Anyone know how to go about getting blood/records from 16 yrs ago

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  1. joyinga

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    Hey everyone!

    I put this question in a response to

    Thistledown or anyone about O- blood type question in a

    reply but to make sure that everyone gets the opportunity

    to read my question and answer if they know I started this

    question on a new post.......

    If you know, how would I go about getting blood test

    results from 16 yrs ago? I remember that after about a

    month or maybe even a few months after I had my son and my

    sypmtoms were really bad with my joints and psoriasis I

    went to a doctor an hour from my hometown of bainbridge,

    georgia(I live in a rural area and the better doctors are

    located in a bigger City an hour away in Albany, Georgia).

    Anyways, I cannot remember for the life of me the name of

    that doctor that ordered alot of bloodwork at that time

    and I do remember sitting down with him and discussing

    some of my bloodwork at that time but i'm curious what

    blood tests he did... I do remember him saying that some

    of my vitamins/minerals and such showed ok and some didnt

    but not about the other things he tested for and

    discussed..(I think I was just still so out of it from

    just having a baby, my father had died about 3 weeks prior

    to having an induced early birth and I was newly married

    and didn't know what I was doing at 18!! I was still so

    immature and had to grow up basically overnite-LOL). But I

    want to get those blood tests and results but how would I

    go about finding them now after 16 yrs and not remembering

    the ordering doctors name or remembering the office he was

    located at?? Maybe it has some things on it that might be

    beneficial for me to know now. I know that I did them at a

    doctors office because he took blood there and did xrays

    as well at the office but I cannot remember his name or

    office address for the life of me.(only that I know it was

    in Albany, Georgia and it was 16 yrs ago).... There are

    only 2 hospitals in Albany-would they have records of such

    maybe at one of those hospitals? If not would you know

    where I could get information on how to locate those blood

    test results and/or records ? SORRY...IT WAS SO LONG AGO-I






    HAD MY SON (16 YRS AGO) I only remember going to him about

    2 or 3 times...(initial appointment for bloodwork/xrays

    and a follow-up appointment to discuss results and MAYBE a

    3rd appointment after that but no more than 3 appointments


    Thanks ALOT to ANYONE that can help with this question!!


    P.S. I double-spaced hoping that it would be easier to

    read for those who have a hard time reading thru long

  2. kjfms

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    16 years is a long time but there is always a chance that the office still has the records.

    The physician's office probably sent them to a private lab instead of either of the hospitals.

    You could check with both hospitals just to be sure. Call their medical records department and ask to speak with the head of the department this is the person who can answer you questions.

    Some facilities keep medicals records longer than they are required to by law and that differs state to state.

    Now for the physician's name you could do a search of physicians in that area and see if any ring a bell.

    You could just start calling different offices and maybe you will get lucky.

    Here is the site for the GA Board of Medicine and licensed physicians in Albany. Was it an MD that you saw?

    Here is a site with physicians in Albany and surrounding areas maybe you will see a name that will jog you memory.

    Good luck,

    Karen :)
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  3. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    16 years ago that i needed to call the hospital that he was iborn find out his blood type..

  4. blueski31717

    blueski31717 New Member

    hey, I am here in Bainbridge GA. About the only Dr. in town from that time is Dr. Cochran or Todaro. Our hosp should still have your records. if I can help let me know,
  5. blueski31717

    blueski31717 New Member

    sorry did not see albany was where you wen't. Any way let me know if i can help.
  6. joyinga

    joyinga New Member

    Thanks for all the help everyone! I will take a look at those links and see if something comes up and also go to the hospitals and see if there are any records there..MAYBE!!


    WOW!! Didn't think i would run across anyone from Bainbridge!!! Thats awesome!!! We probably know each other...I used to work at the Charter House Inn as a Front Desk Clerk about 6/7 yrs ago (everyone seems to remember me from working there! hehe). I actually lived in Vada but just moved back to Andersonville with my mom because I am no longer able to work!!! I went to Dr. Sarwar(rheumatologist) until he could no longer do anything else for me other than treat my pain issues so he sent me to Albany to the Pain Clinic (Dr. Moree). Because of all the problems with my teeth I can't take any of the other meds right now. I have to get something done with my dental problems then I can hopefully take other things for my arthritis and fibromyagia. Dr. Sarwar diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia about 4 yrs ago. I have had the arthritis and psoriasis since I was 18 when I had my son. Our kids probably go to school together. He's in the 10th grade this year..I noticed on your bio you have a 16 yr old daughter so she is probably in the same grade too? My son (Paul) is living with his dad (we're divorced) because he didn't want to move to Andersonville. He wanted to finish high school there in Bdge...Breaks my heart that I cant see him all the time anymore but he's old enough to make his own choices and if I forced him he wouldn't be happy....And I want him to be happy most of all. I can understand how difficult it would be for him to move now at this point in his life to a new school and try to make new friends so I asked him what he wanted to do and he chose to stay in Bainbridge. I see him just about every weekend and on holidays now. I live about 45 min on the other side of Albany(towards Atlanta) Also, I might know your other kids as well since i'm around the same age group(34).

