Anyone know of a LLMD in NC other than Dr J?

Discussion in 'Lyme Disease Archives' started by fmfriend, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. fmfriend

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    He's a good Dr but now that he's on a fee for service basis that is very expensive makes it prohibitive for me. He wont partipate with medicare or a secondary insurance.

    They said the treament I would need would cost $15,000.
    I cant afford it and Im getting sicker and sicker.

    I cant even afford the herbals at this point.
    I just dont know what to do.

    Blessings All~ Sally
  2. victoria

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    Start with ilads for links... also lyme Net Flash... also maybe the FFCs (Fibro & Fatigue Clinics), I know there's one in Atlanta altho I don't know if they deal with Medicare.

    Our son didn't have insurance anyway due to age, was dx'd before turning 18 and couldn't go to school ... We have been basically spending what was supposed to be for retirement. . . but he is getting better on oral abx and hyperbaric oxygen.

    Honestly the politics of all of this are making it difficult for anyone to get treatment and are leaving so many in the lurch, it is disgraceful. Where is our freedom of choice? Especially when there is a body of clinical research, equal to what the IDSA used, to show the opposite of their conclusions.

    Hope you find someone willing to quietly treat you!


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  3. victoria

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    I was wondering if you found another doctor and/or treatment...?

  4. GoWest

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    I know a good doctor in Alabama and one in Shreveport, Louisianna. There is a good doctor in Chattanooga. Sadly, the events pushing Dr. J. out of insurance coverage have caused there to be no good docs in North or South Carolina to my knowledge. I could be wrong.

    I can send you names of the docs I mentioned, but don't wish to post them here.

    I'm new on this list, so not sure you can email me off list. Let me know what I need to do so you can write me.

  5. victoria

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    exchange emails in the chat rooms unfortunately...

    you can also look for lyme net flash for 'good doctors' as you can personally message people there.

    Personally, if there's any way monetarily to swing it for you, I'd probably find a doctor in the NE that's the closest, as those states have mandated/legislated that doctors be able to treat Lyme appropriately.

    I hope you have already found someone, or will soon!
    all the best,