anyone know how long before you are diagnosed, you have this

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    I was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia at the age of 39. I remember being in a lot of pain, and tired as a child. When I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 12, I then thought that was the problem. Even after getting on insulin in 1973, and keeping my blood sugars under control, I remember being tired and in pain.
    Does anyone know, is this something we were all born with?
    God bless, Julie
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    I think it varies from one person to another. I remember starting to feel tired, old & achy about a year before I was dx'd, especially first thing in the morning. Before that, I was very active and energetic.

    Although doctors say it is not progressive, I disagree. In the four years I've lived with this DD, it has definitely gotten worse along the way. Who knows? That probably isn't much help. I wish for you the best!

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    kid...i just considered myself a lite sleeper...i would have some aches in my shoulders...i remember a few times my arm was numb on one side all the way down...couldn't move my right arm to pick the phone that was rigning//

    i always knew something was wrong and i was seen for pms,,,hormones were always out of whack...

    it just has been a a long haul..still going..