Anyone know how to release constant spasm deep spinal muscles?

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    Hi People

    Before I realised what was happening to me I had an area in my right abdomen that felt tight for about 6 months, that then caused severe constipation (candida), which unbelievably jammed up my right shoulder and neck; then due to severe emotional stress I unfortunately had a really bad spasm that affected my psoas muscle and whole right hip girdle.

    So for about a year, my right shoulder and hip were jammed - felt chewy and stuck. Seemed to be the only areas affected. Massage didn't seem to help, but my Dad was very ill with empyhsema at the time so I concentrated on looking after his situation and ignored my problems. 'Crabbed' along, going to work full-time and looking after him and my mum (who has dementia and Parkinsons) who both lived next door to me. He died in Jul 02, so we had to quickly find a nursing home for my mum, and then by Nov '02 my neck, hip and shoulder problems had joined together and become a right -sided spinal problem. Started getting weird zapping, twitching symptoms, couldn't sleep, throat shutting down, jaw locking etc. All test revealed nothing - told I most probably had FM.

    I've had success in getting the right shoulder mobile again with lots of body work but my lower spine and internal muscles (psoas, quadratus laborum, piriformis, gluts etc.) just won't unlock - they're so hard to get at. This has now started affecting my right leg/foot really badly. The psoas muscle feels constantly stuck on my vertebrae which of course yanks on the whole hip girdle and right side of my back. (I get very mild symptoms on my left shin, and my left hand but nothing I can't manage at this stage.)

    Does anyone know of a method to treat the deep spinal muscles, which are chewy and stringy - the tissue there feels quite different because of the spasm I had. Is there any physio equipment that can get in there and take out the stringiness? Masseurs don't seem to be able to do much.

    Am taking lots of magnesium and other supplements but this area is my 'achilles heel' - it is a real focus point in my FM.

    Dr. recently found I was completely lacking in oestrogen and progesterone so have been put on bio-identical hormones and within a week, my depression and weepiness has lifted somewhat.

    Maybe hormone imbalance is at the root of my problems and in time will improve everything:)

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    Have you tried a muscle relaxer such as flexeril, in combination with gentle stretching, lengthening the muscles?

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    I've had quite a lot of acupuncture, myofascial (trigger point) therapy, chinese massage, physio, chiropractic, and remedial massage. These can relieve the strange
    lumpiness in the buttock, groin etc for a little while but the dysfunction comes back very quickly.

    No-one seems to be able to undo the pattern. The psoas is lumpy and pulls on all the other muscles in the hip girdle, the shoulder area and now the leg. As soon as you push the muscle off the veterbrae in my back they just return to their contracted state. I can't stop them from going back into their lumpiness. My hands are a mess trying.

    I drink about 1-2 litres of water a day, but still indulge in about 3 coffees a day, and still smoke. Am trying hard to psych myself up to give up the cigarettes and coffee as they can not be helping at all. At the moment the cigarettes act as a distraction from the constant muscle distortion. Excuses, excuses, I know.

    Thanks for your tennis ball tip - I'll give it a go.