Anyone know how to sue a LTD co.?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by wiseeagle, Sep 16, 2005.

  1. wiseeagle

    wiseeagle New Member

    I have Hartford insurance co. as my LTD co. and from day one
    they have harrassed me. I worked as an RN - nurse coordinator for an HMO in NY. I got Legionnarie's diease from my office, couldn't prove that because NY law is 3 people have to be ill to start an investigation with the board of health. I was the only one in that office on a daily basis. After that I never got better I developed CFS and Fibro. I'm been suffering with these illness for 12yrs. and now I figured out that I also have chronic lyme disease. I currently live in Raleigh, NC and the medical care here is pitiful, I have to go to NY for treatment. ( I still have many friend and family there).

    Hartford is now trying it's best to get me off their roles!
    Every year their send me a form to be filled out by me, release forms to get my medical records and a Dr. form to really see how disabled I really am. Social security doesn't bother that much!! They send me and my dr. a form about every 5 yrs.-- believe it or not. Hartford now has put the senior examiner @ the corporate office on my case. THey have sent me alot more release form than usual. I don't feel comfortable signing this forms, I feel very strongly that it is a form of harrassment and an intusion of my privacy!!! Thru out the years they have sent out many private investors to spy on me (talking to my neighbors, local stores --anyone they could get). THey never have gotten anything negative on me. I really am @ a point that I would rather give up the $600.00 per month and keep my personal info. alone!! I really can't afford to do that but
    I just refuse to sign those extra forms--if you don't sign
    the forms they threaten you with terminating your benefits!!

    Please, IF anyone knows what kind of lawyer can handle this situations--let me know ASAP!! I really feel like it's an invasion of my civil rights---but I don't know if I can really do anything to stop them.

    Poodlemom mentioned something about sueing a LTD co. in a post about your occupation--if you read this post, please answer my question about sueing a LTD co.

    Love and Light to All,

  2. wiseeagle

    wiseeagle New Member

    where do you find an ERISA attorney? What does ERISA stand for? Thank you so much for responding so quickly. Please get
    back to me ASAP with the information!! All I really want is a
    consultation with an attorney that specializes in this matters
    to see what if anything I can do!! Maybe with an attorney letter I can get through to Hardford that I won't stand for this type of harrassment anymore!!

    I really appreciate your input on the subject, it does sound like a lost cause, but I have to try something!!


  3. pez23

    pez23 New Member

    Hi, there is a lawyer list at

    They are from The Disinissues Good Lawyer List and some do ERISA, and some do only social security. They are lawyers from around the country. I've found that even calling someone out of your state can get you a good recommendation for someone local. Good luck.
  4. wiseeagle

    wiseeagle New Member

    I still don't know what ERISA stands for but, I did get to that site regarding the lawyer that handle such cases, It's
    certainly worth a shot. There is one in Raleigh that is an
    ERISA attorney and the post says they will work on a contingency basis or reasonable rates. All I really want to do is get a lawyer that spec. in this area, and get good info.
    and possible have them write a letter to Hartford Insurance CO. concerning harrassment and intrusion of my privacy for years. Especially when I am so ill with Chronic Lyme disease too! I have to travel to NY to get treatment and we all know
    stress makes CFIDS and Fibro alot worse.
    THanks, and I'll let you know the outcome. Certainly on Monday morning I'll at least know what my rights really are!!

    Love and Light,

  5. Rene

    Rene New Member

    Hey Valarie, Went throught th e same thing . SS was no problem. I hated the harassement but after 2 yrs of my cancel I filed a law suit and won. Glad I did. Found by google erisa lawyer.

    After getting a lawyer they can't call you anymore. Wish I knew that before.

