of weeks. I shall see how it continues to go. I've got nothing to lose. I'm all for less trips to the doctor.

    Thanks for all the home recipes for Pinkeye everyone. It's nice to know there's things to try first especially for those of us who are bedbound.

  19. LaQuiet

    LaQuiet New Member

    I can't say I'm surprized at your response and again, I'm laughing my head off. I know it works because it has worked on me several times. Here's to all the old folk remedies!

  20. BrainFogBaby

    BrainFogBaby New Member

    For those who asked: ingredients were Belladonna, euphrasia and hepar sulphuris. Base was purified water, silver sulphate and sodium nitrate.

    I recognize that the drops may have helped simply irrigate the problem away, like many other home remedies, but the point is they worked.

    My mother has been a critical care nurse for over 30 years, and reminded me not to run off to the doctor and waste a sick day on a problem that could potentially be solved with immune support, gently cleansing the eye and not irritating the area further...many times the body can heal itself (though it takes longer and can lead to a more severe infection if things do go awry). She mentioned that years ago, this was standard practice for mild cases of pink eye on the unit, especially for chemically sensitive patients who reacted poorly to medications. In the earliest stages, she said even simple saline solution proved reliable in washing the infection away.

    NOTE: the drops are by Similasan, and are for "pink eye relief". They did not tout to be an outright cure if you already have a severe case. I did NOT have a severe case (already crusted shut,vision disturbances, etc.), but had the preliminary symptoms (well experienced with this stupid infection since I was a child, so you know when they're starting) and needed to nip it in the bud before we got to the "sand man" state....

    And while, yes, it is true that antibiotic drops are quick and reliable, they are also expensive depending on your health insurance (mine sucks), require a dr's appt. (for those of us with limited sick time from work, also not really an option) and are sometimes no more or less effective than irrigation. So i don't think there's anything wrong with investigating safe home remedies.