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    ...need some advice from anyone who knows how to get rid of bloat. For some reason, a few days ago, my lower and mid abdomen just swelled right up, I look 7 mths pregnant. I was a little puffy before but this is like this huge air bag!

    I use probiotics, and have tried gas-x. The thing is, it is sort of pushing up against my diaphram and giving me a breathless feeling which is scary.

    Anyone have any idea what could have suddenly caused this?(I eat a lot of fruit and salad but normally am OK)it also makes me feel a bit nauseous and as though I just ate three Thanksgiving dinners.

    Love Anne Cromwell
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    One of the girls posted about apple cider vinegar and all of the things it can be used for: bloat was one of them.

    Well,I took it for bloat and it is gone.

  3. Cromwell

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    Thanks and for other replies too.

    Gee, This feeling is not pain, but pressure, yet I can burp and it stays the same. The worse thing is my heart races when it is at its worse(like for the past four hours)and I feel kind of panicky.

    I do think it is some reaction to foods.

    I do have weird bowels too. Every time I see a toilet I need to "go" both places!!! Maybe I did eat too many salads and blueberries, plus I have been picking blackberries from our yard. It is a totally too full feeling.

    What else can you add?

    How are you doing BTW?

    It is humid again here. We had a storm with the loudest thunder last night that circled us for three hours, I have never seen so much lightning, it was like a creepy movie set, you know, where you say, "Gee, there would never be that much rain, thunder and lightning." (LOL)

    Danny is really enjoying summer school. I managed to get the bus to collect from house (as they are meant to)and I must say we like the break it gives us. Today we had to take him to orthodontist. It clashed with the swim lessons, and we cannot change apps. as they are doing us this huge favor and actually doing his $4,000 of work for Medicaid which is about $1,300 and they do not nor,mally take Medicaid but made an exception as it is not cosmetic as his teeth are coming in through the roof of his mouth and also another set up near his nostrils so this has to be done.

    Anyway, we made it to the swim lessons(this town has a gorgeous outdoor pool next to the lake-irony being that the town end of the lake is not swimmable due to pollution, but the rest is). We felt comfortabale enough to actually leave him with his teachers and the swim instructors as there were only three kids to a group. The classroom teacher I could see did not like our protectiveness.

    She said Danny is needing some independence. I said yes I knew this, but only Saturday, at the park, he had started to go off with a man in the changing rooms and I was waiting outside! Fortunately, the man was decent and a teacher here. Then Sunday we let him in our yard alone and he knows not to leave the yard. He went to a neighbor's house and asked this man to play with him! The man did!!!
    I think this man, although married etc is a bit autistic as he does odd things. We went to check on Danny and there was the man! Three minutes was all it took him.

    So I know Danny needs independence but he trusts everyone. He lets kids hit him "because they are my friends." and he cannot tell you their name, just they go to his school (this is at regular school)

    Anyway, the teacher promised she was very keen on watching and she looked OK so we left. Apparentl;y, Danny got kicked between the legs after we left and had to go to nurse. I know these things happen, especially in water, but it showed the teacher we may be right after all maybe!!!

    Well, I am going to lie down as we are actually going out to sing some Gilbert and Sullivan tonight at free concert and I love G and S.

    How are you doing? and BTW that new doc, he thinks everyone with RA and FM etc have gastroparesisis to some degree.

    Love Anne C
  4. Cromwell

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    I like apple cider vinegar, I make mint sauce with it being British -for USA this is chopped up mint, sugar, hot water and cider vinegar and we use it on lamb (which I do not eat) and peas and spuds.

    Did you recall how you took it and quantity as I will try it right away.

    Love Anne C
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    Oh I am glad you posted as I forgot, we are going out to Gilbert and Sullivan sing along tonight...tra la...

    so I won't be on till wednesday night on the chat room.

    I have a garden full of all kinds of mint here that came with the house. I just cut an armload.

    Here is what I do. Strip the leaves from the stems-I throw stems in when cooking new potatoes and cauliflower which happens to be steaming right now as I speak...

    I just get as much as I can. Easy way, put the leaves in food processor and chop to your desired consistency-add a little vinegar and water and sugar-I add quite a bit of sugar. Then I just put this soaked through with vinegar into cartons of any kind and press down tight and freeze them. When I defrost I add boiling water and more vinegar. This way I can pack enough to last through the winter. I love it on Turkey legs. The big ones. Par boil, then roast these with garlic and salt and they taste exactly like best lamb and cost peanuts.

    For small batches, I take a big handful of mint leaves, and chop with my chopping knife adding sugar, until it gets to be nicely chopped, then put in small jug and add vinegar and boiling water.

    Right now the whole house smells of mint as I also added full stems to the steamning spuds as well as the stems.

    Love Anne Crom
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    Hey hon,

    I don't remember if you have said whether or not you have had a hysterectomy or not but here is my take on what is going on with you.

    I have had this happen to me several times and what it is for me is a cyst on my ovary rupturing.

    If you are having some pain you might want to go have it checked out.

    One time a cyst the size of a softball ruptured and twisted my ovary right up! I had to have emergency surgery for it.

    Another thing is that if it isn't ovary related it could really be just a gassy bloat.

    Have you heard of Activia? It is a yogurt I think by Dannon and the commercials claim that it specifically helps with bloat and stuff.

    Anyway, I hope you get to feeling better!!!


  7. Cromwell

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    Thanks honey. I am intact, but past menopause. I have thought maybe a cyst yet I had full gyne 3 months ago. Yes I do use activia it is good. I also had a lot of cider vinegar in the moint sauce on the food tonight and I do think it has helped some.

    I am going to have the doctor check my tummy over this week if it does not calm down, for the very reasons you state.

    Love and hope you are well and Landon is doing well too. I often think of you.

    Love Anne Cromwell