    Go to and you will get help.
  6. poodlemommy

    poodlemommy New Member

    hi Wiseeagle. I just won my LTd law suit a month ago. They bought me out so I dont get a monthly amount instead I got a lump sum. Less than what I would have got if they paid my monthly but a nice sum and now I dont have to deal with them anymore. The first place to start is to get a good lawyer, next make sure your family doctor and specialist are on board and willing to go to bat for you. Never say to anyone " I cant lift any thing over 10 pounds" or " I never run" What I mean by this is if you say NEVER then they catch you on tape having to run because a rabid dog is chasing you then in their eyes you lied . So rather say I try to avoid doing certain activitys as it causes pain and fatigue. So wording is very important. Also saying as little as possible. Dont go into big long descriptions when being questioned. Say yes , no and be brief. They trip you up with your own words. The other thing is dont take the first , 2nd , 3r d offer . Go to the bitter end if its not what you deserve. They dont want to go to court so they will eventually settle for far more than the original offer. 99.9% of the time they will buy you out and its better in the long run. Then your finished with them. Dont give up. They will threatan all kinds of untrue things to scare you. Dont go for it. Be strong. Also very important to be honest and consistent in your storys. Make sure what you tell one doctor or investigator is the same thing. My lawyer said I was an excellent client as I was honest and you cant screw up the truth so my story was the same every time.Dont sign anything without your lawyer looking at it. Once you have a lawyer he will advice you on everything. They will negotiate your settlement and they want top dollar too as its in their best interest. One of my law suits settled 4 days before court. They offered a really low amount and then 3 years after negotiation etc we said no we are going to court. My doctor was willing to get on the stand for me. So the insurance knew they couldnt win and offered a very generous amount a few days before court. That was the law suit for the car accident which made the fibro escalate so I couldnt work anymore. Then I sued for LTD which as I said I won last month. So I hope I have helped. Most important get a good lawyer and make sure your doctors are 100% in favour of you being disabled. You sound honest and sincere so you will prevail. Just dont give up. Good luck
  7. Jgavi

    Jgavi New Member

    I have the same problem and what I did (per an attorney friend) is to go to and filled out the form....within 48 hours I got a calland the attorney left his number.

    I lost the number but in about two weeks they sent me a letter, thank god, they gave me several options.

    Class action suit if there are two or more people. Or try to settle out of court--but if that doesn't work they will sue for you. All of the information is free.

    If you get involved with a class action (which i am trying to do) it wont cost a cent. It takes a few years though...the attorney did say many companies will settle out of court.

    I encourage everyone to use
    But make sure you write down the tracking number that it gives to you when you finish out the form! I failed to do thatl
    you will see other law suits on this web site that you might qualify for.

  8. paige51

    paige51 New Member

    I was under the hartford insurance ltd also. what i went through was very stressful. i only received about 6 months benefits on a 24 months plan. the questions they ask are stupid. anything to keep from paying you the money.

    i never got a lawyer to represent me, i wished now that i had. was new to this at the time and they knew it.

    it is probably too late for me to reopen a claim now, i think.

    the company that i use to work for has changed from the hartford to another insurance carrier.

    i know what you are going through. i had to deal with them also.

    good luck
  9. paige51

    paige51 New Member

    i live in nc also.

  10. wiseeagle

    wiseeagle New Member

    I really appreciate everyone's input on this terrible situation that not only I'm in but many others. THank God for this site all of you have been so helpful to the answer of my many problems!!

    I can't express enough how much Great information was given!!
    Especially to Jgavi. That site I really think might be a great help!! I know that I'm going to be extremely busy working on this problem and hopefully be able to go to NY for
    my Lyme treatment without alot of worry what Hartford has up their sleaves next -- when the investigor will be lurking around my house or neighborhood!!! I feel a great deal of releif. I'm in tremendous pain due to not having a primary care dr. and NO dr. giving me adequate pain medication.

    So, I really have alot to do, getting all my records together (12-13yrs worth) and finding a primary care dr. before I leave to NY on Oct. 1st.

    I really don't know if I'll be able to post again due to the large amt. of things I have to acomplish now. and I'm not due to return home until Nov. 5th.

    Love and LIght to ALL!!!

  11. wiseeagle

    wiseeagle New Member

    I was in the disability forum and they all said that I have NO
    case. I only received a couple of post. they and the moderator
    said I don't have a CASE, LTD HAS ALL THE RIGHTS to bother me send a PI to talk to me and any neighbors and essential I really have NONE! I quite upset and disappointed. I even call that lawyer from the good lawyer here in Raleigh and even
    she said I have NO case that they can do anything basically that they want to get documentation (that I can do the things and I'm not permantely and totally disabled -- and that bascially I really can't do anything to stop there harrassment!!!
    they have the rights to hire a P.I. ask for ALL MY records and now add more authorizations to be filled out..I just have to roll over and play dead, if I want to continue to
    to stay on LTD.
    They also strongly suggested that I mail in all the forms to them ASAP because they can disqualify you just for filing late!! My time has run out & I need to mail those forms in
    to avoid dential of my case!! And they all agreed that Social Security is alot
    different once you're approved they only ask to fill out a
    couple of forms about every 5-7 yrs. acccording to the lastest information on you, and by the way they NEVER hire a P.I. to spy on you!! Very strange! Social Securities benefits are alot more and LTD is really a crumb--but unfortunaly I NEED THAT CRUMB!!
    ps: Poodlemom you are very Lucky that they wanted to settle
    for a lump sum..everyone say that it's realy highly UNLIKELY
    that they want offer such a count your blessings You have many!!

