Anyone know of a fm doc in the portland oregon area?

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    I have been through it all. Still no dx and new symptoms keep coming. If anybody knows of a good doc that could help me please let me know. I would rather not go downtown Portland but maybe the surronding area. I live in Oregon city. Thanks so much. I am tired of going to quacks.

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    I live in east county, in fairview. I have gone to a lot of quacks, some helped and some did not.

    I am starting with a new rheumatologist, Dr. Kip Kemple. My first appointment took 2 hours. He works with a PA, takes lots of blood and x-rays. I have my second appointment on next Wednesday to see the results. He is very knowledable and kind.

    His office is down at good samaritan hospital, but I did not get lost. They send you a great map.

    The only other doc I know of is up at OHSU, Dr. Bennet at the FM clinic. There is a very long wait and he requires a lot of stuff for a referral. I decided not to go up there for those reasons but that is an option.

    Otherwise I have not found any relief here. One would think that in such a big town there would be more docs.

    If you are looking for a naturopath there is a Dr. Bob Stranosky I think. Spelling is wrong, will have to go look it up.

    Good luck looking around.
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    Darn I was going to go to Kimple but chose DR. Howard Gandler instead. This was almost 2 years ago. I did not care for him at all as you had to answer all questions yes or no and he would not let me talk at all. My hubby was with and so many questions as on the paper work. We went through everything and yes the appo was very long.

    Do you have fm. I have had all the tests,blood work etc. DR. gandler just ran a few blod tests on me and wrote out a huge report and went over it with me on the second visit.

    This is the part that I don't understand. He said that I have locialized FM pain but not the diffuse pain of most fm people, not to say that it could not turn into fm.

    Never did the pressure point test on me. Only pionted to areas on my body and asked if I had pain there.

    I would like to keep in touch with u to see how U are doing. Do u ever get on the chat line. Thanks so much for the reply. My regular doc asked me if I wanted to go up to oshu. I just don't know cause I do not have true dx.

    My dermatologst (sorry spelling) said if I really think I have fm then the oshu would be the place to go cause no other doc knows much about fm. I have done alot of reading on doctor bennette and know someone who went through the same thing I am going through now with docs. She went to oshu and is in bad shape. I beleive she walks with a cane now. I have not talked to her since she went there.

    please keep in touch and let me know how Kimple works out.
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    Whats a PA? And forgot to tell you that Gandler is in the same office as Kimple.

    Talk to you later
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    I also forgot to tell you that this Howard Gandler also told me before we walked out the door from the 2nd visit is whatever you do don't let yourself get fat. I was already in tears cause after 2 visits I still did not know what I had. He was wishy washey. i am like do I have it or do I not. And as of today I still do not know and feel like crap everyday.