    But WOW!! I can't believe that I found someone else where I am from that has fibromyalgia!!!!!!! It really is a small world, huh? Maybe one day we can actually meet(heck-if we don't already know each other!!) Hope to get to know you a little more!!!!

    Back when I was 18 I do remember going to Albany to a doctor there though and he did quite a bit of bloodwork and xrays of my joints. I was hoping I could find those records because i'm curious as to what all he ordered as far as bloodwork and what those results were. I dont' think he is in practice anymore (but i could be wrong) because he was an older doctor then but i'm gonna call the hospitals in Albany and see what they can do for me!

    Take care,

    P.S. I also see on your bio that your daughter was diagnosed with a rare bone disease...SO SORRY ABOUT THAT!! Is she ok??? I would love to be your ear if you ever need someone to talk to!!
  7. blueski31717

    blueski31717 New Member

    What is your last name? My daughter might know him. Oh yea the charter house, Used to go in there alot so I might of seen you there. lol. Did you have to ever go to the local nursing home by hosp? I've been there for too long. My daughter, she has a disease called polyostotic fibrous dysplasia, the docs here only have seen 1 other case. When she was 9 she had such horrible pains in her hips it even woke her up screaming. docs said was growing pains--ha--It finally eased off until 13 when she developed an area on left shin. It became raised and painful. At first they thought she had cancer but finally dx with bone disease. The disease replaces her bone tissue with a fibrous tissue and ballons out her bone causing severe pain. Doc won't let her run, jump, or even walk fast because she could step down and snap her bones. She has it in hips and all of her legs and her feet. She is really a trouper though---and I thought I had pain...Makes ya think huh. No one knows what kind of pain your in but your self-and doc said growing pains....For some reason I don't always believe docs lol. anyway back to you. I hope you find what you need and if i can help let me know.. sorry I took over your post lol.
  8. joyinga

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    Hey again!! And no! you did not take over my post!! Please don't think that!! My last name is Gleaton....i'm sure we probably know each other or even our kids know each other possibly. If not, i'm sure we've crossed paths many times in the stores or places in Bainbridge. The reason i told you where i worked is because most people remember me from working there for so long. Alot of ppl would go there to the restaurant for the sunday buffet. I don't think they have the restaurant there anymore as it was bought out by another person. Not even sure if the hotel is even open anylonger... I ended up quitting there after my divorce and getting a job in Tallahassee because the pay was ALOT better. I needed the extra pay in order to support me and my son. (his dad did help with child support too tho). I worked at Leon Advocacy and Resource Center, Inc. for about 3 yrs and then i got too sick to work anymore. I have been sick since i had my son when i was 18 but when i got the fibro i eventually could not work at all. Having psoriasis/arthritis/fibromyalgia and now checking on other things made it hard for me to continue to work. So, now i am living with my mom and trying to apply for my disability. I would so love to be working and would rather work but i don't think my body will let me anymore!!

    I'm sorry to hear about your daughter. It is really tough knowing your kids are sick and in pain especially and i know it must be heartbreaking especially since she's at an age where she wants to be active but obviously cant.... Does she have to take any medications or have any kinds of treatments for this?? My son's doctor is Dr. Phillips and he is pretty good but thankfully he's never been seriously ill but i can only imagine what you must go thru emotionally with a sick child. If i can do anything for you or be an ear for when you need to chat i'm here!! Hope to get to know you better!
    Take care,


    P.S. Ask your daughter if she knows my son-his name is Paul.....if you would rather not say your info here you can always email me at [email address removed as per rules] - I wouldnt mind knowing your name and your kids names if you feel comfortable giving that information-if not on here then u can email me for a more private exchange........

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