anyone know if good dr in Hamilton or close NJ?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by andrea1459, Jan 6, 2006.

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    My primary doctor is horrible. She tells me your sick and will be forever , deal with it, forget life basically. I dont like to hear that. I have not found any compassionate dr's here except for mental health ones. Anyone know of any good regular ones around here?

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    I live in Ewing, not too far away. My primary care left private practice last year or I would have whole-heartedly recommended him. I'm not really thrilled with the other docs in the group, but I've been at this practice for over 20 yrs and it's close by. Besides, I don't know where to look either! Ü

    There is a doc over by Oxford Valley Mall who specializes in FM/CFS, Steven Katz. I liked him quite a bit. I'd always need referrals with my old insurance and the co-pays were a lot higher, so I didn't go to him that often.

    We just changed insurance companies and I won't need referrals anymore (I hope) and the co-pays are a lot lower, so maybe I'll start going back to him.

    I'm not always able to drive -- that's the sticking point for me. My current PCP is 2 miles up the road, and well, you know the traffic around the mall. It's not all that far, but some days even driving a mile is impossible for me. I'll have to see how it goes with the new ins. company.

    What doctor do you go to now? All I can think of right now is Dr Aufiero, but he's an infectious disease doc. I took my dd to him when she had mono years ago. I'm pretty sure she developed CFS as a result. He was really good with her. I'm pretty sure he has an office in Hamilton.

    Let me know if you find anyone locally, okay? I'll do the same.

    Love & blessings
  3. Mar19

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  4. Cromwell

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    ...There is a greta female Rheumy in Sommers Point area. You have to wait to see her as she is very good. Stone Harbor is a bit far for you but we had a wonderful family practictioner there called Tara Vodges, Harbor Family Practice. She and her staff were very caring and good.

    Love Cromwell

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