    Love and Light to All,


  12. chp1298

    chp1298 New Member

    I also live in NC and have CIgna std and ltd. They gave me no prob with the 6 months I recvd std but boy when it was time to file for ltd it was a different story. The Case manager was a pitt bull, I could not get him to answer ?'s or return my phone calls. The majority if the info I recvd I just pushed 0 when calling and got any rep and they would give me more info than he would. My employer would only hold my job 6 months so I needed to know if I qualified ot I would have to return to work whether I wsa bale or not. I am sole support of my family and the benefits are very important also. The Ltd carrier held out so I had no choice but to return to work. The case manager told me I coudl try for 60 days and if unable I could go back out without a new qualification period. After abt 2 weeks of working I called him that I could nt do it and he says yout time hs run out you had 10 days you coud work. I couldnt beleive he he had so blatantly lied to me. Now I sit at work in so much pain, so sleepy wishing I had hung in and stayed out of work but I was jsut scared to lose my job.
  13. wiseeagle

    wiseeagle New Member

    I really can relate to your situation, but I was so sick and work in the healthcare system; I couldn't even try to go back to work. I would try to open a NEW case--If you really feel you really can't work. You just need your dr. documentation confirm that fact. THey don't tell you but you can open another case--it;'s separate from your first one even if you still have the same medical problem. I give you alot of credit that you tryed to go to work! Most imporant thing you need IS good dr. documentation and that he or she will stand behind you. THere is also something else
    the medical community and of coarse the insurance co. DON'T believe fibro. of CFS is totally disabling!! that is one
    major PROBLEM. wish you good luck!!!

  14. chp1298

    chp1298 New Member

    My ltd is thru my employer. They advise me I have exhausted my FMLA adn that I cant miss work until it renews after I work 1250 hours. I would have to be out on std for 6 months b4 I can apply for ltd again. If I go out of work b4 they would have grounds to fire me and I cant afford that. I was in so much pain yesterday when I got home I cried for hours. Once I start seems like I just break down and cant stop.
  15. terra329

    terra329 New Member

    Hi Valerie,

    I am sorry to hear of your LTD problems. I am having quite a time with mine this time around. I have been on LTD for over 6 years every year they seem to get a bit more nasty. They scared me to death and I contacted a lawyer who wanted $1,500 up front. Now, I get so little as it is where am I to come up with that kind of $. However in NYC that is cheep on guy told me $3,000 up front - I was so mad at that lawyer I wanted to report him to someone. He made me pay $300.00 so he could tell me he would take my case for $3,000.00.
    The way I see it if you can get a lawyer it would be the best thing to do. They know they can not freak out a lawer like they do us and therefore it becomes a different ballgame. The lawyer I did talk to said he would have to hand over just about anything they asked for but he could attach it to a letter that had nasty lawyer talk back to them. Also, he said if your doctor is on your side it is real hard for them to get you off. I really just wanted a lawyer to write a letter too but they will not do it without seeing the contract and geting medical history which costs big bucks. I live in NYC and I see Dr Susan Levine who is great. However they just sent her a cert. letter asking her if we were friends outside of the office????? What is that about??? They are really out for blood this time.
    Keep us posted on your case and pray for the both of us.

  16. over50

    over50 New Member

    I hope that didnt offend anyone! Im sorry if it did.
    I had Standard Life Ins for LTD.
    They were the most horrible people,they changed records,cut me off,alwasys insinuated I was able to work.Sent constant confusing paperwork.
    I have never felt as worthless and helpless when I was dealing with them.Ok,enough of that.If I were you I would.
    1.get a lawyer,some will give phone advice
    2.pray and be strong will take forever
    4.dont take any of the things they say personally
    5.I know theyre are others here with tons of good advice.
    Best of luck to you,you will be prayed for.
    Love ya,Linda
  17. over50

    over50 New Member

    I hope that didnt offend anyone! Im sorry if it did.
    I had Standard Life Ins for LTD.
    They were the most horrible people,they changed records,cut me off,alwasys insinuated I was able to work.Sent constant confusing paperwork.
    I have never felt as worthless and helpless when I was dealing with them.Ok,enough of that.If I were you I would.
    1.get a lawyer,some will give phone advice
    2.pray and be strong will take forever
    4.dont take any of the things they say personally
    5.I know theyre are others here with tons of good advice.
    Best of luck to you,you will be prayed for.
    Love ya,Linda

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