Anyone know how to interpret Igenex results?

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by brainfoggy, Aug 8, 2008.

  1. brainfoggy

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    Here are my results, obviously I have lyme looks like I have lots of it... but I'm looking for more insight on what this means, any info would help! Thxs.Mandy

    30kDa +
    31kDa ++++
    34kDa ++
    39kDa IND
    41kDa +
    66kDa +

    31kDa IND
    39kDa IND
    41kDa ++

  2. buttercakes

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    Wow... You sure do have lyme, No question about that. I am not the one to interpit the results, but I know band 31 shows a infection of at least 1 year.How long have you been
    sick? If you go on the Igenex web site or call them, they can help you. I hope your seeing a LLMD for treatment. please let us know what you find out, Good luck with your treatment. Sandie
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  3. brainfoggy

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    ugh...I've been really sick since May 2007 when I got ebv. I was seeing Holtorf Group for CFS for a year and slowly going downhill.

    I'd like to know how long I've been infected too but Igenex said more than 1 year and couldn't give an exact time frame. I remember a period of 3-4 years of having anxiety, insomnia, IBS issues but I chalked it up to stress. I'm hoping I was infected no more than 1 1/2 years ago.

    It looks like I've got it pretty bad to me, but my doc seems to think 6 months of treatment should do the trick. I'm skeptical just based on these results.

    Thanks Sandie
  4. buttercakes

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    Is your Doc. A LLMD? I would not except one Docs. opinion.
    Most good LLMDs will treat until you are symptom free for 3 months. We are not sure how long I have had it and I have been treating for 7 months now, and am no way near being symptom free. I cant speak for everyone,but most have to treat for alot longer. Lyme Disease is a nasty, sneaky disease you have to stay on top of it. You sure do have alot of activity. There is so much to learn and so many life style changes to make. I know its overwelming,but one day at a time. Sandie
  5. redhummingbird

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    Hi Mandy,

    The good news is that you have an immune system that can recognize that you have lyme.

    Because you have an immune system that is relatively functional I would assume that you would have a good response to treatment (barring other factor's such as co-infections, etc).

    It could very well be that your doctor is right. I think it depends on a few factors. I think you mentioned in another post that you've had a rough herx and that you are noticing some improvement already.

    I know band 31 can also be indicative of viral activity such as EBV (in addition to lyme).

    I don't think anyone actually knows enough to be able to definitively say how long someone has been sick based on the test. It'd be great if that were so.
  6. brainfoggy

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    Thank you for the encouragement. I am hoping that this is a good sign and not a nail in the coffin so to speak.

    I am up and down, but yes I no longer am having emotional lows or pain (at the moment). Neuro problems are still there and SCARY. What I'm mostly concerned about is the right cocktail of meds. I feel incomplete in this dept.

    I am concerned he will treat me 3 months after symptoms have absolved with abx. He seems like he will work with me I don't have issues with contacting him or getting in weekly for complemetary therapies.

    Redhummingbird, I was told for Babesia another good alternative to mepron is artemesia if you want to go that route. Isn't mepron really costly? People who have taken artemisia have had good results.